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Have you checked out arenapal (.) com? They've got a lot of photos I haven't seen before, if you use the search bar.

I’ve seen most of them before. But they keep adding new stuff every now and then, and I think they’ve added new things since last time I visited! There is at least some I can’t recall seeing, including this of Glyn Kerslake:

And this of John Aron and Rosemary Ashe:

If anyone is photo hunting, have a look at the site! There’s a LOT of original and early cast photos there. They tend to do a bit of mislabeling, so don’t use actor credits there as your bible. But they’re good pointers, anyway.

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How would each of the founding fathers react to being tickled?? Thank you and merry early Christmas

Washington: Laughs because he has to, but after you’re done is thoroughly disconcerted and gives you a look that makes you want to “melt through the floor.”

Adams: Spazzes out until you’re forced to stop and proceeds to roundly chastise you on the impropriety of public tickling in an incoherent crotchey grouchy-old-man language.  

Jefferson: Profusely blushes, awkwardly entreats you to stop, then stays inside for the next two weeks because of a migraine.

Hamilton: Initially punches you in the face, and then proceeds to climb on top of your incapacitated body to tickle you back in retaliation, all in a very temptingly sensual fashion.

Madison:  Laughs way louder and harder than you would ever expected him to, and then as soon as you stop he’s back to his withdrawn self like nothing happened.

Burr: Takes it as an invitation for sex.

Franklin: Takes it as an invitation for sex.

Merry Christmas.



I put my armor on, show you how strong I am
I put my armor on, I’ll show you that I am

Birthday Card collaboration for John K! The man turned 60 on Sept 9th, and I figured my friends and I should make some art for him. So here it is!

Ren, Stimpy, Mighty Mouse, Harlem Shuffle Cat - Me

George Liquor - Jack Evans

Jimmy the Idiot Boy - Roger Lopez

Slab & Ernie - Owen Fishback

Powdered Toast Man and Sody Pop - Arón Keyser

Dirty Dog and Cigarettes the Cat - Joshua Marchant


Rather rare photo of the 1991 West End cast. I believe it shows: 

Julia Goss (Carlotta), John Aron (Piangi), Dave Willetts (Phantom), Jill Washington (Christine), Mario Frangoulis (Raoul), Kimberley Patridge (Meg Giry), Sally Smith (Madame Giry), Ethan Freeman (André), Michael Bauer (Firmin) aaaaaaand Scott Davies (!!!) in the ensemble. 

Note too how different all the slavegirl tiaras were. The lower right reminds a lot of those becoming the standard Meg/Christine ones in the US. 


The crest on Piangi’s Hannibal armour. 

The costume design seems to indicate some sort of Roman insignia or crest, in gold, set on a silver background. But the details are loose enough to allow various interpretations. Most common is a “flower” circle or oval with decorations on the inside, or around it. Another common motif is a lion’s head. It varies if the armour is a gold/silver combo, or just golden/brassy. It’s held up by black decorated straps over a green tunic. 

1. John Aron, original West End, 
2. Charlie Serrano, Stuttgart, 
3. Jim Heath, West End, 
4. Thabiso Masemene, Johannesburg, 
5. Maria Bjørnson’s costume design (detail), 
6. Santiago Sirur, Buenos Aires, 
7. Evan Harrington, Broadway, 
8. Larry Wayne Morbitt, Las Vegas, 
9. Christian Šebek, Broadway.