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For the most part comic books provide an escape. But the really good ones merely spotlight the harshness of reality. Instead of leading us on, telling us everything’s gonna be all right, these comics tell us the truth about ourselves. That we’re hopeless beings looking for meaning in this unfair world, and we’ll probably never find it.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #122 (July 1973)
Art by Gil Kane (pencils), John Romita Sr. (inks) & Dave Hunt (colors)
Words by Gerry Conway

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could you maybe write a fic where juggie gets a boner for the first time in front of betty and she, ahem, helps him out?

Haha, I loved this prompt, it’s so cute but still so sinful…
Warning: much sin ahead, all the smut with none of the plot

“Ugh, I don’t understand why I have to get math. I’d rather be Jack Kerouac not… John Conway,” Jughead groaned, struggling to come up with a mathematician he actually knew the name of. Betty giggled as she watched him flop backwards onto her bed, rubbing his hand across his eyes as he tried to ease the beginnings of an equation-induced headache.

“Come on, Juggie, we only have to get through, what, twenty questions?” she reasoned, glancing down at their homework sheet. She cast her eyes over her shoulder, biting her plump lower lip. “Besides, when it’s done we can just… hang out,” she murmured suggestively, thrill running through her at Jughead’s hitched breath.

They’d been slow in their explorations, keeping it mainly to gentle touches and light pecks. But something was starting to heat up between them lately, kisses becoming longer, hints of tongues brushing teasingly against one another. Jughead trailing wet kisses down the side of her neck, sucking the occasional deep purple bruise into her skin against her pulse, the tops of her breasts… Betty let the anticipation bubble in the pit of her stomach at the thought of where their after-study session might take them.

“Oops.” During her wandering thoughts the sheet had slipped from her fingers, floating slowly to the floor, drifting slightly under her dressing table. “Hang on a sec.”

“Hmm?” Jughead looked up at her words, having been intently focused on fishing the relevant materials out of his bag to distract himself from the images that Betty’s delightful promises had put in his head. The view he was greeted with, however, quickly undid all his efforts.

Betty was bent over at the waist, digging around under her vanity for their homework. But that wasn’t the issue. Because of the unseasonably warm day that had arrived at the end of fall Betty had chosen to wear a particularly showing skirt today. Jughead had quietly appreciated the miles of smooth, tan skin it had left him privy to viewing all day, but right now that wasn’t all he could see. Practically eye level with him, from where he sat on the edge of her mattress, was Betty’s perfectly round ass, decorated in pretty lilac lacy underwear. Jughead swallowed thickly around the lump that had formed in his suddenly dry throat. He couldn’t tear his eyes away, despite every ounce of gentlemanly decency in his body telling him to, battling with other hormones entirely instead. His gaze traced the way the lace trimming fit perfectly against the curve of her behind, travelling lower to where it began to bunch up, disappearing between her legs and covering…

“Got it!” she announced suddenly, standing up and turning to face him with a quick spin. He barely had time to register the unfamiliar twitch in his pants before she was staring at his flushed cheeks and wide eyes in question.

“Is everythi- oh!” she cut off in surprise, eyes widening as she cast a glance to his lap, noticing the indiscreet bulge there. Her cheeks flushed as he grabbed a text book and held it in front of him in panic.

“I-I’m sorry, Betts, I didn’t mean… I can’t help-” he stammered, wishing the ground would open up and swallow him whole.

“No, no, it’s fine!” she rushed out, both glancing away, unable to look each other in the eye, unsure of where this new moment left them. A silence settled over the room as neither moved, the weight sitting heavily on Jughead’s chest. Betty couldn’t help the swell of pride that bloomed in her chest at her ability to make his body react like that. She took a breath, steeling her nerves for the next words she decided she was going to say. It was now or never, right?

“I could…” she paused, watching his unshielded blue eyes snap to hers as her voice split the air. “I mean, I could help with that… if you wanted me to,” she trailed off quietly, words unsure, fingers playing nervously with a pleat in her skirt. Jughead inhaled sharply at what she was implying.

“Y-you want to do that?” he asked incredulously. She nodded timidly, determined to keep her eyes on his despite her flaming cheeks. Jughead couldn’t find any words left in his head as a million images flashes behind his eyes, not helping his current situation in the slightest. Betty took his silence a different way, however.

“Or not. Whatever, we can just forget it-”

“No!” Jughead answered a little too loudly. He cleared his throat. “Err, I mean, n-no. If you still want to. You don’t have to do anything you don’t-” She cut off his ramblings by bending down and resting a palm on each of his legs, pressing a hard kiss to his lips. She pulled back after a moment, staying so close that he felt the brush of her lips against his own when she spoke.

“I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want to,” she whispered, eyes searching his. He nodded, unable to respond vocally as she crawled over him, pushing him backwards until he was lying flat against the mattress. “Just relax, Juggie. We’ll go slow.” She settled above him, one leg over each side of his left thigh and he could feel the heat of her core radiating through his jeans, his breath leaving him in shaky gasps.

She leaned forward to capture his lips with her own, gentle, swift pecks that left him desperate for more. When he couldn’t take her teasing any longer he snaked a hand to the back of her hand, fingers tangling in her golden tresses, pushing her more forcefully against his mouth. His tongue swept across the seam of her lips, begging for access to the sweet strawberry taste that was simply Betty Cooper. She complied with a high-pitched moan, her hips bucking slightly against his leg, thigh rubbing deliciously against the bulge in his pants, as they got lost in the sensations their mouths created against one another, nipping and sucking until they were equally red and swollen.

They pulled back for air, foreheads resting heavily against one another’s as their chests heaved between them. Jughead pressed a delicate kiss against the tip of her nose, unable to keep his lips from her skin for any amount of time, relishing the slow smile it elicited from Betty as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of Jughead below her, pressed against her every inch. Her hand crept down his torso, slipping her soft fingers beneath the hem of his shirt and stroking back up, feeling his hidden muscles twitch beneath her fingertips. She scratched her nails experimentally down his pec, tingles shooting straight towards the apex of her thighs at his resounding groan, circling her hips slightly against the rough denim she was straddling, eyes never leaving his as they darkened with lust. She continued her path downwards, feeling every ridge of his abs, tensing in anticipation. Finally, she ran a finger down the trail of hair under his navel, unable to hold back her smirk as he pulled his lower lip between his teeth and shivered beneath her, eyes fluttering closed briefly. They shot back open when he felt a tentative hand grip the waist of his jeans. She was staring back at him with the most honest, open eyes he’d ever had the privilege of looking into, so pure it felt as if his heart would burst from his chest.

“Is this ok?” she breathed, nothing but concern gracing her wonderfully dishevelled face. Jughead tried to calm his thudding heart, nodding silently as he watched her pop the button and pull down his zipper agonisingly slowly, vibrations causing his hips to jerk upwards. By the time he could get his head to stop spinning she’d pulled the obstructing item down his legs, waiting for him to kick them the rest of the way off his ankles before she settled back over his thigh. “And this?” she asked, tentatively laying her open palm over the tent in his black boxers. Jughead sucked in a sharp breath through his nose at the feeling of much sought after pressure.

“More than ok,” he managed to get out, torn between closing his eyes and gazing back the the beautiful face hovering above him, wanting to see every shift, every movement. Betty moved her hand experimentally, rubbing up and down his hard length beneath the fabric, watching his expressions intently, the flickering of his eyelashes, his teeth rolling over his lower lip, tongue coming out to wet them slightly, the hitch in his breath as she pressed her thumb gingerly under the head.

He was losing his mind at the sensation of her thin lace panties rubbing against his now bare skin as she almost subconsciously moved her hips in time with her hand, feeling how wet she was through the fabric. His hand came up to cup her ass, assisting it in the movements that he never wanted her to stop, slipping his cool fingertips slightly under the barrier and stroking across the soft skin that he’d been dying to touch since it was unexpectedly flashed before him.

“Betty, please,” he whined when her gentle touches were becoming too much, not enough, not even knowing what he was begging for exactly. She wet her lips, leaning down to swallow the deep groan that was pulled from his chest as her hand crept beneath the final barrier between them. Jughead tried to keep his hips as still as possible, fighting against his every instinct at the feeling of her warm hand finally enveloping him, but sensing her pause.

“Should I… is there something you like?” she asked timidly, tips of her ears turning pink. His heart swelled at her concern, still ever thoughtful even while her hand was buried sinfully beneath his boxers.

“I…” he swallowed. “Just go with it, I’ll let you know,” he gasped, willing her hand to move before he exploded. She nodded, taking a breath before holding him firmer in her grip and sliding her hand up and down, feeling a surge of confidence as he twitched beneath her fingers. She rested her lips above his, the kiss sloppy and off-centre as she inhaled the gasp he expelled when she twisted her hand around the head, thumb running over the smooth top, spreading the wet, sticky substance she finds there down the shaft. Jughead threw his head back against the pillows, hips thrusting forward, desperate to feel more.

“Maybe go a little faster,” he murmured between laboured breaths. Betty started in surprise at his voice, hand clenching slightly as she jumped, causing a practically filthy moan to slip out from between Jughead’s parted lips, eyebrows furrowing from a pleasure so intense it was almost agony. “Betts…” The sounds he was emitting fueled her own desire as her hips began bucking with more force against his thigh. She felt his hand grasp her tighter, mewling as he pushed her body back up every time she slipped down, aiding her in her undoing.

“Shh, I’ve got you, Jug,” she hushed him, picking up the pace of her wrist, sending them both hurtling towards the edge. “C’mon…” Every muscle in Jughead’s body felt impossibly tight as the coil built inside his stomach, ready to burst as the final thing tipped him over the edge.

Betty leaned down to pepper kisses over his cheeks, neck, licking a long stripe up the length of his jawline. He felt the pumping of her hand getting uneven as she thrust her own hips against him with abandon. He pulled her face to his, attacking her mouth with fervorous kisses, pulling her bottom lip between his teeth and releasing it with a wet pop. Her breathing stuttered, mouth dropping open into the prettiest o-shape as he felt her thighs trembling around his own, body stiffening and hand faltering with rush of wetness against the fabric of her panties. It’s enough to send him over the edge as well, cock pulsing in her grip as she tried to maintain her speed through the blissful aftermath of her orgasm.

He gently gripped her wrist, pulling her hand back as the stimulation became too much, both a mess of jellied limbs and pounding hearts. Betty slid off his leg, tucking herself against his side, pressing a kiss to the underside of his jaw. He chuckled, almost in disbelief, trying to return his heart rate to normal before he could speak. He turned to look down at the golden angel in his arms, placing a lingering kiss against her sweaty temple.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to think about math in the same way again,” he quipped, loving her responding giggle as she buried her face deeper under his chin, homework long forgotten.

Humans and Light: Why Earth is a Threat To Homeworld

Imagine a system of perfect crystals and mirrors, suspended in space. Light reflects and refracts in perfect, predictable patterns. It’s like John Conway’s Game Of Life. 

That is Homeworld. It expands, it flows, it changes. It looks organic, but it’s not. Everything moves along perfectly predetermined paths. This is a world of perfect order. It grows and proliferates according to the nature of its constituent parts, each little crystal whirling about and throwing its rays of light along, to reflect and scatter through the rest. Like kinematic equations in space, by looking at the parts, the energies, the directions, you know where everything is going to go.

And then you run into this.

Hello, Earth. 

Earth is chaotic. Earth is unpredictable. When light hits human skin, it doesn’t reflect or refract, it scatters, strangely, unpredictably. All those perfect angles, those predictable patterns, fall apart. Gems with intended functionalities, pre-determined roles, act unusually, because they’re put into situations that aren’t possible in the Homeworld order of things. On Homeworld, everything has its order and its place (An Agate Terrifies; a Lapis Terraforms.) But these roles are based on getting the same inputs they always do. They follow rules within their set relationships. Humanity creates new inputs. This changes the Gems they interact with, making them, likewise, chaotic actors. In this way, humanity is a disease. We see this in every interaction between gems and humans, over a long enough period.

Rose Quartz shatters her Diamond. Bismuth, a builder, begins to forge weapons. Pearl, a servant, becomes a warrior. We see the transformations of Lapis and Peridot in front of our very eyes. They are affected by their time on earth, by their encounters with humans, and by human-affected gems. We also see this effect in isolation in the human zoo: The Amethysts and Jaspers in the zoo are nothing like the Jasper we know, despite having come from the same Beta Kindergarten, likely because of their consistent, long-term exposure to humans. Agate, who refuses to so much as engage with humans, has mostly stayed unaffected by this influence.

This randomness is also the reason why Sapphire’s future vision, so esteemed on Homeworld, is powerful, but not excessively so, on Earth. On Earth, as Sapphire explains, she sees many possible futures, but that’s not how it works without human interference. We see this in The Answer:

Blue Diamond: Sapphire, tell me what will happen here.
Sapphire: I foresee the rebels attacking the Cloud Arena. Before they are cornered, they will destroy the physical forms of seven gems, including two of my Ruby guards, and myself. Immediately after my form is destroyed, the rebels will be captured. The rebellion ends here.

There is not ambiguity in this vision. No alternative possibilities are presented. When this does not take place (immediately after the Crystal Gems show up) Sapphire is shocked and unable to explain why what she said would take place didn’t. 

In a world of perfect reflection and refraction, there is no room for the unexpected. The future is knowable, because all variables are known, predictable, and accounted for. But humans aren’t. Rose talks about this:

When a Gem is made, it’s for a reason. They burst out of the ground already knowing what they’re supposed to be, and then… that’s what they are. Forever.

Except we know that on Earth, this isn’t true any more. The possibilities for Gems splinter into many, instead of being constricted to one. They are given the ability to chose because alternatives appear. And so, future vision becomes much less cohesive. It shows the many fractured paths, instead of the one true one.

The greatest fear of Homeworld is that this contagion will continue to spread and change Gems. Because the entire system is built on immutability, and can’t survive without it. 

A Hot Summer Day (Laurens x Reader)

#63-“Just pretend to be my date.” (Another note, this one is kinda saddening in the middle too but it always ends nicely!)


It was a hot summer day in NYC, and you were bored out of your mind. Not like there was much to do, or people to hang out with. Well, scratch that. There actually was something to do, and people to hang out with. The Schuyler Sisters were hosting a pool party today at their estate. There was a catch though: Bringing a date was mandatory. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but your boyfriend, Thomas Conway, despised parties, I mean, downright hated them. He wouldn’t want to go regardless of what you told him, so you decided you weren’t going to go.

Your relationship with Conway was weird. You two were a thing, yet you don’t think anyone actually knew. He hadn’t told anyone, the reason behind that you had no idea, and the only person who you told was your best friend, John Laurens. You felt a little guilty, but you kinda wished you were dating John instead. He was such a nice guy, treated you the way you deserved to be, and he was super cute (His freckles were your favorite thing about him).

You sighed, checking your phone again. Alexander, who loved to double text (more like quadruple text), was blowing up the group chat with talk about bringing snacks per Eliza’s request. He was obviously going as Eliza’s date, as they were actually dating. Lafayette’s girlfriend, Adrienne, is visiting from France, so they’re going together. Hercules was taking some girl he met and took a liking to at the bar. (Typical.)

The only person who hadn’t spoken up about their plans for a date was John. You were confused, John loved a good party, and everyone knows a party hosted by the Schuylers was going to be a good party. You decided to text him separately.

To: J Laurens-‘Hey, you haven’t said anything in the group chat about who you’re taking. Don’t keep it a surprise, we wanna know!’

From: J Laurens-‘(y/n)…. I need you to do me a favor. You can say no, but I thought I should at least ask.’

You gave a confused look even though he couldn’t see you. What could he possibly want from you?

To: J Laurens-‘What’s wrong?’

From: J Laurens-‘It’s nothing extreme, just…. pretend to be my date.’

Your eyes grew wide. John wanted to take you to the party. But… as a pretend date…? Oh. Right. John knew about your boyfriend. He sent you another text.

From: J Laurens-‘I know you’re dating Conway and I know he hates doing pretty much anything and I know that means you won’t go but I wanted to go and I wanted you to be there so why not take my best friend as a pretend date? Just to get inside? And then we can split up after that if you want.’

You smiled sadly. You were happy that he thought of you, and wanted to take you of all people, but then again it’s fake and he’s not actually your date, you both only really needed each other to get into the party. That saddened you. You wanted it to be real, you wanted John to be yours and you to be his, but you guessed you should take what you can get.

To: J Laurens-‘Of course! Thanks!’

From: J Laurens-‘Great. I’ll pick you up at 6 :)’

You nodded, even though he couldn’t see you. Now you have something to do on a hot summer day in NYC.

John picked you up and you both made your way to the Schuyler Estate. You could never get over how big their house was. When you pulled up you saw Peggy run out to greet you both.

“(y/n)!! John!!” She hugged both of you. You and John said hi back. She then gave you both a look.

“You two came together. Are you dating?”

You looked at John, who also gave you a look that you couldn’t decipher.

“No.. We came as friends.” He replied, still looking at you. Your stomach felt weird, it sucked to hear him say that, but you couldn’t show it on your face. You nodded and looked back at Peggy. She gave a nod of approval.

“Alright, well, Angelica and Eliza are inside, Angelica’s probably on the dance floor with her date, Eliza’s probably in the pool with Alex, and the rest of your friends and their dates are probably eating all the snacks so if you want some you better get to it.”

You both said thank you and made your way inside. Peggy had failed to mention that several other people were already here and it was pretty crowded. John turned to you and spoke.

“If you want to head our separate ways then that’s cool with me.”

You thought about it for a second, then shook your head.

“If it’s fine with you I’d like us to stay together, just so I don’t get lost in the sea of people?”

He chuckled, and his laugh sent a spark to your heart. He nodded and stuck his hand out for you to hold. You both made your way to find the snack table when all of a sudden you saw something that made your heart stop. Making out on a loveseat with some random girl was Thomas Conway. Your eyes widened and all of a sudden you found it kinda hard to breathe. John noticed you’d stopped walking and turned to look at you.

“Hey, what’s wr—(y/n)??” He exclaimed. You lifted a shaky finger at the scene you were seeing. He looked at what you were seeing and his eyes grew wide as well.

“Is that Conway??”

You nodded sadly. John instantly took action. He dropped your hand and made his way through the crowd towards Conway. You followed him, kinda scared of what he’d do, but you were also pissed. Why was he here?? He had told you he didn’t like parties… Is this why? So he could go by himself and make out with random girls? And is this also why he never told anyone you two were dating?? Why would he do this?

John reached Conway and practically tore him away from the girl, pinning him up against a wall. By now there were people watching the scene because this isn’t something you just ignore.

“Listen punk,” John began, “You don’t get to cheat on my best friend and get away with it. You don’t get to cheat on someone as sweet and as beautiful as (y/n) and get away with it. Who in their right mind would ever think that was an okay thing to do? It’s taking a lot out of me right now not to just deck you in the face, because that’s not like me, but just know, that I am pissed. I would have loved to have (y/n) as my girlfriend, because I actually love her, but when I found out you two were a thing, it killed me, because I knew what kind of person you are, but I stayed back because I wanted (y/n) to be happy. When I found out you weren’t making her as happy as you should be, I decided to step in, but not overstep my boundaries as her best friend. Now, I’ll do the same, and ask (y/n) what she wants me to do with you. (y/n)?” He turned to look at you.

You were shocked at what John had just said. Did he really mean everything he just said? He loved you? For real? Since when?? You remembered that you had to respond.

“Uh… don’t hurt him… but Conway?”, you turned to him, “We’re done. Please don’t contact me anymore.” Thomas shook his head in anger and stormed out. John turned to you. John Laurens, your knight in shining armor. You ran up to him and put your lips on his. He was taken aback, but kissed back almost immediately. There were sounds of cheering and clapping from the immediate crowd. You broke off the kiss and looked up at him.

“Am I really that sweet and beautiful?”

He laughed, the laugh that sent chills down your spine.

“Of course you are, there’s no one as sweet and as beautiful.”

You giggled. “I love you, John Laurens.”

“I love you too, (y/n).”