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I’m in a really goofy mood, so here’s some penguins falling down

I’m really proud of myself. I’ve been reading a lot of old stories/fics (some are only three years old so it’s not too long ago, but still) and not once have I cringed or insulted past!me or hyperfocused on how my style was flawed. I usually wouldn’t be able to get past little things like that c:


BBC Wildlife Director John Downer & Point of View filmmaking

Point of View: The obsession with getting ever closer.

What is it like to lay down with lions? How would it feel to swim with dolphins? Or fly like an eagle? John Downer’s award winning films are driven by his personal desire to break into the world of animals and capture moments from unique points of view.

Through the use of immersive filmmaking techniques, like spy cameras, John Downer and his team bring the viewer up close and personal with the animals he portrays and reveals the world and lives of them as never seen before. Capturing the animal’s perspective adds a moving emotional level to the stories and leads this wildlife footage away from the observant spectator to a powerful captivating experience.

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A range of awesome work by John Downer, showcard and sign painting master (also responsible for uber popular Brothers font among other things). Photos were taken at a 4 day long Cooper Union workshop. It was incredibly inspiring and I learned a ton. Hoping to build off of this base and continue learning and painting.

Many thanks to John and Cara for putting on the workshop!

John Downer, Day 2

John Downer’s workshop for Cooper Type taught several integral considerations for developing a typeface. Beginning with basic spacing techniques, then moving into creating basic bitmap letterforms, the class was tasked with continual assessment from a distance. Both by stepping across the room, and using a reducing glass, this taught us to observe simultaneously: proportion, mass, and the relationship between black and white space.

Libs’ history on gay rights

NOTE: I got this off a buddy’s FB. I don’t know if he wants to be named here, but he did the hard work putting this list together :)

1972: SA Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

1973: WA Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

1975: SA Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Again.

1976: Qld Libs refuse to employ a teacher because he’s gay.

1977: WA Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Again.

1980: Vic Libs introduce homosexuality decriminalization bill! But several Libs cross the floor to vote against it.

1982: NSW Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

1984: WA Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Agaaain.

1989: WA Libs impose limits on decriminalising homosexuality laws including a different age of consent for gays (21 as opposed to 16),  prohibition of the ‘promotion or encouragement’ of homosexuality (like Russia, today), and a preamble to the legislation stating that the parliament disapproves of homosexuality.

1992: Lib leader Alexander Downer calls for the resignation of Defence Minister Robert Ray in response to the lifting of a ban on gay people serving in the armed forces.

1996: Howard Govt makes migration for same-sex couples harder.

1996: ACT Libs pass laws making wills and estates fairer for same-sex couples. That’s good.

1996: John Howard tells A Current Affair that he would be ‘disappointed’ if one of his sons was gay.

1999:   Qld Libs oppose legislation that removes parental leave discrimination against same-sex couples.

2001: John Howard tells a group of teenagers on Triple J that ‘I have not met a parent yet who wants their children to grow up gay.’

2003: ACT Libs oppose legislation that acknowledges same-sex relationships and protects them from discrimination.

2004: Howard Govt removes sexuality as a basis of protection from discrimination in the National Framework for Human Rights.

2004: Howard Govt amends the Marriage Act to specifically ban same-sex marriage.

2004: NT Country Libs vote against equal age of consent.

2004: WA Lib Leader Colin Barnett advocates for gays to have different age of consent laws, same-sex couples to be disallowed from accessing the Family Court, same-sex parents to be denied adoption rights and lesbians be denied access to IVF.

2006: Howard Govt refuses to cooperate with a national inquiry into financial discrimination against gay people, banning its departments from making submissions.

2006: Howard Govt refuses to allow a gay Australian man in Europe to marry his partner overseas, who is an Austrian citizen. It refuses to supply documentation confirming the man was not already married.

2006: Howard Govt overrules ACT legislation passed to allow civil unions.

2007: Howard Govt overrules ACT legislation passed to allow civil unions. Again.

2008: Libs vote against legislation that would allow lesbians access to IVF.

2010: Lib Leader Tony Abbott claims that gay people challenge ‘the order of things’ and states that ‘I probably feel a bit threatened’ by them.

2011: Queensland Libs oppose civil union legislation.

2011: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott denies a conscience vote on same-sex marriage to his party, meaning that Liberal members who support the proposal will be prohibited from voting accordingly (this is still the case).

2012: Queensland Libs remove surrogacy and adoption rights.


In the end we’re all alone.”  | “But the good news is: You’re not alone.

Person of Interest 1x03: Mission Creep | 4x11:  If-Then-Else


VIDEO: David Tennant Narrates Hamster The Toilet Paper Thief

David Tennant narrates an extract from the new John Downer Productions TV series Pets - Wild At Heart. In the clip, a hamster escapee turn thief, stuffing his cheeks with toilet paper which he uses in an unconventional way!

The BBC One broadcast of the series finished last night, but both episodes are still available to view again on BBC iPlayer.

Pets - Wild At Heart is a BBC/PBS co-production and will be aired on public television channels in the USA later this year.

Cooper Type: John Downer

About to start Day 2 of John Downer’s excellent workshop for the Type @ Cooper program. Yesterday, seven hours flew by as we spaced shapes and went über-analog designing basic bitmap letters with pencil on paper. So far, it’s been really applicable to what we’re working on, and I spent another four hours at home last night working on the revival. 

Here’s a pic of one of my classmates’ work yesterday (courtesy of @CooperType):


“A striated caracara, intrigued by our spy egg-cam, decides to fly off with our camera but in the process captures the first ever aerial footage of a rockhopper penguin colony shot by a flying bird.”


David Tennant narrates ‘Orphaned puppy is adopted by mother cat’ - a clip from the second episode of Pets - Wild At Heart.

The series is created by John Downer Productions, the makers of Penguins: Spy On The Ice. Watch the episode on BBC One on Wednesday 28th January at 8pm