You play Johhny B. Goode on the guitar now and I can’t stop hearing it in my head. I keep humming it absent mindedly and I forget what it was that I was supposed to be doing. I was thinking about how I ruined the night the other day when everything was going nice and smooth and I had to bring up that sweater you gave away before you met me. I don’t even know why I throw these fits of jealousy anymore. It’s not like I don’t know that you’re mine. You are. It’s just, even thinking of a time you weren’t annoys me now. Thinking about how we were existing right next to each other but never bothered saying hello annoys me so much more than it should. You were busy making mistakes and doing things you weren’t supposed to. I was busier making worse mistakes. I still can’t stand the thought of me not having been there with you. I take clingy to another level sometimes. Then I get some mint chocolate ice cream and try to get over it. All this and Johhny B. Goode is still playing in my head.