john bonham 1973


Led Zeppelin NBC News - 1973


“Wanna hear some of this Jimmy Page album?” GEORGE: “Jimmy Page?” “He produced an album with his new group” GEORGE: “Is he the one that was in The Yardbirds?” - excerpt from during the filming of “Let It Be” 1969

“George had come to the show cause he called me up and said "Look, When do I arrive?” And I said what do you mean when do you arrive? You fu@#ing arrive at the beginning. So he said “What about, when is the intermission?” I said “What intermission?” He said “You don’t have..?” I said, they go on at 8 and they finish at 10:30 and he said “You’re joking” I said no and he said “Fu@# we used to be booked for 20 minutes and would be off in 15” -Richard Cole, tour manager for Led Zeppelin, “The Led Zeppelin Story”