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Wavy Bob

Hi everyone! Aileani here again with a new mod. This wavy bob (or bobo as I have taken to calling him due to misspell while naming his folder XP) is available for female humans. 

For it to show in game, your meshes must be set to Ultra. As far as I’ve tested it works with JoH and Descent, in Trespasser it won’t show while in the winter palace, and it won’t appear either in the black Emporium. 

Here’s the Nexus Download 

and here is the hair in other colors

Please don’t repost, reupload or edit my mods thank you very much n______n


Hair bun for female dwarves is also here!

So, i kinda released the hair bun for dwarves too without actually testing it in DLCs. So i have no idea whether it works in JoH, Descent and Trespasser or not.

ANYWAY: It’s released for dwarves too now (JIPPIYAY) and can be downloaded here.

If anyone get’s a chance to actually test it in the DLCs, feel free to let me know if it works or not. :D