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Hey, first off i really like how this blog lets us discuss homestuck and even the most random shit sometimes. Also let's not forget the codpieces. Lastly, which classpect/s do you think are the most likely to be able to make protective force fields?

I like Knights and Maids for that sort of stuff! For no specific reason other than I guess it fits them? Likely Sylphs and Pages too I guess- I mean Jake literally makes a Hope Forcefield so yeah. Would John’s windy bubble during Collide count as a Forcefield too? Oh- Witches of course, and I guess by extension then Heirs? You could make a case for most Classes I feel.

I’m glad you enjoy even the dumb stuff that happens here from time to time though! :D

Making of John - Since a lot of you have been asking and because I’m happy to oblige, there will be a little more Making Of’s from now on! Also, I can tell you that I’ll have more time painting and spending my life on the Internet in general because my exams are finally over. :D