john cyriis


1985. Skeptics Apocalypse

is the first album by band Agent Steel.

in beginning…..John Camps left Sceptre (with whom had composed “Taken by force” and “144,000 gone” and disbanded after his leaving) and went on to join Abattoir as their vocalist under the name John Syriis, which soon changed to “Cyriis”. He left Abattoir and teamed up with drummer Chuck Profus to form Agent Steel. Mark Marshall (before he joined Savage Grace) and Bill Simmons joined the band for a short stay as the two guitarists with George Robb on bass. In 1984 this line-up recorded with producer Dan McConomy, the “144,000 Gone” demo. The demo was subsequently played on KMET - The Mighty Metal hour; and with the help of new recruit guitarist Juan Garcia; got the attention of Combat Records and signed Agent Steel to a record deal.  

Agents Steel have long ago carved their name in the history of metal, as their releases still dazzle fans all over the world. The band’s  debut proves their unique abilities to deliver fast, heavy  "Skeptics Apocalypse" remains one of the most fascinating albums of the 80’s metal scene. One of the great speed metal albums.

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