What Feels Right / This Loving Game | Chapter 15

Pairing: John/Paul, Paul/Julia (light mention of George/Pattie)

Set in: 1950s au (John is 17 and Paul is 42)

Rating: R (to NC-17) (for this chapter) 

Summary:  Paul and Julia have been going out for a while and now they’ve decided to move in together. What Paul hadn’t expected when he’d agreed was that he’d fall in love with her troublesome teenage son, John.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles. This is fictional and I do not make money from this. For more information about the fic, go here!

John was sitting at his desk, staring at the blank white wall before him, as he waited for his detention to end. It was already late in the afternoon, and the knowledge that Paul was home alone right now, made John nervous. He wished he could be there with him, so that they’d have some privacy before his mother and sister would return, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen. Sure, he only had fifteen more minutes of this hell to go, but before he’d finally get home, everyone would be back already. It was frustrating, seeing as since John had started school again, he and Paul hadn’t found much time for anything more than a few chaste kisses, and John really wanted more. He wanted to feel Paul’s body pressing against his again, he wanted to taste him again and savour the shared kisses. Or better yet, he wanted skin-on-skin contact. Release.

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Imagine Ella and Nine going to Build a Bear. Ella convinces him to make one of his own, so he makes the most innocent, cuddly looking bear ever, and he even makes a custom voice-thing to put inside it. 

And later, he takes out the bear and shows it to everyone proudly, before leaving with Ella to go to the kitchen. After they do go, John decides to inspect Nine’s bear closely. He squeezes it, and it lets out the most horrifying, blood-curdling velociraptor scream. John falls off the couch in shock, and Six chokes on her coffee.

Nine’s laughter can be heard from the other room.