john c reilley


Darn! Because I’m becoming a fan of Wreck it Ralph, I can’t see a video with John C. Reilley without thinking of Ralph XD. In this video he tries to ruin the rights of gay people. (He appears at 0:26)

Don’t wreck gay people’s rights to get married Ralph…I mean Mr Reilley!

PS: Also Po (Jack Black) has to tell him he is wrong about prop 8.

i need to see 'we need to talk about kevin'

i can’t find any showings that are anywhere near me. in fact, i can’t find any showing at all.

there’s none near where i live, none in l.a. … i don’t know what to do. i’d drive anywhere to see this movie in theaters, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere at all. if anyone knows of a place that’s showing it anywhere in the l.a area, please let me know!