john derp

I know I recently did the post about John Page, but there’s something I’m gonna say.
I’m currently watch the 163rd shell shock episode of Galms and there’s a point in the beginning few minutes where Chilled called John, John. And it made me really happy because yes it’s going to take time for his friends to call him John instead of Smarty, but just in the middle of people calling him Smarty, Chilled called him John. And then a few seconds later Galm calls him John. It just makes me happy that his friends seem to understand and are respecting his wishes of being called John.

John Page

I fully support John in his decision.
So if any of you have seen my posts that speak about the derp crew or smarty in specific, I will no longer refer to him as smarty, but I will now call him John Page as it is what he says he now prefers. I’ll still put smarty/smarticus in the tags for now since some still refer to him as such, but I really hope the majority of his fans accept this change because it’s not too big, he just wants to be called John. Still the same lovely YouTuber, he’s just pursuing what he wants. 💓💓