So Harry told everyone to throw anything they want on stage 😂😂

H:  Look at all the free stuff we have!  Huh?  So much room for frolicking!

L: You’re not helping.


Not on my guitar! I’ll get electrocuted!

It’s called an electric guitar for a reason!


Following the Journey of Two Creatives and Their Wanderlist with @howfarfromhome

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“Our theme for our journey is ‘How Far From Home’ – to see how far we can actually get,” says Chanel Cartell (@howfarfromhome), who, along with her partner Stevo Dirnberger, recently decided to break out of her comfort zone of monthly paychecks, daily work routines and a beautiful house in Johannesburg. “We quit our jobs in the creative field of advertising, sold all of our belongings and packed up our world into four bags – two filled with camera gear, of course,” says Chanel, adding, “We were no longer feeling challenged; we needed something that would charge the electrolytes running through our veins.”

On March 2, Chanel and Stevo waved Johannesburg goodbye and embarked on their year-long journey – armed with a sense of adventure and a “wanderlist.” While having coffee and Sachertorte in Vienna and taking a selfie with an alpaca are already checked off the list, missions like dancing in Berlin, eating Danish pastries in Copenhagen, and sleeping in an igloo are still outstanding. “We encourage fellow travelers and community members to send us challenges that we can add to the wanderlist,” says Chanel. “I think our favorite – or the one we’ll save for last – is to make it to Hawaii, quite literally the furthest point from home.”

In the year leading up to the trip, the couple investigated methods to travel without a monthly income. “We came across Workaway, which allows nomads the opportunity to visit and stay in a foreign place, whilst working four to five hours per day on a number of tasks, in exchange for accommodation and food. With our passion lying in photography, outdoor adventures and dogs, we’ve secured three Workaway hosts with whom we will be staying – a husky farm in the Arctic Circle, a Swedish campsite surrounded by forests and lakes and an Italian dog training facility near Florence.”