Amell wasn’t the only performer who brought his very best to the screen in “The Fallen.” John Barrowman proved that Malcolm is as pretty a crier as he is a schemer and murderer, and Willa Holland brought a touch of humor to an otherwise somber episode with some of her expressions as post-Lazarus Pit Thea. Emily Bett Rickards was a powerhouse as she held her own opposite far more experienced actors, and anybody who did not begin to sniffle when David Ramsey’s eyes welled up as Diggle said goodbye to the only brother left to him officially has no soul. The emphasis on character would not have worked with less nuanced performances, and the actors reminded of why the show is capable of succeeding in spite of occasionally bizarre twists.
—  Laura Hurley, Arrow S03E20: What worked, what didn’t, and what needs to happen next

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