Four current movie crushes | 3 | Vincent will Meer aka Vincent wants to Sea

Vincent, a young man who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, has just lost his mother. His father, a successful politician, does not want to take care of him and therefore places him into a mental institution. He is put into a room with Alexander, a guy with a compulsive disorder, and is shown around by Marie, an anorectic girl. Vincent does not care much about is diseas all he wants is to bring his mothers ashes to Italy, since her last last wish has been to see the sea one more time. The opportunity arises when Marie steals the car of their psychiatrist Dr. Rose. In toe with an unwilling Alex, Marie and Vincent start their journey to Italy, followed by Vincents father and Dr.Rose.


Vincent: You cunt nearly ran him over!

Alex: Did you just say cunt to me?

Marie: That was his tourette you idjit!

Vincent: Nope, I meant it like that!