Viktor Nikiforov, JCM version (Yuri!!! on Ice).

According to the creator of the anime Yuri!!! on Ice herself, Mitsurou Kubo, actor John Cameron Mitchell was a huge inspiration for Viktor’s face. She was also inspired by his cheerfulness and his smile (here and here). So, here is a realistic version of Viktor inspired by JCM that is maybe a bit closer to what Kubo had in mind, compared to the previous version I drew and posted here. I changed JCM’s features a bit though (I drew his nose a bit longer and thinner)


If you didn’t already know that Viktor’s appearance was based off of an American actor named John Cameron Mitchell. He is a beautiful man(。・ω・。) character design spot on tho 👌 I need to marry a real life Viktor. no joke.

Here’s my “Yuri!!! On Ice” cast. Yeah, it’s incomplete af and only exist in my imagination, so feel free to dismiss it if you have to.

Viktor Nikiforov (John Cameron Mitchell) : That adorable heart-shaped smile O_o

Here’s an ultra sassy a video of him, if you’re curious.

Yuuri Katsuki: (Yuzuru Hanyu) Boy, what a katsudon!

Here’s a video of him going full katsudon. Whatever you do, don’t ever go full katsudon.

Yuri Plistetsky (Artur Gachinsky): The Russian Punk Fairy. Here’s a video of Mr. Plisetsky.

Otabek Altin  (Erjan Alimbetov) : Sorry. I couldn’t find a better pic. Genuinely sorry. Here’s a video, you can find him at 0:32. And a proper video. And here’s a better song video, He’s at 0:27 .

Yakov (Yuri Shjerbakov - Юрий Щербаков): This time I’m seriously not sorry, he’s a legend in my eyes. Here’s video of him, going all Russian.

Phichit (Michael Christian Martinez ): Here’s a video. Watch it. Now. 

Chris (Michal Brezina):  Nothing to say. Video here.

I don’t know why I keep on browsing YOI wikia lol. Anyway I found this on Viktor’s page on the trivia section.

I don’t think Yuri!!! On Ice creators are bluffing when they said that John Cameron Mitchell was the basis for Viktor Nikiforov’s character design. Like LOOK AT THIS MAN

Look at that! And here are Viktor’s photos:


An older version of Viktor. Viktor in his 50s (Mitchell is in his 50s) probably. But ugh the hair! The face shape! It’s so amazing!


Fun fact: John Cameron Mitchell played the role of Hedwig in the film Hedwig and the Angry Inch (wherein Hedwig is a transgender female).I fucking love that film, and I highly recommend it. A queer film, and somehow it has a relation to this sports anime with queer themes. I don’t know if it’s random or not, but the queer inside of me is happy right now. Anyway, good job Kubo! 

So you’ve all seen this

And this

But what about this?

That’s the ig of YOI’s screenwriter, Mitsurō Kubo.


This is pretty damning evidence that Victor was (or at least could have been) partly inspired by John Cameron Mitchell – as if the looks and the gayness weren’t already enough to draw a comparison.

Source: @NoahXica

  • <p> <b>teacher:</b> does anyone know what year the Berlin wall went up?<p/><b>me:</b> on August 13, 1961 a wall was erected down the middle of the city of Berlin. The world was divided my a cold war and the Berlin wall was the most hated symbol of that divide. Reviled, graffitied, spit upon, we thought the wall would stand forever, but now that it's gone, we don't know who we are anymore. Ladies and gentlemen, Hedwig is like that wall; standing before you in the divide between East and West, slavery and freedom, man and woman, top and bottom. And you can try and tear her down, but before you do, you must remember one thing<p/></p>

I don’t know if this has been pointed out before, but here’s John Cameron Mitchell, an actor, writer and director, (who also happens to be gay) that Victor was based on, talking about love back in 2011, and how there are many types of love, even mentioning “eros” and “agape”. What he says definitely sounds similar to what Yuri said at the end of episode 5 when he announced that his theme for the Grand Prix is love. Kubo-sensei 100% took inspiration from this!!