jogos del hambre

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yo, look at the title of the article. ''novia josh hutcherson. jogos del hambre.'' she's using his name. damn it, she's using the hunger games name.

What are you talking about anon?  Claudia would never use Josh to publicize her career. Pay no attention that this article clearly states that “she’s almost a complete unknown in our country.”   I’m sure Vanity Fair loves profiling unknown actresses.

And forget that Josh’s name is in the headline and repeated several times in the article along with mentions of The Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence. 

You remember Jennifer Lawrence? - one of the world’s biggest movie star; the one her mother highlighted as what is wrong with Hollywood.  I guess Jen’s okay now as long as she’s mentioned in an article trying to highlight her daughter’s career. 

Oh and by the way, tomorrow Claudia will be featured in the tv show she guest stars in from time to time. 

Isn’t that a coincidence?  Pap pics that were taken who knows when and a profile of her in a significant magazine that talks about how in love she is with Josh.

No - no one is trying to highlight her by using her “relationship”. 

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