john artur

Here’s my “Yuri!!! On Ice” cast. Yeah, it’s incomplete af and only exist in my imagination, so feel free to dismiss it if you have to.

Viktor Nikiforov (John Cameron Mitchell) : That adorable heart-shaped smile O_o

Here’s an ultra sassy a video of him, if you’re curious.

Yuuri Katsuki: (Yuzuru Hanyu) Boy, what a katsudon!

Here’s a video of him going full katsudon. Whatever you do, don’t ever go full katsudon.

Yuri Plistetsky (Artur Gachinsky): The Russian Punk Fairy. Here’s a video of Mr. Plisetsky.

Otabek Altin  (Erjan Alimbetov) : Sorry. I couldn’t find a better pic. Genuinely sorry. Here’s a video, you can find him at 0:32. And a proper video. And here’s a better song video, He’s at 0:27 .

Yakov (Yuri Shjerbakov - Юрий Щербаков): This time I’m seriously not sorry, he’s a legend in my eyes. Here’s video of him, going all Russian.

Phichit (Michael Christian Martinez ): Here’s a video. Watch it. Now. 

Chris (Michal Brezina):  Nothing to say. Video here.