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Murder on the Orient Express (2017) dir. by Kenneth Branagh

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gentle editor, is your suggestion of "get in a brawl with a rival soprano mid-performance" based on a historical incident? have a lovely day xx

Dear Reader–

Opera, which so Delights the Ear of Commoner and Royal alike, was brought to Harmonious Fruition in the Early Part of Our Age by the voices of Faustina Bordoni and Francesca Cuzzoni, Sopranos of the Highest Calibre. These Ladies, named “Rival Queens” of the London Stage, Allegedly Fought during a performance of Bononcini’s Astianatte, Greatly Shocking the Princess of Wales, who was in Attendance.

Accounts of these Events seldom Agree with one another; it is Commonly believed now that it was the Divas’ Fervent Supporters, and not the Artistes, who caused the Skirmish.

no offense but the fact that i’m one of the five (5) people on this planet that care about the iconic duo that is miss mary debenham and dr. john arbuthnot is disrespectful

y’all have daisy ridley and leslie odom jr. playing love interests and you’re paying them dust, really