john eager howard


Bedtime for the Big Four! (Well sort of…)


I don’t know what the heck happened with Mr. Light Horse up there but I thought I remembered reading that he or one of the Lees get all teary eyed about geese and Vs and Virginia or something like that.  Guess I was wrong.

But IRL, John Howard did not want to get caught up in the drama that was John Gunby and General Greene.


So fun story: immediately after Cowpens, the only one really openly happy was Daniel Morgan.  John was busy protecting British prisoners and juggling a bunch of captured swords (and trying not to be pulled off his horse by understandably freaked out British soldiers); William was seeing red (or maybe  green? or lack thereof??) since Ban the Man Tarleton managed to get away twice; and Andrew Pickens never smiled or laughed so the stories say.

And well Banny Boy….

Yeah.  January 17, 1781 was not a good day for him.


Ugly holiday sweaters!  The gift nobody asks for but shows up anyway!  Or maybe that honor belongs to socks…

In the third panel, William is saying “Can you say that again? I don’t understand,” and then “Merry Christmas, stupid.”  I’ll be the first person to admit that I do not know any Greek and this is coming from a list of common Greek phrases.  In the 18th century however, knowing Greek was proof of having a liberal education.  William learned a hefty amount of Greek studying the Bible and the Classics.  Had things played out differently, he might’ve been a preacher and not a soldier.

On another note, the “Eager Beaver” thing amuses me to no end!

Happy Holidays everybody!!

John Eager Howard was an infantry officer from Maryland and was very busy during the Southern Campaign.  He was a very calm guy at least until you put him in command of a bunch of dudes with bayonets and then he was… well… much less easy-going and placid.  

In my head he was very sassy.  So far my only basis for this assumption is at the Battle of Cowpens he was leading the infantry and ordered them to do one thing, but then they started retreating, so John was all “For Christsakes whatever do that then,” then General Morgan rode up and was all “Jesus H. Christ what the fuck?” and most people would be horrified because an angry Daniel Morgan is not a sight most people would be happy to see, but John was thinking about how he really does not have time to deal with angry Daniel Morgan, so he turns to the irate general, looks him in the eye, and politely but very firmly points to his guys and says “Sir :) Do men who march like THAT look like they are beaten :)” so Morgan is like “Fuck you’re right!” and John is like “Fuck I am.”

Morgan then tells him to stop when he says so and John is like “Fine.”

I would apologize for all these historical drawings, but I’d be lying.  

This is how I would explain the relationship between John Eager Howard and William Washington.  In battle, John would lead the infantry and they would head in to fight first.  William would be in the reserve waiting for either the right moment to strike with his cavalry or protect them in case things started heading south pretty quickly.

When they weren’t fighting for their lives, either one of them could be the flower wearer-person and either one of them could be the flower holder-person.  Odds are good that “baby” wasn’t part of standard 18th century vernacular, but if it was William would be the one to use it ironically.  And given enough rum, John would totally be down to wear a yellow flower.  Both of them were probably two of the nicest officers in the whole army.  But if you got them excited, well let’s just say you best hope that you had some friends in high places because no one else could save you… but you never heard it from me!