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Happy Birthday, Little Sister

Happy Birthday, Little Sister

Word Count: 757

Summary: It’s Eve’s birthday and she just happens to share one with Sam.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Eve (sister OFC), John, Katie

Pairing: Dean & Sam x Eve

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   "Sammy. Sammy. Sammy.“ The small hands squeezed his arm over and over again until he turned and faced the little girl.
    "What?” He asked, squinting at her. She giggled.
  “It our birfday!” Sam’s eyebrows shot up. She wasn’t wrong. He was 13 and she was 5, as of today. John and Dean were god-knows-where, and he was stuck at home with a over-emotional kid.

Great way to start off his birthday.

  “Okay, okay, let me get up and I’ll see what we have in the cabinet. Okay, Eve?” Sam got out of the motel bed and helped Eve off. Eve ran into the other room, and her face fell.
  “Where Daddy and De-De?” She asked, turning to look at him. Sam sighed and gently placed a hand on her mess of black hair. She looked up and blinked at him.
   "They’re probably getting stuff for our birthday, love. Now, what do you want for breakfast?“ He asked, going over to the cabinet. Eve perked up.
   "Bee Loops!” She meant Honey Nut Cheerios. Sam laughed and grabbed the box. Eve climbed onto a seat and kicked her legs against the rungs, waiting.

There was a knock at the motel door.

  Sam stood up and peeped through the door. A girl with red-brown hair and hazel eyes stood in the doorway. He opened the door and smiled.
  “Katie!” He shouted, hugging his older sister. Katie was the oldest, only a year older than Dean, at age 18. Eve looked up from the dolls she was playing with at the table.
   "Kitty!“ She squealed, tumbling off her chair and running to her. Katie scooped her up.
   "Hey, Evie! Heard it was your and Sam’s birthdays!” Katie kissed the little girl’s head, and she squealed. Sam watched and got Eve’s breakfast.
   "Where’re Dad and Dean?“ Katie asked, setting the five-year-old in her chair and grabbing a water from the fridge. "Thought they’d be here.”
   "Hunting a werewolf. Got some tip. I dunno.“ Sam shrugged and poured the milk into the cereal. Eve was playing with her dolls again. He put the bowl in front of her and turned to his older sister.
   "I brought presents…” Katie held up two gift bags. Sam took his and opened it on the floor. Inside were a few books and a new flannel, which he happily put on over his pajama shirt. Eve was dribbling milk down herself and all over the table. She noticed that she had a bag and got off her chair.
  “I want, I want!” She jumped up and down. Katie laughed and sat down with the bag, Eve quickly climbing into her lap and opening the bag. There was a bundle of Dr. Seuss books and a new stuffed animal. Sam didn’t know what it was.

   "Sammy, it a Sneetch!“ She waved it in his face, giggling. Sam smiled and kneeled down next to her.
  "What’s a Sneetch?” He asked, confused. Katie held up the Dr. Seuss book that happened to feature Sneetches. He nodded, his question suddenly answered. Katie stood up and cleaned up the mess on the table and floor.
  “Katie, why don’t you stay with us?” Sam asked. “It’s probably safer.” He watched Katie take this into account as Eve was flopped on the motel floor with Green Eggs and Ham.
   "True, but the thing is, won’t Dad and Dean be kind of confused why I’m back?“ Katie replied. She had left last year to go off and do her own thing without their father hunting with them. Eve looked up.
   "De-De!” Eve went running to the 17-year-old at the front door, who scooped her up and held her against his hip.
   "Hey, kiddo!“ Dean laughed and placed a kiss on her head. "Dad told me it was your birthday. Had to run out and grab you your present.” John held a plastic bag up behind them.
    “Daddy!” Eve waved, making John smile slightly.
  “Hey, Evangeline.” John said, and Eve squealed happily. Sam stood up.
    “Thought you guys were gonna be out all day.” He replied. John looked at Sam and shrugged.
   "Got it done early. Happy birthday, you guys.“ John shrugged at the first part.
  "Happy birfday Sammy!” Eve clapped, reaching for him. Sam looked to Katie, who just smiled and nodded. She was gonna stay with them from now on.
  “Happy birthday, little sis.” Sam took her from John and swung her around in the small room. Eve squealed.

She would definitely remember this birthday.

Bilbo: Look, I only flip off cameras. I don’t do whatever that is.

Gollum: See, this is why I hang out down here. You’ve seen Bombur, right?

Thorin: Oh, Thranduil? Your son is at it again.

I have no son.

Legolas: Dad, stop it!