john egbert pixel


JOHN: > :D



100% -

Is John ever going to learn not to mess with people who have swords? No.

As long as you credit me, feel free to put this(or any of my other pixel works) on your blog. (They’re all transparent.)

Kids God Tier Swaps

Page of Life

(Jake’s Class + Jane’s Aspect)

Prince of Void

(Dirk’s Class + Roxy’s Aspect)

Rogue of Heart

(Roxy’s Class + Dirk’s Aspect)

Maid of Hope

(Jane’s Class + Jake’s Aspect)

Witch of Breath

(Jade’s Class + John’s Aspect)

Heir of Space

(John’s Class + Jade’s Aspect)

Knight of Light

(Dave’s Class + Rose’s Aspect)

Seer of Time

(Rose’s Class + Dave’s Aspect)


I’ve had these pixel kids in my folder forever and finally finished them. Feel free to suggest one of them for me to animate like I did with Roxy and Rose!