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Breaking Point

This is my entry for @roxy-davenport’s July Challenge. This is SOOOO late and I am soooo sorry!

PROMPTS: “Am I going to have to tell you what to do the entire time?” AND “Shut up and kiss me.”
CHARACTERS: Female reader, John Winchester, Original characters
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: Language, hunting, witches/demons, slight injury, explicit sexual content

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“This is fucking ridiculous.”

You shook your head as you looked at yourself in the mirror, a deep sigh escaping your lips. You winced as you shifted around, tugging at the material that refused to budge. A knock sounded at the bathroom door and you rolled your eyes.

“I’ll be out in a minute!”
“You said that twenty minutes ago.”
“Well, you don’t have to wear this … shit.”

You heard John’s throaty chuckle, and you narrowed your eyes at your reflection. You raised your eyebrows, then glanced up at the ceiling, whispering softly.

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Heaven nor Hell

Pairings: Crowley x Angel!reader Mentions: Castiel, Sam & Dean

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count:999

Summary: The reader is an angel whose wings get a little messed up after helping the brothers with a hunt. Crowley shows up and offers help.


“Wow… those… you’re… wow.” You glanced up over the top of your powder blue wings at the British voice that was bumbling in front of you with a half mouth smirk. You grabbed a twig that had found temporary residence in your right wing after the last hunt with the Winchesters and tossed it toward the King of Hell.

“Yep, they are pretty ‘wow’.” You mocked as you attempted to tuck your wings behind you. A slight instinctual blush of embarrassment crept up your cheeks at the idea of being caught in such a compromising position and you couldn’t help but wince at all of the literally ruffled feathers that grated together in your wings.

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Property of John Winchester

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Pairing: JohnxReader
Word count: 2,112
Warnings: Smut, Daddy!kink, spanking, jealousy, anal, oral, NSFW gifs
Request: Anonymous. Can I please, when you get the time, get some just really good, rough, dirty John smut. I’ve been watching a lot of JDM movies and shows and just ugh. Like throw in any kinks you want, I just need some john or jeffrey whichever you prefer.
Challenge entry: @roxy-davenport ’s SPNHalloweenWritingChallenge

John Winchester was the only man you ever had eyes for. At first, he was a bit hesitant because of the age difference, but that was soon pushed aside. You worked for him and Mary when you were a teenager. You had babysat the boys from the time you were 14, until you were 17. You were 5 years older than Dean, so John lumped you in now as being ‘Dean’s age’.

At 25, you’d finally landed your man. After ten years of crushing on him, at that. As a teenager, you never thought it would happen. He was older, and married. As you got older, your mind would run away from you, of course, but again- same issues. The summer after your sophomore year of college, you’d come home to find out that Mary had been killed in a drunk driving accident. You felt terrible, as she was such a nice person, always smiling, and you weren’t there to help the boys through it.

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I’m Leaving

Written for Lexie Carver’s (@roxy-davenport) Adult SPN July Writing Challenge. 

Prompt: “I’m leaving”

John x reader

Words: 2200

Warnings: ANGST (you were warned), alcohol abuse, smut, unprotected sex (this is a fantasy, wrap it up dudes).

Kindly and amazingly beta’d by @manawhaat and her magic touch. 

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Slouched down in the couch of the crappy motel room in the middle of nowhere, you watched  dust dance through the air, the tiny stip of light filtering in through the mostly closed curtains illuminating the dizzying display. The sun shining outside painted the room a burgundy hue, color seeping in from the sun-paled curtains.

“It’s five o’clock somewhere,” you thought as you unscrewed the cap of the fresh bottle of vodka. You preferred scotch, but the smell of vodka was easier to mask. Better to stay safe, just in case you had to leave the room at some point in the day… not that that was part of any of your plans. Most people tended to frown upon liquor drinking at noon, and with the clear liquid working its way through your bloodstream, your plan to finish as much of the bottle as you could was well under way, the need to become numb, to be lulled into a heavy, hopefully dreamless sleep coursing through you.

Sleep was fleeting these days, and those were the best nights; the ones where you didn’t dream of him; where you didn’t see him reaching for you with big, strong hands and that line appearing on his forehead when he furrowed his brow in worry, asking you not to leave. Weird thing was, the words that had started your entire love affair had been those two little words, I’m leaving.

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This is my (late) entry for @roxy-davenport‘s Halloween Challenge. I had #49 “You can’t possibly be my soulmate”. Sorry it’s late, but life. This was supposed to be scary, which I’m really bad at, so this is my attempt at something scary. Enjoy!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Summary: Reader gets kidnapped by an old enemy, this leads to Dean finding out some secrets about her past.

Warning: kidnapping, possible rape triggers (no actual rape, but it build up), implied smut?

Words: about 2125

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Everything was dark. The last thing you had seen was the duffel bag you were in the middle of packing. It had been a rough hunt and you and the Winchester brothers were looking forward to a few well-deserved days off at home in the bunker. You had broken a couple of fingers on one hand, and felt the need to adjust to only one fully functioning hand. And the idea of a few nights in your own bed hadn’t seemed too bad either. Turns out someone, or something, had different plans for you.

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Hell Froze Over

Pairings: Crowley x little!Reader (See A/N HERE for explanation)

Warnings: Age regression fluff

Word Count: 284

A/N: Little has been pounding me in the head with this story for days but this is all she wanted to say. Enjoy & be kind to her!


“What are you doing, little one?” Crowley asked calmly when you stumbled into his office dragging your large box of crayons and your big Frozen coloring book behind you on your blanket. Your brow was furrowed in concentration and the tip of your tongue was peeking out between your lips.

“I gotta work too, Daddy.” You grunted as you stopped at your spot behind your caregivers desk. Crowley chuckled as you plopped down with a huff.

“Well, don’t work too hard, little one.” He said with a smile. You absentmindedly nodded as you flipped through the pages of your book to find a blank one. It only took a few moments before you were completely lost in little space, softly singing one of the songs from the movie. You were so lost in your own little world that you missed Crowley’s small chuckle seconds before you were buried in a pile of snow.

“Daddy, no!” You screeched as you frantically tried to scramble away from the snow that continued to bury you with each step. Crowley roared with laughter and he finally stopped the snow from falling once you crawled under a couch to hide.

“What is it, baby girl?” He asked, his voice dripping with mock innocence. You peeked out of your hiding spot and glared at him.

“Cold, Daddy!”

“I thought the cold didn’t bother you, princess. That’s what you were singing.” As quickly as you could, you grabbed a handful of snow and threw a snowball at the laughing King of Hell. The snowball effectively wiped the smile right off his face and you smiled cheekily at him as he began his preparations to retaliate. You ducked his first attack expertly and smiled at him after you pelted him with another snowball of your own.

“Just let it go, Daddy.”



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"-and ascended to godhood." Confirmed that Merle has a type, previously thought to be people who can kick his ass, it's people who can kick his ass and become gods. Pan, John, Davenport, you bet your ass he's gay as fuck for all of them

goddamn merle fuckin SAME

merle growing up in the enclave just gave him a god kink

I find it amazing that given how civil and moderate the Caribbean Brotherhood was that Achilles, who was trained by them since his mid 20s, could lead such a barbaric group of Assassins. Ah Tabai’s Assassins only protected precursor sites, took in escaped slaves, and did their usual squabbling with Templars, but otherwise didn’t make their presence felt. Achilles Assassins led gangs, that controlled forts and neighborhoods, and had a standing navy. They actively sought out precursor sites and even attacked towns and villages, native and colonist, in their ruthlessness. How such a dramatic shift of priorities could occur I’ll never know… unless John de la Tour is the one who caused the change…

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Okay but what is The Song(s?) for Davenport/Merle/John

idk man you guys tell me… or also johnchurch songs that ARENT BE MY BAD BOY THANK YUO