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Happy 10th Anniversary, Torchwood!

Yes! 10 years ago this very day, 22nd October, Torchwood broadcast its first ever episode on BBC3 at 9pm. Wooo!

I was there from before the start on my ol’ John barrowman Forum & on the Outpost Gallifrey* Forum bigging it up and enjoying it all and it’s been a blast ever since :o)

[*now Gallifrey Base, come join me on there someday to talk JB & TW, I’m Snow. :o)]

I do 110, 120 shows a year. I do the band show, the Leon show, the Billy Joel show, the Elton solo show, the Elton/Ray Cooper show, the Elton/orchestra show. I played over 80 different songs last year. I never get bored. I’m a fidget. Like Jack White. I love people like that. He’s always doing something. And Brandon Flowers and Elvis Costello and Dave Grohl. We should start a band. We’ll call ourselves the Fidg­ets. I’ll play keyboards.

Elton John, Rolling Stone 2011

But what if Brandon wants to play keyboards?! ;)

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