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Baby Driver

Talk about a movie that hits on all cylinders (literally). I was hooked in the first minute and in love by the end of the first scene. What the critics are saying is true, Baby Driver is an instant classic and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it turn up in a future SAC course.

At the risk of staring the obvious: this remixed trailer is the shit and has been on repeat for like the last three days.

• The film was shot from Baby’s perspective. You see it in the camera work and you hear it in the audio. The most prominent example I can think of is how the camera moves with Baby as he dances, and the audience hears what Baby hears. The music gets louder when he turns up the volume, it’s louder on one side when he’s sharing earbuds with someone else, during meetings the audience only hears the song Baby’s listening to - we don’t can’t hear what Doc is saying until Baby repeats his plan back to prove he was paying attention.

• The MUSIC!! The pulse of this movie lies in it’s music. Have you ever seen a gun fight take place to the beat of “Tequila” by Button Down Brass? Cause it’s fricken awesome. Bullet shots, foot steps, cuts, camera sweeps, dialogue, background noises, it’s all paced to the beat of whatever song Baby is listening to (again, Baby is our narrator).

• Pacing like a Boss!!! This movie never lulled. It was long, but it didn’t feel long. It’s not easy to do that. I think the music and setting the pace of the film to the beat of the music is what really made Baby Driver fly.

• Let’s talk about how there was a Deaf character and HoH protagonist who’s disabilities aren’t treated as such. Baby and his dad carried out entire conversations in sign language and the movie absolutely treated it the same way as any other verbal conversation. We are given these Deaf/HoH characters who aren’t defined by being Deaf/HoH, but their being Deaf/Hoh isn’t ignored either. Their disability wasn’t made into a “thing” and in Baby’s case it was seen by some of the other characters (especially Doc) as almost offensive to think that, because he was HoH, Baby couldn’t do his job. Baby is HoH and he can drive circles around you in his sleep bitch, deal with it.

• The comedic timing in this film was spot. on. Visual gags, perfectly timed gestures/actions, and an inside Disney/Pixar reference that comes back in the greatest way possible. Bravo.

• 2017 is the year I go broke spending all my money on film soundtracks. Yet another great soundtrack that I will be listening to on repeat for weeks to come. (Also, way to make me miss the 90s, jeeze).

• The COLORS!!!! Omg this movie was beautifully colored and absolutely gorgeous. From the lighting, to the way they used the flash in car headlights when you turn them on/off, to the FRICKEN LAUNDRY. Honestly, I didn’t think laundry could be aesthetic but here I am.

• The 90s/iPod nostalgiaaaaaa

• A movie about crime and fast cars that actually has a decent plot - whaaaat??

• Hello John Hamm - the celebrity crush I didn’t know I had

• HELLO Eiza Gonzalez, where have you been all my life???

• An actual non-cringey relationship between Buddy and Darling?? I was pulling for their team, fam. They love each other so much it makes me want to gag. There was no room for tolerating any derogatory language/behavior toward Darling, she and Buddy shut. that. down! Honestly, forget Joker and Harley Quinn. If you want your “relationship goals” to be based around a crazy couple steeped in the dark life of crime I would like to introduce you to Buddy and Darling. Much healthier situation than J/HQ (though still not completely healthy cause, let’s be real, they’re a crazy couple steeped in the dark life of crime).
10/10 - wholesome crime fam vibes af

Please go see Baby Driver, you won’t regret it.  

Wynonna Earp. Hogwarts AU.

Because I’m Trash. Also, Wynonna, that skirt is NOT school uniform. 

I’m trying a new style and I think I like it. I also wasn’t sure which house dolls would be in? I think Ravenclaw is a good choice, though. Also it was between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor for Nicole, but for every other person I was pretty sure. (Waverly is a Ravenclaw, fight me on this). 

Yes, Nicole is on the Quidditch team (and we’re all super proud of her). 

But i love this and I’m proud. Also super happy about season 3.

I did this for a project in a photoshop class I had and because I had a deadline to meet with it I couldn’t fix things or add shading to some spots.


What happened on July 6, 1957: watch the detailed story told by the people who were there & much more! 

Thursday, June 22 - ’What about the time we met?’, Second Episode of ‘Just Like Starting Over’ A Lennon & McCartney Documentary!



heaven forbid i didnt get the midnight crew, the felt, and everyone else but im crunched for time so whatcha see is whatcha get.

Sleeping Sherly

Request~ Sherlock talking in his sleep while the reader and John are sitting in the room (Sherlock x reader). Headcanon 

To the anon that requested this: I really enjoyed writing this! I’m not sure this is entirely what you wanted, but I hope you like it! 

Originally posted by inikoline

  • Sherlock almost never slept, so when he did manage doze off you and John did everything you could to avoid waking him. 
  • Which included, but was not limited to, simply leaving the flat whenever possible, telling Mrs. Hudson that you all didn’t need anything and asking her to stay quiet nearby, and communicating strictly through notes tossed at one another. 
  • After a particularly difficult and exhausting case, all three of you crashed -  you had made it back to your flat 221C, and John had made it back to his bedroom, but Sherlock had passed out in his chair. Thankfully, he had managed to change into his pajamas though. 
  • So when you stepped into 221B in the morning, hoping to steal some coffee from the boys, you weren’t surprised to see Sherlock still sleeping. You still felt tired yourself, but your body had refused to let you sleep all day. You’d definitely be going to bed early tonight though. 
  • You found John in the kitchen, already preparing coffee, two mugs on the counter. He offered you a knowing smile, handing you a mug once they were poured. 
  • The two of you went about your day silently - John typing up his blog article for the most recent case, and you researching possible new cases for when Sherlock woke up and was bored again. The two of you tossing paper balls of notes back and forth when you were bored of staring at your screens. 
  • It was around noon that the silence was broken with a voice, albeit a mumbling and gravelly voice speaking words that neither of you could make out. You and John both looked over at the consulting detective curiously, ready to say hello, but you soon realized that he was still asleep. 
  • Sherlock very rarely talked in his sleep, but it did happen on occasion. Usually when he had a lot of things on his mind. Like when the whole Moriarty business was still going on, you often caught him grumbling about the consulting criminal. 
    • “Moriarty… Cabby… Molly, gay… Attractive… James Moriarty… Crown.” 
  • Or when he came back from the dead and Mary was suddenly in the picture. 
    • “Mary… Cat… Only child… Appendix… Engaged, John…. Liar.” 
  • Or when it was just a few days from the wedding, and he was slightly stressed about his best man speech. 
    • “John… Wedding… Mary… Baby… No. John… Doc-… Soldier… Brave… Cabby case. Bullet… Soon Husband… Best mate.”
  • But you were surprised he was mumbling now. You’d just finished a case, surely he wasn’t thinking of more work yet… Who were you kidding, it was Sherlock. 
  • John tossed a fresh note to you, hitting you in the temple. You glared playfully at him as he tried not to laugh. You opened the paper as quietly as you could. Listen to him. I don’t think this is work-related. 
  • You raised an eyebrow curiously, leaning forward on the couch to better hear. 
  • At first you still couldn’t make out any words, just soft whimpers. Your eyebrows furrowed. Was this a nightmare? 
  • “No, don’t… Don’t hurt her… I’m the one- the one you want… Don’t… Y/N! No!… Y/N…” 
  • You and John both raised your eyebrows, staring at each other with concern and shock. 
  • John motioned for you to go to Sherlock, quietly walking out of the flat and down to Mrs. Hudson. You knew John wanted you talk to Sherlock. John knew of your feelings for the consulting detective. He was hoping that maybe, finally, something would happen between you two. 
  • You moved from your spot on the couch after John left, stopping beside Sherlock’s armchair and falling to your knees. You gently ran a hand threw Sherlock’s curls, noting how they were starting to stick to his forehead as beads of sweat started to form and a look of clear distress broke out on the man’s face. 
  • Your other hand gripped his arm tightly, giving it a shake. 
  • “Sherlock, wake up. Sherlock! Sherlock, it’s me. Sherl… Sherlock, please wake up. Sherl!” 
  • After a few attempts, the detective finally woke, eyes wild and breathing labored. It took him a few moments to process that it had all been a dream. Just a dream. You were safe. You were right beside him, looking worried, but you were safe. 
  • After a few shaky breathes, he finally relaxed, falling back against the chair and gripping your hand tightly in his. 
  • You offered him a small smile, standing to sit on the arm of the chair and resting your intwined hands on your lap. Your other hand still grazing his curls softly. 
  • “Want to talk about it?” 
  • Sherlock shook his head no. 
  • “Sounded like a nightmare.” 
  • “…” 
  • “You said my name… Was I in danger?” 
  • He did squeeze your hand tighter. 
  • “Sherl… I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”
  • “…” 
  • “And if, God forbid, something ever happened to me, I’d be safe. Believe me.” 
  • Sherlock finally looked up at you, furrowing his brows and opening his mouth to question you. 
  • But you cut him off. 
  • “I’d be safe because I have you. And John. I’d be safe because I’m a smart woman. John’s taught me how to defend myself. You’ve taught me how to outsmart everyone around me. And… And I know you’d do everything in your power to come save. I fully believe that you would find me before anything terrible happened. I believe in you, Sherlock.” 
  • Sherlock didn’t know what to say to any of that. The idea of you being taken, the idea of anything bad happening to you, made him feel sick to his stomach. It made his heart race. It made his thoughts blur. He never wanted to lose you. And his mind (well at least his limbic system) was yelling the obvious at him, trying to tell him why he felt all these things. Trying to get him to act. 
  • For once he listened and acted instead of talked. 
  • His hand released the death grip he had on yours, wrapped gently around the back of your neck and pulled you down to him. His lips ghosting over yours for a brief second, a moment of uncertainty, before closing the distance. 
  • He was trying to show you everything he felt. He wasn’t the best with feelings. He didn’t know how to communicate what he felt for you. He didn’t know how to verbalize it. So he went strictly on instinct, kissing you with everything he had. 
  • You completely melted into his, sliding from the arm of the chair to his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck, one hand still in his black curls. You’d waited so long for this. You never knew he felt this way about you. But you were so incredibly glad he returned your feelings. 
  • Eventually you two broke apart, panting slightly to catch your breath, your foreheads resting against each other. 
  • “I will always find you, Y/N. I- I love you.” 
  • “I love you too, Sherlock. I’m not going anywhere.”