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Evermore - a Sherlolly songfic

I’ve been planning this out since crying in the theater over this song in Beauty and the Beast. I finally managed to get it all out in words, so I hope it really exceeds anyone’s expectations of a songfic lol. Enjoy!

I was the one who had it all. I was the master of my fate. I never needed anybody in my life. I learned the truth too late.

               “She’s gone,” Sherlock’s voice cracked. “I’ve lost her.”

               “Sherlock, what’s happened to Molly?” John asked, extremely worried that his best friend was on the precipice of a danger night.

               “She left; moved away and is being transferred. I don’t know where,” Sherlock sighed in defeat. He kept the tears in though his eyes were welling up to the brim. “If only I had figured out how I felt before this whole situation, things would be different. I learned the truth of my heart too late. I never got the chance to tell her it was true.”

               “It’s never too late, mate,” John offered, comforting Sherlock with a hug just as he did for him when they reconciled after Mary’s death. “Surely Mycroft knows where she’s headed. Find out and go to her.”

I’ll never shake away the pain. I close my eyes, but she’s still there. I let her steal into my melancholy heart; it’s more than I can bear.

               Sherlock had broken sleep that night. He was surprised he could even sleep at all. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Molly. Sweet, perfect Molly. Sherlock Holmes was not the cry-yourself-to-sleep type but he allowed the tears to fall as he laid there, willing sleep to come. His heart ached, oh how it hurt, and he had never felt such an agony as this.

               When did Molly Hooper capture his melancholy heart? He couldn’t even pinpoint one particular moment. It was, rather, a string of little moments that built up and bloomed into something beautiful. He mapped them out in his head like the way he solved a case. The Case of His Stolen Heart he thought; a very important, possibly the most important, case of his life. Sherlock felt something was missing. It was as if she had taken his heart with her whether she realized it or not. He felt he should let her go, for what good is he for her?

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Another clue that Molly is John in the “I love you” scene: she wears the stripped jumper she was wearing in TEH as she played John during Sherlock’s case. “You’re not John, you’re you” was followed by Sherlock calling Molly John throughout the entire deduction scene.

The coffin was for John, the deductions apply to him -> short size, no close family, “I love you”.

The I love you scene is about John & Sherlock: it shows John’s worries about Sherlock’s potential love: “I am not an experiment”, “You’re my friend”.

It also prepares the actual scene of the confession/declaration of love : Sherlock will have to say it first, it will be in a seemingly life-threatening situation (actual Three-Garridebs?), John will answer right away and will pour his heart out, literally wearing his heart (=phone) on his sleeve.

Except that the actual I love you scene will feel right, not like this very awkward and forced scene. John & Sherlock’s declaration of love will not be destructive, it will save the life (and their hearts).

It will repair the wrongs and heal the wounds. For the characters, but also for the audience, particularly LGBTQ+ viewers. (Hopefully, Molly will have the I love you she deserves too, from a character who actually loves her -> Greg?)