john cena's theme

My friends and I play D&D Part 2

-“All of these statues are homophobic!”

-“At least I rubbed one out before I die”

-“I want Medusa to get seduca’d!”

-“I yell out to seduce Medusa, in my most sultry voice…”

-our friends new character: you seem very lovely

our bard: WAS THAT SARCASM?!

-3 people sing ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ as our bard strums her guitar

-taylor brought her guitar

-taylor played we are number one and the John Cena theme song on her guitar

-our dragonborn successfully seduced an elf before pushing him into a fire and eating him

-our barbarian is a terrible wingman

-“so he was masturbating and he was thinking about your good good Orlando Bloom elf dick”

-“I’m gonna eat the elf”

“you’re gonna vore him”


*gets 18*

-*our barbarian attacks another figurine* we are going to visciously murder that astronaut goodbye Neal. you may have landed on the moon but it’s time to catch these hands.“

Today I was at a stoplight in traffic and all of a sudden the John Cena theme music was BLARING.

I had my windows up and it sounded like it was in my car. I was so confused.

A large group of teens across the street also looked around for the source…

Then this grown man walking across the street fumbled in his bag for his phone.

And collectively, the group of teens and I died laughing bc it had been this guy’s ring tone and he looked MORTIFIED.

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Headcanon that sometimes when Shiro walks into a room, Pidge and Lance will just make eye contact and simultaneously jump and shout "It's JOHN CENA" and play the theme music.

ok but consider….what if they did that when shiro was being introduced to new people…..

alien: omg!! that brave paladin of the black lion just saved us!!

other alien: who is he??

pidge: hIS NAME IS

lance: JOHN CENA

both: [trumpet noises]

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Marvel is promoting Iron Man for the Spider-Man movie the same level that DC was promoting Wonder Woman for the Batman/Superman movie. Except that Iron Man appearing in SM is just beating a dead horse at this point, while Wonder Woman was more like, "AFTER ALL THESE DECADES OF BEING A SYMBOL OF BEAUTIFUL FEMINISM FOR MILLIONS, SHE FINALLY MAKES HER BIG SCREEN DEBUT".

Can she break thru the fourth wall or fifth wall or whatever divides the mc.u and the and Toss him thru mars and straight into Jupiter

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what instruments do you think 1a would play in a concert/marching band?


  • Flute
    • todoroki (the ice cold 1st chair flute)
      • wins all contests and gets all the solos.
      • competetive af and Has No Chill until he learns abt the magic of friendship from midoriya
    • aoyama (over the top dramatic fashion-obsessed flute; is in colorguard)
    • uraraka (bubbly cheerful flute, also plays piccolo)
  • Oboe
    • tsuyu (she also knows clarinet! in colorguard)
    • yaoyorozu (also plays piano, is in colorguard)
  • Clarinet
    • kouda (he’s surprisingly good!)
    • jirou (can also play double bass/electric guitar if needed!)
  • Bass Clarinet
    • hagakure (bc she’s invisible get it ahaHA) (also in colorguard!)
  • Alto Sax
    • kaminari (they have an ongoing countdown: “it has been 0 days since the last time denki made a sex joke involving saxophones”)
      • can also play soprano sax
  • Tenor Sax
    • ashido (plays pink panther theme unironically 24/7, Will Not Stop)
  • Bari Sax
    • sero (he, ashido, and kaminari do sax trios all the time to piss bakugou off)
  • Bassoon
    • tokoyami (is in the pit during marching season)
      • edgelord; started playing bc he thought it was a Misunderstood Emo Instrument like himself
  • Trumpet
    • bakugou (angry yet incredibly skilled)
      •  will fight tdrki for solos as well as everyone else for making shitty band jokes
    • midoriya (beginner, still learning but wants to be the best.)
      • once played the john cena theme bc he was dared to piss bkgo off. it worked nahaha
  • French Horn
    • iida (prissy music ho who hates modern music genres at first but eventually becomes more lax and accepting) 
  • Trombone
    • kirishima (the manliest instrument!! does the trombone/oven duet with kaminari to piss off bakugou)
  • Euphonium
    • satou (the sound is sweet and his name literally means ‘sugar’, you do the math)
  • Tuba
    • ojiro (idk but i feel like this fits him a lot!! im passionate abt this one)
  • Percussion
    • shouji (on drumline but lbr his multiple hands would be sick to watch in pit)
  • Other:
    • mineta plays the plastic kazoo alone on alternate weekends 
Some music AUs
  • We are stand partners and you always play that one measure wrong and if you do one more time I may scream
  • You’re always one chair ahead of me and I hate you
  • We are from opposite sections yet we always make eye contact
  • You clearly do not understand dynamics let mE DEMONSTRATE WITH My voice.
  • You just played me my favorite theme song on your instrument Thank you, I love you, give me the sheet music
  • You just played a love song on your instrument and your tempo was a little off, your flat wasn’t low enough, and you screwed up measure 16 but I love you anyway
  • You always lose your sheet music and I’m the manager I PAY FOR THESE JUST KEEP THEM
  • You’re my private lesson teacher yet you’re the same age as me and you use weird metaphors TELL ME HOW A REST IS SIMILAIR TO A FART WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING
  • When you’re concentrated on a piece your nose twitches to the rhythm and I’m trying to focus but I’m laughing 
  • I’m borrowing sheet music from you but your notes are so messy is that an accent mark or a staccato
  • Our class is typically well behaved yet here you are playing the John Cena theme in dead silence
  • You sit behind me and ALWAYS POKE ME WITH YOUR BOW 
  • No I will not have a sword fight with you THIS BOW IS EXPENSIVE
  • I’m about to perform a really important piece yet I just see you in my mind laying on my instrument case in the french girl position
  • This sounds really weird by my arms and hands are cramping can you please give them a massage
  • We are heading to a water park and I thought we were going to perform so I’m in my formal attire with my instrument and everyone is in shorts ITS NOT FUNNY
  • You’re in my math class and you always do better than me YET YOU CANT COUNT YOUR RESTS. CAN YOU COUNT?
  • You’re my accompanist and you make the most intense faces when you play and I find it hilarious
  • Your butt looks great in slacks oh my god
The Signs as 50% Off Haru Quotes

Aries: “Haru, look, water!” “Haru, we can’t get in.” “Yeah, it’s probably too cold.” “We’ll get sick.” “Ya know what I’m sick of? All your shit, Haru!  I’m assuming direct control!” “Haru, no! G-gimme that–” “OH MY GOD, HE’S GOT A GUN!” [gunshot rings out] “Everyone, step away from the brain.” “HE SHOT, HARU!” “That’s right.  I’m in charge now.”

Taurus: “He’s not my boyfriend.  We were officially engaged in the fall.  I’m thinking a spring wedding.”

Gemini: “Haru, if you join the swim team you get to get in the pool.” “But I don’t want to join the swim team, Haru.” “Okay, okay, Haru, but here me out… you get to go in the pool.” “You make a compelling argument, Haru.” “Thank you, Haru.”

Cancer: “I like mackerel.” “Me too, Haru.” “I don’t like mackerel.” “Shut up, Haru.”

Leo: “By the darkest sun that casts its menacing rays on the farthest madness.  We sense your intentions, Rei Ryugazaki.  The gibbering of mad cultists whisper wicked words in the temple winds.  They inform us that you are not to be trusted.  Usurper, usurper.”

Virgo: [what goes through Haru’s mind when he swims] “You could start by running up the temple staircase into the crypt, grab the book from the skeletons and pass into the pit of the pendulum.”

Libra: “Just pick the one middle right.” “No! Nonono.  All the way to the left.” “Oh my god, what is the difference?” “Okay, well, this one has white strips, and this one haaas subtle variations of purple accents.” “I never even noticed the difference. I guess I’m with Haru, the one on the left.” “Ugh, my god we are never going to decide, let’s just put it to a vote.  Hey, Haru.” *10 others* “Yeah?” “WHAT?!”

Scorpio: “Why is Makoto so heavy?” “I don’t know.  You’d think we’d be used to it, ya know? Carrying the swim team all the time.”

Sagittarius: “Haru, Haru… Ch-check this out.  I bought… stilts.” “Why?” “Ya know, like, the guys… they all have their gimmicks.  I wanna gimmick.  I can have a gimmick.” “So… stilts…?” “Yeah.  Stilts.  Now-now I’m tall Haru.” “Okay, what about when you’re not wearing them? Or sitting down?” “I’ll just… never stop… wearing them… or sit down–whoa!” [falls down the steps] “Did… Haru just fall downstairs, wearing a pair of stilts?” “Yup.” [4 wheeler coming from the distance] “This place just keeps getting dumber.” “Guys, check it out, I bought a 4 wheeler!”

Capricorn: “Ugh, I just can’t get it.” “Haru, just spin it anti-clockwise.” “What the hell does anti-clockwise mean?” “It means the same as counter-clockwise.” “Then just say counter-clockwise.” “Are you two still playing with that thing? It’s just a stupid coloured cube.” “You’re a stupid coloured cube, Haru!” “… You cut me deep, Haru.”

Aquarius: [cheering in the crowd] “And Haru’s up on the turnbuckle.  He’s got him in a pin.  This could be over for Haru-but wait! Who’s that coming down the ramp? It’s world heavy weight champion, John Cena!” [humming John Cena theme song] “Bubadabaaa… bubadabaaa… bubadabaaa….”

Pisces: “Let me through, I’m a doctor!” “You’re a dentist!” “I’m the best damn shot we’ve got.” “What was that?” [ocean goblin growling “bones”] “We have to act fast, quick, how many bones are in his body?” “Ummm, uhhhh, 206.” “Is that right?!” “You idiots! Stop screwing around and give him mouth to mouth!”

If y'all ever want to learn an instrument just so you can be a meme, do it. Our church drummer learned how to play Careless Whisper on the saxophone as a sophomore in high school and ended up sounding really off key at times but it was peak comedy

So please, by all means, take a recorder and play John Cena’s theme, pick up a guitar and say “here’s wonderwall”, play anything on a kazoo. Kazoos are the ultimate meme instrument. Have fun!

30K Celebration: This Or That?

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1.      Lace or velvet? Velvet, and I’m not saying that just because I love red velvet cake….though that may have something to do with it.

2.      Paperbacks or hard covers? Paperbacks. That way, I can bend it if I need to while reading.

3.      Forest or beach? I prefer beaches; they feel safer to me. Sort of ironic because I can barely swim.

4.      Thunderstorm or sunny? Thunderstorms. Bright sunshine hurts my eyes.

5.      Vanilla or honey scented? That’s…that’s hard! Maybe vanilla? I really like the smell of honey, though…

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