john boren

Babbling about stuff I got from Jet Pens

Well, at this point, I guess I sound like a total shill, but I just have to talk about some art supplies I bought recently…

First of all, if you draw comics or cartoons or whatever, get yourself a Uni-Ball Signo White gel pen. It’s great for white-on-black lettering, and it’s got some use for correcting mistakes, too. I just hope they come out with a fine-line version before too long. 

I used some Deleter comic book paper for the first time. Holy wow. Really good paper for pen and ink drawing. Pencils erase cleanly after inking. I mean they are just gone. Poof. This saves me a lot of time scanning. No more fiddling with thresholds to hide pencils that my eraser couldn’t get rid of.

And speaking of pencilling, I really really like the Mitsubishi Hi-Uni. Yeah, I know, I’m geeking out over pencil lead, but seriously, it goes down dark, yet erases cleanly, it has a good flowy feel, and it keeps a point for a good long time. You can order them as a regular wood pencil, or you can go all pro and old-school and get 2mm lead for use with a fancy drafting pencil. I use the 2H grade.

If you’re serious about drawing, you want to use the best possible tools. And well, damn, these are some good tools!