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The Brooklyn-based by way of Johannesburg, South Africa artist Jean-Phillip Grobler, a.k.a. St. Lucia got a lot of attention in the blogosphere with the release of his single, “We Got It Wrong.” His self-titled EP will be released by Neon Gold Records which will drop on Tuesday. Prefix premiered the video for “We Got It Wrong” and it’s a video with some unusual, seemingly drug-influenced visuals.

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There are some photos that remind you how lucky children in the U.S. are. This photo of South African girls putting on donated ballet shoes is one of those.

I’m trying to imagine en pointe in ballet shoes three sizes too big for you and I can’t. Still, I’m sure these girls feel lucky to have the equipment.

via The Sacramento Bee

(credit: Denis Farrell caption: Aspirant ballerinas try on ballet gear received from American dancer Nathan Cheney at the Ballet Theatre’s Development Programme in Johannesburg, Thursday, April 26, 2012. The young girls, Left to right, Raisise Mokowena, Ogechi Opara and Khumo Kgara, will take part in the production “Giselle’ currently running at the Johannesburg Nelson Mandela Theater.)

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In recent years, a new generation of hip-hop artists have emerged in South Africa and they’re taking it back to the roots and celebrating the many cultures that surrounded them growing up in townships. They are re-shaping the sense of identity of South Africa’s youth and expressing what it means to be born free. Noisey traveled to Johannesburg to see first hand.
‘We are ready for it’: South African firefighters land in Edmonton, eager to help battle Fort McMurray wildfire
Despite the 22 hour journey from South Africa to Edmonton, the firefighters were energized and broke out into song and dance for those at the airport.
By Julia Wong

Firefighting efforts in Fort McMurray are going to get a big boost from crews from the other side of the world.

On Sunday night, 300 firefighters from Johannesburg, South Africa arrived at the Edmonton International Airport. They will soon make their way to the front lines of the blaze, which has been burning since the beginning of the month.

The firefighters were greeted with cheers and clapping as they made their way to the arrivals area. There were some evacuees at the airport waiting to welcome the firefighters.

Ryan Byers lives in Spruce Grove but has a second home in Anzac. He was evacuated after the fire started moving in that direction.

He and his son Colby wanted to greet the firefighters from South Africa.

“Let’s go down and give these guys a heroes’ welcome. They’re coming to our aid and we need them and we’re very happy they’re here,” he said.

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