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I don't think I'll ever get over how bitter Sherlock is in that wedding post on John's blog. My god. And when he's begging for some attention in the comments? Breaks my heart. (Also, when do you think we'll get an update on John's blog?)

Yeah, it kills me Athina. Like he’s so ridiculous and he so badly wants John’s attention. And the fact that John allows it and takes the bait is telling on how little interest John has in his marriage to Mary ALREADY. He only stops because Mary intervenes. 

As for blog update, I BELIEVE for S3 they started updating a couple weeks before S3 aired, and then subsequently after each episode was released.


Bliv - Velvet Crowbar

I made this video edit for bliv!! but i had to post it to vimeo for copyright reasons, the song is a little sped up because i thought that would let me post it on youtube but it didn’t :/ it only sounds a tiny bit different though. I really like this one so tell me if you guys like it!!