john 117

I cannot believe it’s canon in the Halo universe that Chief has his own action figure oh my god, thank you for this Halo: Escalation #7

What are the chances that Kelly persuades the rest of Blue Team pay obscene amounts of money to have a Chief action figure shipped to them so they can relentlessly tease John with it

What if he wakes up in the mornings and they’ve posed it seductively at the end of his bunk

Master Chief and Locke Making up on Sanghelios
  • John-117: It's going to take all of us to stop Cortana. Friends?
  • Locke: Friends. (shakes hand)
  • S.o.S. Elite 1: NO FRIENDS! You must fight to the death!
  • S.o.S. Elite 2: What is with you, lately? everything is "to the Death!"
  • S.o.S. Elite 1: Not everything.
  • S.o.S. Elite 2: Two nights ago, we went out for Pizza and you said, "Pizza to the Death!" I mean, what does that even mean?
  • S.o.S. Elite 3: Yeah, and remember "Movies to the Death!"?
  • S.o.S. Elite 2: What's going on, man?
  • S.o.S. Elite 1: I don't know...(looks down)I don't like my Job.