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Request: Hi it’s me again I just had the cutest idea ever!! Could you to a middle school au where the reader has a crush on TJeffs and the reader puts a note in his locker and loses his cool over it?? I think this is cute af and I think you could do it really well thx luv you!!

Warnings:  no n e

Tags: @abi-sans05

Time Period: modern?????? Yeah

Notes: h ah - enjoy this piece of garbage m’dudes. I tried my best. and honestly i just wrote this like how my school schedule was in middle school


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Characters/Celebrities I believe are Slytherins:

I mean disagree if you must I don’t really care aha. I’ll try to add more when I think of them, just wanted to get this out since I said I would write a list. I got lazy on why I think these things and kinda had a moment where I went “wait why am I even explaining myself. I don’t give that much of a fuck to explain myself.” so yeah. Enjoy.

1)Sherlock Holmes – Why you ask? Because Sherlock is just too cynical to be from any other house. A lot of people think he’s a ravenclaw (which he could be!) but nah I don’t believe so. Sure Sherlock is smart AF but he’s not like other smart people. He’s cunning and clever and just so Slytherin it hurts. (SIDENOTE*** I do believe that brave John Watson is in fact a Gryffindor. But he’s more like “aye that’s my favorite Gryffindor, John!” than “Ew Gryffindors” ya feel?)

2)Kayne West- Do I really gotta go over this? Sorta obvious.

3)Jim Halpert-100% Slytherin. Well maybe 98% but close enough. His constant pranks on Dwight (who is arguably a Gryffindor) is just so … Slytherin? Aha sorry but I don’t even have the patience to argue this, it’s set in stone in my mind.

4)Doctor Gregory House-This is another one of those that doesn’t need explanation.

5)Mare Barrow (Red Queen Series)- I don’t know what it is about her… But Mare just reminds me of a Slytherin. Just something about her is so badass ya feel me?

6)Robert Downey Jr.- I’m not sure if I have to explain this one because come on :’)

7)Ariana Grande- Not a big fan of her, but she’s just very like mean girl Slytherin (even though I know she’s probably a very sweet girl, just like the way she looks makes me think of like a mean girl lmao)

8)Hugh Jackman- Totally. Couldn’t see him in any other house.

9) Angelina Jolie- 100%

10)Bruce Wayne/Batman- rich, brooding, attractive = Slytherin.

11)Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier- There is just something about him that is so Slytherin (you could probably argue Gryffindor as well… but no)

12)Jyn Erso- I’m a multi fandom nerd and I 100% am so for this. Jyn is such a strong lead character that takes no shit.

13)Princess Leia- Completely and totally a Slytherin.

14)Zuko (Avatar the Last Airbender)- I know this doesn’t help the whole “villains are not Slytherin!!” but like he gets a redemption at the end (sort of last season). So to me he’s like a good mix of “bad” and “good” Slytherin.

15)Lestat De Lioncourt (The Vampire Chronicles)- He’s a mess and that’s amazing. Also he’s kind of the stupid (he’s not stupid I know but he’s just like… a dumb blond which I find hilarious) mean Slytherin.

16)Louis Tomlinson- Louis William Tomlinson is for sure a Slytherin. He’s just like the popular outgoing kind of Slytherin (they exist lmao), but he can just be so savage/sassy.

17)Anne Boleyn- Fucking queen (literally and just as an adjective) as fuck. She’s especially boss and Slytherin-y in The Tudors.

18)Red Foreman- Yes. Just Yes.


Request: yooo! how about some john laurens x bilingual!reader???? also maybe a side of laf????

Warnings: none

Tags: none

Time Period:  Modern

Notes: bilingual? more like trilingual amiright? Jk. i didn’t know how i wanted this to end so i left it. Might make it a series, might not. Most likely not though like. Idk. this was just not a good fic. I just didn’t,,,, know how to end it???????? I’m sorry @ person who requested this; i did a disappoint.


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Experience 'The Flash'-'Supergirl' Musical Crossover Through John Barrowman's Eyes
For days, the snow has been falling, blanketing Vancouver in a winter wonderland. But a torrential rain has turned the snow to slush. Even so, some fans brave the weather outside The Columbia, a th…

Were you nervous coming in to do a dance scene like this?
Absolutely. I’m exceptionally confident vocally, I’m exceptionally confident when I’m on camera doing all the other stuff, but when it comes to a style of dancing that I’m not so confident about, I am very nervous, and I was very nervous this morning. So that’s why I came in early. I worked a little bit before everybody came in. I did my thing and then I felt a little more comfortable. Normally, when I do a musical like on stage in the West End or if I’ve done on Broadway, if I’m playing the lead, I set up with the choreographer that I have a few days before everybody comes in just so I know what I’m doing a little bit. I can make it look like I’m rehearsing, but I kind of know the stuff. But this? I was…no. For goodness sake, Darren [Criss] has been doing this on Glee for ages, and I watched him, I love him. He’s fantastic and I was a little nervous. That’s all I can say.

What’s it been like getting to work with all these people?
I’m a bit fanboying out to be honest. Well, I watched Smash and I also saw Newsies on Broadway — I’m a big fan of genre television and also musicals myself, and I watched Glee. Melissa I know obviously from Supergirl. So to be involved in this and be asked to be involved with a really happy bunch of good people, who are really wanting to do good work, it’s awesome and that’s what our DC universe is like. I’m kind of privileged to be part of it. And you know what? I celebrate my 50th birthday in March. I sat last night up in the Green Room, the dressing room with everybody, and they’re all talking and talking and we’re doing stuff, and they’re going through things, and I just sat there and I thought, “You know what? I’ve been there, where you guys are,” and I called my husband on the phone and I said, “I finally feel my age sitting with all of them.” But it’s great to be a part of it and great to work with everybody. Because I posted [on social media] who I’m with today but haven’t said anything, just said we’re doing a big number, there’s people outside apparently and they’re going, “Take a picture! Take a picture of Darren’s ass!” So I’m going to send a baboon’s bum instead. [Laughs.]


Request: REQUEST U ASKED??? can u write something with a hawaiian!reader x hamilsquad or at least one of the hamilsquad (i never see any hawaiian fics and i’m half hawaiian :D)

Warnings:  uh n o n e (heh.)

Tags: i can’t tag them so like,, u h

Time Period:  modern (ye boi)

Notes: I totally didn’t really use this prompt ha h bc i had no idea how to approach it so take me and my dumb story. Also, this is like super short bc i got stuck on this for such a long time so sorry that it’s shorter than usual.

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Sam Firstenberg’s Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984) Trailer [source]

Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo Trailer - Directed by Sam Firstenberg and starring Adolfo Quinones, Michael Chambers, Harry Caesar, John Christy Ewing, Steve Notario.  A developer tries to bulldoze a community recreation center. The local breakdancers try to stop it. 

Also featuring Ice-T!
Tom Ewing (London, H9, The United Kingdom)’s review of Watchmen
Modern comics events seem to demand endless lead-ins and spin-offs, and sadly Doomsday Clock, from the blockbuster team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, is no exception to this trend.

I feel it’s important to keep up with the hottest comics out there, so I reviewed the prequel to this autumn’s blockbuster DC event. Unfortunately it let me down on a number of levels.

Yeah… If you’ve just gone through a row or something, the last thing you want to do is talk about it… I put it in ‘When We Was Fab’: 'The microscopes that magnified the tears/Studied warts and all.’ Well, it’s like that, now I’m able to remember all the good things as well, and we really had a laugh when we were really good friends… We got through all that by giving each other strength and support and all that.

So all the time that’s gone between means we remember the good things as well as the bad, and even the bad things we can see [more calmly] in retrospect. It’s like, everybody thinks the Beatles were really this big thing, and maybe they were in one way. But having been one, I can say, 'Well, not really.’ I mean, John was very clever in many ways, but he wasn’t exactly what everybody thinks, and neither were Ringo or Paul or myself. We weren’t all as clever or stupid as we’ve been made out to appear.

—  George Harrison in response to Chris Willman’s question, “Is it easier to talk about the Beatles after so many years?”, 1987, published by EW, 14 December 2001