johan sundstrom

let’s just break this down:

johan sundstrom is a swedish player for frolunda. he is an islanders prospect which is why i follow his dumb-ass. he knows gabriel landeskog for swedish reasons.

i know about 4 words in swedish. “snuttan” is not one of them. so naturally i looked it up on google.

  1. click here.
  2. piss yourself.
  3. re-read tweet.
  4. cry.

I just can’t stop thinking about how in the SHL semifinals a few days ago Johan Sundström (Frölunda) got a high stick to his face from Toni Rajala (Luleå) and his chin was split open from the contact and he just went to his bench (Rajala got a double minor) and someone literally STAPLED THE WOUND SHUT AND WIPED HIM OFF AND HE WAS BACK ON THE ICE FOR HIS NEXT SHIFT.