john and karkat's first conversation

on an even more serious note

idk about you guys. but ever since the 4/13 update i find that i keep saying to myself “this doesn’t feel like homestuck right now”

and i know that sounds annoying or like jokey joke funny to some people because no one is allowed to seriously criticize hussie ever anymore it seems (to me anyway)

but its just like….even though the whole lord english conspiracy theories were predicted years ago… one could have predicted A LOT of this shit 100% completely

dave knowing about jade dating davesprite, tavros being a sprite, arquius making a serious return, vriska and terezi being “best buds/scourge sisters” again,  terezi 100% screwing over the eridan worshippers (love ya fam), the trolls aCTUALLY TALKING ABOUT THEIR DEAD FRIENDS…..AND!!!THEIR ROTTING CORPSES!!!! hAHAHAH!!!, dave rose john and jade actually finally being TOGETHER FOR REAL after six years, john dave and kARKAT conversing for the first time in person, karkat DISCUSSING HIS PAST BLACKROM FEELINGS FOR JOHN……AS SOON AS HE MEETS HIM, KARKAT AND DAVE….DATING!!!!! TAVROS BEING SERIOUSLY CONFIDENT!!!! (albiet as worrying as it kind of is)

karkat suggesting…..blackrom……johnrezi……..anyway…..

its all finally happening and its the most surreal shit of my life and i just have this weird happy but also confusing icky feeling about all of it happening so fast???? these updates… it almost feels sloppy/??? forced maybe????? again, i love homestuck as much as the next person but come on, you gotta agree with me on some of this shit. people are predicting vriska is controlling everyone and i cant help but feel that we are reaching…..or maybe i am just spouting bullshit here…..does this make any sense to yall??? endgame is so near i can smell it lol……..hahahhahhahahha