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I ususally don’t post about other incidents like this but sometimes I do, so here we go (two articles about double standards and the definition of terrorism):

James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Double Standards

Authorities have yet to determine what motivated suspects Tamerlan, 26, and Dzhokhar, 19, Tsarnaev to set off two home-made bombs at Monday’s Boston Marathon, killing three and severely injuring over 170 people. Nonetheless, the bombings have been labeled an “act of terror”, implying that a known political motive is not necessary for an attack in the US to consitute “terrorism”. While this raises significant questions about the term “terrorism”, it also highlights a grave double standard in the US government’s response to mass murder.

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Rani Karnavati (died March 8, 1535), was a princess and temporary ruler from Bundi, India. She was married to Rana Sanga of Chittorgarh, the capital of Mewar Kingdom. She was the mother of the next two Ranas, Rana Vikramaditya and Rana Uday Singh, and grandmother of the legendary Maharana Pratap. She along with thousand others committed Jauhar on this date when Chittor was seiged by Bahadur Shah of Gujrat. ‪#‎Salute‬


JOHAR ✦ ever forward

House Johar has a reputation that leaves much to be desired. They have no great claim to fame in any important battles fought in the last civil war; instead they preferred to fight on the fringes rather than attract great loss in battle. They are friendly enough, and courteous, and perfectly nice, but simply unextraordinary. The latest generation of House Johar is unhappy with their House’s reputation, and are looking for ways to improve their House’s standing in everyone else’s eyes—by whatever means necessary. (( link ))

i’m imagining Johar as some super ambitious and double crossing family. can’t wait

Karan Johar Chat Show: Ranbir Talks About Wife-to-be Katrina, Compares Love ...

Karan Johar Chat Show: Ranbir Talks About Wife-to-be Katrina, Compares Love …

Koffee With Karan Watch Free Online News Karan Johar Chat Show: Ranbir Talks About Wife-to-be Katrina, Compares Love … Hungover from the “Koffee with Karan” sessions, the filmmaker-turned-actor prodded the lead pair into letting out deep-seated secrets. While Anushka spoke about her equation with Virat Kohli, RK compared his life with American reality TV series … Read more on International…

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Katrina reject the offer of Karan johar

Bollywood actress Katrina kaif is trying to be very good friend of director Karan johar. Recently she says no to the Karan johar for his upcoming  production which would be directed by her close friend Ayan mukherjee. Katrina is now busy with shooting her 2 schedule of the film “Ek the Tiger”. She has also signed a film in Aditya chopra’s film with superstar Shahrukh khan.
Katrina kaif is very devoted to her work and is trying to not to upset the Karan johar and Ayan mukherjee. But due to the her busy life she can’t give her time to Karan johar production. And she also busy with her upcoming film “Ek the Tiger” and also Aditya chopra’s untitled film. 

Tumblr is being mean~

Okay…so I’ve wanted to get this off my chest for a while and I had a whole thing typed out but..I’m going to try to cut it into separate posts.

So I decided to make an account dedicated to this cause because I believe, like a lot of people on here, that what the media is telling us isn’t adding up and they’re leaving out a lot of crucial information. I won’t fill this with just typing and show all the visuals we’ve seen so far in one post. And I’ll try to keep my wording simple so you don’t get too bored with reading. But first, just to clear things up~ 

  • To the close minded people who seem so 100% that Dzhokar is guilty then please bring forth the solid evidence you have against him. I’ll only understand your stance if you give something valid to argue with. The media is brainwashing you and you haven’t been paying attention, they’ve been changing their stories everyday. I’m not saying he’s 100% innocent either but there is something that isn’t right. OPEN YOUR MIND UP FOR JUST FIVE MINUTES AND LOOK THROUGH THIS.
  • To all the hate anons I might get, you’re only proving my point above. Unless you give me something valid to argue with, then you will be ignored.
  • I’m going to admit that age did play a role because I’m the same age as him and I can relate to him in a way. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have done the same for an older man/woman because I would have if they weren’t giving any solid evidence proving against him. 
  • Looks had nothing to do with it so to the future anons and posters who are going to make this claim, please recheck your facts. Stop talking about the minority of the people who are only set out to prove him innocent because of his looks because the majority of us are actually doing our research and trying to get the word out.

Okay that was a lot of writing but back to the important thing…this is, I think, all the footage + photos we’ve seen so far that don’t add up with the story the media is giving to us. 

Let’s talk about the marathon first.

Surveillance and photos of the suspects taken at the marathon. (Note - they are carrying their backpacks the entire time)

And then you have these two pictures that were taking. If you zoom in on the darker one, you can see the facial hair and the number 7, don’t match with the other. K? 

Now to when the explosion happened. They claim that the brothers were the only ones who seemed calm. 

But as you can see…that guy over there in the suit, he’s just standing there watching. At least the brothers are walking away in the same direction! 

Okay now for the bomb. I clearly remember them saying two going off then later on, it was reported that they found two more that did not go off and they were trying to dismantle it. If they had two backpacks…and only two went off, how did the other two go off? And if you just google ‘Two more bombs down’, you’ll get plenty of results proving this. Here’s one of them.

Now to the bomb that detonated. Here is the picture taken, compared with the brothers’ backpacks.

It’s kind of obvious they are no where close to looking the same.

I think that covers almost everything at the marathon…oh wait! The victims. Okay, I’m not trying to be disrespectful at all but one of the victims stood out to me. There were claims about photoshopping the blood, staged etc etc. I’m not going to talk about these because I just..there are other ways to back up the evidence without having to talk about that. But! One of the victims did stand out and I’m pretty sure I heard the news talking about how he lost his limbs at the bombing, which he didn’t.

And that concludes that.