My Top 10 BBC Sherlock Moments:

10)  Take my hand.

 9)  You look sad, when you think he can’t see you.  UGH, that moment when Sherlock looks up at John.  UGH

8)  This look between them.  This entire moment.  How they always say so much without saying anything they need to say.  UGH.  

7)  We’re not a couple.  Yes you are.

6)  The feet, the drunken happiness, the soft warm looks.  UGH

5)  Giggling after running through London.  This was the moment I first started to ship these two idiots.

4)  This look.  THIS LOOK. UGH  It kills me but this moment is so important and I screamed internally when I first watched it.  John sees.  He sees

3)  The look in the mirror.  (I like looks between these two in case you haven’t noticed)  This look kills me every time.  SO much sexual tension.

2)  Sherlock restarting his heart for John.  Really, this entire scene in Sherlock’s mind palace is AMAZING.

1)  The entire ‘Fall’ scene, from the moment John steps out of the cab till they roll Sherlock’s dead body away.  Every single part of it is the best (however many minutes) of television EVER.

This was so hard, there are so many other scenes that I love and had to cut in order to narrow it down to just this.  But here, have a bonus moment: