john cotton dana

John Cotton Dana’s 12 Rules for Reading

1. Read

2. Read.

3. Read some more.

4. Read anything.

5. Read about everything.

6.Read enjoyable things.

7. Read things you yourself enjoy.

8. Read, and talk about it.

9. Read very carefully, some things.

10. Read on the run, most things.

11. Don’t think about reading, but

12. Just read.

Book, pictures, mounted bird.
An illustration from the article “A Museum of Service”, SURVEY GRAPHIC, 1923, by John Cotton Dana, founder of the Newark (NJ) Museum.
Dana was an important early leader in American museum and library management. He wrote several classic books on what museums should be about in relation to education and the community. Dana is still honored in New Jersey, and by librarians and museum people.
(Scanned from a 1929 reprint of the article that appeared in the periodical SURVEY GRAHIC.)