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Marco and Andre interview 23-06-12 translation 

Narrator - They come here as a duo in the press conference today

DFB Person: With Marco and Andre here they are almost the same as twins…

Narrator: Although they’re not related

DFB Person: We always see them together

Narrator: While chilling in the team hotel, or privately, or like the last time having fun while driving with Nico Rosberg

DFB Person: Yes, they like each other so they’re together all the time

Narrator:  And yesterday they both were in the starting line-up together for the first time. One on the right (Marco) and other on the left (Andre)

Joachim Löw: Marco Reus has played very well as well as Schürrle

Narrator: Reus went first on the left, then on the right and through the middle. He shot 6 times at goal just like Schürrle. 12 of the 26 shots on goal have come from the duo Schürrle and Reus. Only the chances were not let in leaving the trainer angry… Although…

Joachim Löw: Marco Reus has played very well as well as Schürrle

Commentator: *Klose, Klose, Klose* Marco scores the goal! Marco does it right now! Reus scored the goal!

Narrator:  What a great daywhcih goes on with a hair compliment

Women: Marco has someone already told you that you have better hair than Mario Gomez?

Marco:  I’ve understood that the question you’ve said is that my hair is nicer than Mario Gomez?!

DFB Person: Yes you’re understood it right therefore we really want to hear your answer

Marco: I try to make the best out of myself… *laughs*

Narrator: On the head and while playing table tennis with Andre

Interviewer: And now they’re here in our studio.  And The first question who wins at table tennis?

Marco:  It’s often hard. I think we had a lot of time in the last weeks, sometimes Andre wins and sometimes I do

Interviewer: Is that right?

Andre: I think he’s a bit modest. He’s the better player and I often lose. But I’m still learning and he teaches me some things. And that’s fine

Interviewer: You’re known as the twins. Do you have a friendship? How did it develop?

Andre: Yeah that’s right. We’re very close friends and we met last year at the national team. And we recognised soon that we fit together. And in the last season when I lived in Cologne he lived near Gladbach so the distance was very small, so we’re met often even in Düsseldorf. And we had coffee together so yeah we’ve got a close friendship

Interviewer: Andre, you both have shot 6 times at goal that’s really great. You had your personal best before right before the half time break. Are you content with yesterday?

Andre: Yes,I think it was fine. I’ve made some good moves and have been in the game. Maybe I lost the ball two or three times unnecessarily- that’s what I must do better. But it was fine

Interviewer: Were there any tips from Thomas Müller or Lukas Podolski?

Marco: Not really. I guess we all were in our personal mode and concentrated. And we knew ourselves what we had to do. Although they did wish us good luck

Interviewer: And you had luck, scoring your goal, fourth goal for Germany this evening. Was the way you scored planned? The goal was empty and you look amazed in the moment.

Marco: There were some people right in front of me and I thought there was also someone in the goal. And right now I’m seeing that it wasn’t this way and of course I could’ve played the ball different but I’m happy it went in the goal.

Interviewer: So you did everything right, but the celebration should’ve been different with Jerome Boateng? It didn’t work out. Why?

Marco: I got a cramp while shooting therefore I couldn’t do it like I wanted. But later we’ve done it right

Interviewer: Andre, do you want to play in the starting squad in the semi-final?

Andre: Yes of course I hope so. You’ll give your best at training but the coach will decide it in the next few days. So let’s see, of course I would be happy if I can play but Jogi will decide

Interviewer: Who do you want to play against Italy or England?

Marco: We don’t care, I’ve already said so. Whoever wants to win against us must be very good. We’re a very great team and we will be glad to see whoever the opponent is

Andre: Yeah I think the same. We know we’re strong and we know we can win, so it’s not important

Interviewer: Thanks for being here

Thanks to forevergirly-fanstuff for the translation! <3