john carl warnecke

The Long Lines Building (AT&T Long Lines Building at 33 Thomas Street) was designed by architect John Carl Warnecke and completed in 1974.

 The average floor height is 18 feet (5.5 meters), and the floors are also unusually strong, designed to carry 200 to 300 pound per square foot live loads.

The exterior walls are precast concrete panels clad with flame-treated textured Swedish granite faces. There is a series of large, protruding ventilation openings on the 10th and 29th floors. William H. Whyte claimed that it features the tallest blank wall in the world.

It is often described as one of the most secure buildings in America, and was designed to be self-sufficient and protected from nuclear fallout for up to two weeks after a nuclear blast.


AT&T data center by John Carl Warnecke. New York, 1974. A huge concrete slab tower, initially built to house telephone switching equipment, is a huge concrete slab tower that has 6m floor-ceiling height and no windows. It only has cooling apertures to release the heat build up from the computers within. Buildings built for technology void of humans is fascinating + so bizarre. An interesting example of Brutalist architecture. Can’t wait to see this baby!