Arthur: “ ‘Never considered’? Of course we have. It hurts. There are times when we break apart families and personal relations to do this. This is for the greater good. I don’t know how many times I have to say this for it to get through your thick skulls: We are not the bad guys. We take down the bad guys.

Andrei: “Look, the only monsters we hunt are criminals and we just subdue people who lose control. We only hunt monsters because it’s our job. When we have to take them away. It’s fucking hard. It’s not like I want to do this! But how else am I supposed to protect the people I love?”

Xianliang: “I don’t want innocent people to suffer.”

Lukas: “I have a family to support and protect. I’m serving my purpose as an officer.”

Yao: “We serve to protect. That is all. We’ll be taking our leave now. There are more pressing matters at hand.”

Government Takeover: 25/25