“Clyde” - Falk

- “mr misery and ms demise had a child. they called him clyde. faced with beatings, anguish and rejection, clyde committed suicide. mr misery and ms demise were in a pain extreme in size. lost in their minds they saw a white light and followed it to the end, into madness they were to descend. no more growth or evolutionary gain for them. for mr misery; too much was his pain that existence was cut from his brain. and so in the end ms demise was the last left alive, struggling to survive. past these thoughts of agony she never went. and thus began her descent, down the stairs of time, she grew old and frail. till one morning she awoke, her memory erased. only gibberish she spoke. her soul had finally come to the conclusion, that better lived is an illusion. and so in ignorance she lay. till came the fateful day of when she went back home. back to her son and husband. happiness at last. no longer was she alone. her suffering was in the past”

“Black Eyes” - Johannek

- “Another strange face. made with watercolors, acrylics and markers.”