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Musical Obsessions

RULES: List the top 11 songs you’re listening to nowadays and tag 11 mutuals!

I got tagged by the lovely @plu-viophilia

1. Elliott Smith: Waltz #2 (Xo) (listening to this right now while typing this. I have a thing for waltzes. I have discovered E. Smith only very recently)

2. Florence + the Machine: Ship to Wreck (while making this list, I realized the similarities between this song and, below, Lady Weeping etc. You will see I like poetic symbolism)

3. Ewan McGregor & Renée Zellweger: Here’s to Love (from the Down With Love OST. It is simply wonderful.)

4. Bryan Ferry: The Way You Look Tonight (another old-timey jazzy swing song)

5. David Bowie: Let’s Dance (which I own on the The Boat That Rocked OST) A feelgood song.

6. Easybeats: Friday on my Mind (same here)

7. John Fred & His Playboy Band: Judy in Disguise (and here as well)

8. Iggy Pop: Lust for Life

9. Carla Bruni: Lady Weeping at the Crossroads (been obsessed with this for a few days, but the obsession has faltered a bit)… may be of interest for some of my mutuals that this is pretty much the most Milathos-y song I ever encountered

10. The Puppini Sisters: Tu Vuo’ Fa L'Americano (I actually don’t know any Italian, so I don’t understand much of it. It is a nice uptempo swing song though!

11. George Harrison: Got My Mind Set On You (that’s the wishful thinking PhD topic song… I wish I HAD set my mind on a topic already!)

This list is actually a rather good represenation of my taste in music in general. The only thing missing are some great 80s pop songs.

I am tagging @hereisthepointyend, @bambi5950, @somebluenovember, @katherinevar, @count-of-cagliostro, @froomage, @harpe-et-nitroglycerine, @caughtinanotherworld, @martaquadrata, @iamnotalicebutiwantawonderland, and @honoraryskywalker