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Eve: She actually exercises somewhat vigorously, all by not even trying. She lives a fairly far distance away from work and due to having no car, she walks/jogs to and back from work everyday, which made her decently active in return. On her days off and when she feels like it, she will actually go out on her own and jog around sometimes to visit somewhere. Pre “work out” isn’t exactly great due to the early times she has to wake up with no proper breakfast, and post “work out” she’s absolutely exhausted due to long work hours AND the run back home. (She will pass out like a rock when laying in bed)

Amy: A slacker in the work place, a slacker at home and life style. The only times she ever goes out is either to work, going to a party, or to walk her dog (making it rather forced exercise) She doesn’t even walk to work like Eve, she just hitches a ride despite living like a good 15 minutes away from the cafe. Pre and Post “workout” she just groans and moans, except for walking her dog. She’s a little less moany over that. In fact, you could say her dog is the one who walks her.

Harriet: She exercises regularly, via jogs, yoga, and work out programs. Similar to Eve, she also live a decent distance away from work but she chooses to drive instead, as she exercises at home or on her off days instead. She’s a-okay pre and post workout, as she warms up and has a healthy meal before each session, and controls how active they are; leaving her with the feeling of accomplishment while not making herself utterly exhausted. She usually follows up with a relaxing bath right after.

Adam: He gets all the exercise he wants all day, eryday, either within his enclosure or if Eve lets him wander outside it. He’s a semi aquatic turtle, so he’s not slow like a tortoise and is very capable of sprinting and swimming. There is no pre or post workouts, or even any “work out sessions” with him, it’s all just a matter of “Do I feel like moving right now?” He’s about 50/50 lazy and active.


Mun name: Alex!
OOC Contact:
Asks, IM, Skype, or Kik

Who the heck is my muse anyway:
A SHIELD scientist and all around nerd whose love of stars and science is only surpassed by his loyalty to his loved ones. He’s essentially the middle child (older sister, younger siblings who are twins) of an immigrant mother. He grew up in a fairly small Texan city, though he left for New York at sixteen when he graduated. He’s been diagnosed with and medicated for ADHD since he was 10. Is generally an extroverted, energetic, laid back person who loves traveling and can’t stand sitting still.

Points of interest:
Is multilingual but Spanish is his first language
-Is a very causal dresser (T-shirts, flannel, jeans, & boots) but cleans up nicely
-Leads a very active lifestyle, usually jogging and martial arts
-Talks through movies and tv shows
-Dislikes reading and sitting still
-Major workaholic

What they’ve been up to recently:
He travels quite a bit for work. Carlos has spent time all over because of work, and he enjoys his work as a SHIELD scientist. When he’s not in some obscure corner of the world, he’s usually in New York City. He’s lived there since he was 16, and his siblings have moved to the East Coast as well.

Where to find them:
Lately, he’s been in Night Vale, though it’s turned into less of a work assignment and more of a personal choice. How can he not stay there with the man he loves and the friends he’s made there?

Current plans:
Staying in Night Vale.

Desired interactions:
Earl Harlan’s, Kevin’s, any of the Avengers (especially Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. Give me Science Bros for Carlos, please and thank!) Anyone from AOS would be awesome too!

Current open post/s:
Over here!

Anything else?:
I use they they/she pronouns, and Carlos uses they/he pronouns.

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A mental jog and prototype writing

Somewhere in a dark place, it looked like a basement, but from what i gathered, it looked like a torture chamber. But, one that i was usually familiar with. It wasnt my first time in these places, but something was off. The two men who dragged me finally stopped and put a black bag over my head. Panic. I couldnt see or hear anything. My mind was racing, ‘what am i supposed to do? Why did i even agreed?’ And those men stopped again, and removed the bag. In front of me, i saw this man. He looked young, but right away i looked into his eyes i knew that something was off. His body and looks appeared one of 20 or so years old. But to look into those eyes, they were cold, calculistic, he looked younger, 'You took your damn time’ - he said in calm, but threatning voice. The man in my left answered in a steady tone 'Sorry, sir. Took longer than expected. Our guest here wasnt so willing to come.’ - 'I trust you didnt hurt her?’ - The man on the right gripped his hand around my neck and the one who seemed to be the leader looked at my face, looking for bruises. 'Very good. A perfect grab i might add. You two certainly seem to do what youre told. Do not worry, your reward will be ready soon’ - I felt a sting in my neck. I passed out, probably. Woke up, i dont know how much longer, i was tied up to a chair, someone removed my clothes and dressed me up a sort of yellow jumpsuit. The bag was off my head. It was all blurry and i felt groggy. Someone tapped me on the face. It was that young person. -Drink- putting a glass in front of my face - its water, you’ll need to recover’ - Defiantly i spat out the water he gave. Bad call, one of the goons who brought me slapped me in the face. I felt blood in my mouth. Then he holds my mouth while the other pours water down my throat. -'There!’ -he said with a sense of relieve - 'Feisty one we’ve got here’. He smiled, and the other one too. 'Hope you dont mind, ive gone through your things - You ceased to be, you just are now to be used. Your identity, your dignity, anything that made you unique went out the window. Welcome to hell, and you are my guest, so i suggest you behave, unless you enjoy suffering. And for that stunt with the glass of water, you are to receive 10 lashes for insubordination’. He handled the whip to the man who brought me. 'My man here prides himself of his whip, its his hobby. He doesnt speak much, but he does get the job done.’ - He taps his man shoulder once. I was paralyzed by fear that i even not resisted when he dragged me from the chair to a pole, or even when he handcuffed me. Before that his goon started, his 'leader’ approached me and looked me in the eyes - 'Think you know pain? You dont know it yet. Eventually you will break and you’ll do everything what is asked of you. Begin’. He started to lash me, it was an excruciating pain, and i refused to scream - 'No shame on screaming, yell all you wish. No one can hear you.’ Six lashes, i couldnt handle it, i let out a scream of pain. Seven lashes. Eight lashes. I was about to pass out, i dont know if i did, but there was hit with water. - 'Had enough?’ - he said in a mockingly tone 'I certainly hope not, we havent got started yet.’ I was back in the chair. They were bringing some sort of table with wires. Was that what i think it was? -'Time to create some buzz’ With what little streghnt i had i screamed 'You cant do this to me!’ Another slap. This time there was blood coming out of my mouth. 'Silence!’. One of his goons approached me and i shouted again, then he ripped the jumpsuit i had, exposing my naked body. I stopped shouting, then he wired me. -’ Im gonna run an electric current through your body. It wont kill you…if its brief.’ He put the black bag over my head again. It was dark. Suddently, i felt clamps in my nipples and my clit. Then the electric discharge, i felt my nipples hardening from that first shock. I could make out his voice. 'We havent got to the meat of it, this is just the tenderizing.’ New shock discharge. I passed out. And i recall the events that led me to this damned place.  'As my conscience drifted away from my body, i recalled the events that led me to this hellish place. I was working on my job as a waitress, and i felt empty, but also in need of a rush, its been more than a year that someone made me cum, or even truly turned on. I had sex since then, but it was nowhere near that feel i had back in the day. While i was at home, i decided to check my mail. Aside from the obvious supermarket catalog crap, there was something that caught my eye. An envelope, it had my name, but no sender, i opened it, and there was only a date, a place and a time. I looked at my calendar and the date was today, and the Place was near home. The time was 10 minutes from what was written. Since it was my day off, and with a somewhat curiosity sense, i decided to go there. It was a short walk, didnt bothered to take the car. Finally arrived to the said place, but there was no one. I thought 'Is this someone  pranking me? Oh haha, very funny..’ But before i could smile ironically, i felt a rag being shoved into my mouth, and then i passed out. I couldnt resist, or even react. Next thing i know, i was tied, and with a bag over my head. It felt bumpy. Was i in a car? It went on for what it seemed hours, i couldnt tell time. Finally the veichle stopped, the door opened, and i felt someone dragging me off. I still was feeling damped that i even not resisted. I could hear large metal doors slamming, then a lot of machinery noise. Is that an elevator? I could feel that were two persons dragging me, because there were four pair of hands dragging my unconscious body. And thats how i came to be here. Hell. Strange, i feel water. Suddently, i start to gain some senses. I was being poured on water again. There was a voice 'Ahhh, you’re awake! Welcome back to the land of the living! I  trust your dreams were pleasent..’ I looked, and i saw him, still not smiling, but his eyes changed from cold to a sense of anger. And i looked to my body, it was filled with burn marks, my nipples felt incredibly sensible, and i was wet, my clit had given away my feeling of pleasure, explaining, perhaps, his anger. But he didnt yelled or anything, he stood calm and faced me, looked at my body and using his index finger, he pressed agaisnt my right breast. I knew it was a finger, but it felt like a knife, as he made his way towards the nipple, feeling even more painful. I was about to scream, and i did when he squeezed my breast strongly 'Yes, yes, thats it, scream like the useless whore you are. Thats what i wanna see!’ Then he stopped and tapped my head, like a dog. 'Alright, lets try something else’ One of his men threw my chair on the floor, facing upwards. Someone put a towel in my head. And i could hear him speaking 'We’re gonna do something thats popular in over in Gitmo, waterboarding, or simulated drowning.’ - I couldnt speak so i only emitted some mumbles. 'Do not worry, youll find out soon enough’ - Suddently, i felt water in my face, someone was pressing the towel agaisnt my face, and i couldnt breathe. Then it stopped. 'How was that? Refreshing, isnt it? Lets repeat’ More water being poured agaisnt my face, then stopping again. - 'How about now? Maybe your ideas are cool enough, we’ll take a break’ My chair was lifted up again, i was shivering from the cold water, and i noticed there was blood on the floor, my own blood from the lashes and punches. I was hit in the head with something, it was a slap, then he looked me in the eyes again, now they showed nothing, they were calm. - 'You think youre impenetrable? Heh, we’ll see’- displaying a big flashlight in front of me - 'Ill have this so far up inside you that your tonsils will be playing shadow puppets. Bring the lube! No, actually, lets dry dock her!’ - I squinted my eyes, i knew what was about to happen, and im dragged from my chair to a table, where someone bends me, leaving my ass exposed to anything. Suddently, it happned, it felt so good, yet so painful, he was twisting oh so slowly inside of me that my primal instincts screamed in pleasure - ’ You want more? So be it!- He went faster, i felt so much pain, but the pleasure was so much that i ignored it. And i bit my lips, hoping to endure it. A break, then he pulled out the flashlight. I felt a liquid dripping out of my ass, i couldnt tell what was it. 'Well, well…someone decided to cum without permission. 10 more lashes are owed. String her up!’ I felt my body standing up. More lashes, and i wasnt allowed to pass out, one of his men continued to slap me. I felt more blood gushing out, and heard 10. 'That will teach you not to disobey. You are not allowed to cum until i say so, and i didnt said anything’. I was released, and thrown into the table again. This time, he didnt do anything, he went to the guys who brought me and said. 'You are strong, very strong so far. But you are on your last leg, theres no way you cannot endure…As i promised, here is your reward’ - And he pointed towards me 'Have a nice day’ - They approached me, and like a hunter savoring their kill, their eyes told that. One slapped my ass in a brutal way while the other touched my entire body, feeling and enjoying every second of it. But suddently, the door opens. It was a woman, dressed in a overcoat and approached them saying in a orderly tone 'You boys having fun?’ - both nodded - 'Allow me to join, a female presence goes a long way’ - She threw her coat to the side and i noticed she was naked. Her breasts were above average, and she was well built, more man than woman. I looked at her but she slapped me hard 'Dont you even dare look at me! Youre not even a woman, youre just a piece of meat now! - She said screaming. And looking at them, 'you two, continue while i get ready’ - One dropped his pants and i could see his cock, already hardened by the torture, ready to be inside of me.  He shoved it inside my sore ass, deeper and more brutal with each turn. The other placed a gag in my mouth, then shoved his cock too inside my mouth, deepthroating me. The woman came back and she brought a rope, tying my breasts together, turning them purple. As for them, they turned me upwards, spreading my legs, both fingering my clit. I was in extreme pain, but i was feeling pleasure too. One gets under me and shoves his cock in the ass, while the other got his in my very warm and wet pussy. The warmth from those bodies was heating me up, but i was no longer resisting.  I was only hoping that it would stop. It seemed minutes before they stopped and dropped their loads of cum on my face and ass, and putting the rest in a cup. The woman came back 'I see you did a nice job, now ill take it from here’ Both left the room. - ’ So you survived that, huh? Bravo…But im a different game, i know places where i can hurt you even more than they did, feeling pleasure like you never did. And we are going to find out which one will be. 'You will not even look at me, do you understand?’ And she put a blindfold, but i was able to see that she had a strap-on dildo, biggest one i have ever seen. And she slowly caressed my body, her hands felt soft, feeling her fingers running up and down my upper body, touching my lips. Then a painful sensation, she had shoved that strap on inside of me, and i felt it sly, going even deeper, and she gripped her hands tighter around my hips. And i felt a vibrator too, it was now more pleasure than pain. Then she stopped and whispered 'That was only the foreplays. Now we are going for the main event.’ - I couldnt see, but i heard something heavy coming my way. 'This is your new friend, an automatic dildo, but this one has at least three on the tip. Perfect for an opened up bitch such as yourself’ I didnt even complained, i was done, my streghnt had left me. Then she turned on that machine, and i felt both my ass and clit being taken apart by that beast, going deeper and faster. 'And heres your reward. Drink it or ill shove it down your throat. She placed the cup on my mouth, it was their cum, still warm. 'Now swollow it!’ - She squeezed both breasts, untying the knots and i felt blood circulating back at them. And suddently, i came, but it wasnt like the other time, it felt both my clit and ass exploded in pleasure and it was like someone electroshocked me again, i felt reliefed. She slapped my pussy, shoving the liquid in my face 'See? You could do it…Happy now?’ - I didnt answered, i was too far weak, and both them and the leader entered the room. - 'Remarkable work, i must add, it took some doing, but you finally felt something unique. It was liberating, wasnt it? -im sure you had enough, take her away!’ I passed out again..I dont have any memories, but when i came to, i was home again, in the couch. I dont know how long was i out, but it was night when i looked outside. I still felt sore, but i noticed some ointments, bandages and disinfectants in the table. I got up and went to the bathroom, undressed myself and noticed that my lips had small marks, and my burn marks were treated, someone had taken care of my wounds.   While i was passed out, someone had cleaned me. I took another shower, but it will never be enough to wash away all, i was used, degrated. Like he said, i my forces had abandoned me, like my dignity. I wasnt a person anymore, just a piece of flesh to let cum be dumped upon it, to be fucked. Then why did he treated me? Thats the most ellusive question..Perhaps he felt pity and didnt wanted to leave me on the streets? And i couldnt remember his face, only his eyes…But what i do now? I just keep on living. I dont want to get up and go outside, but i wished i felt that painful pleasure again, to be truly alive…  

Persona 2 soulmate au notes (in which the soulmate’s first words to you are imprinted somewhere on your skin)

IS -

- Tatsuya has two sets of words on his skin and learns at a young age that his soulmates are a certain older girl and a shy young boy. he ends up crushing on them both

- 10 years from the shrine incident, he no longer remembers who his soulmates are and feels isolated. meeting Maya barely jogs his memory, as her words to him then do not match the words on his skin

- Jun doesn’t understand why his soulmate is also soulmates with their big sister, but he loves them both dearly. when he thinks Tatsuya killed Maya, it makes it all the worse, since that means Tatsuya killed one of his soulmates and then forgot all about it

- Maya, as an adult, could not care less for the writing on her skin. She has a job to do and a life to live, she doesn’t have time for or any interest in dating. She’s more than supportive of Tatsuya and Jun getting together

- Katsuya, for his part, has no writing on his skin. It bothers him deeply, but he tries not to show it. It also makes him feel incredibly isolated, moreso than usual

EP -

- Jun meets his soulmate in a burning blimp, and they seem to already know him. When confronted later, however, Tatsuya is difficult to convince

- Tatsuya has two sets of writing on his skin, and it took him until he was 18 for someone to match those words. Unfortunately, he does not remember that encounter, but the other boy seems genuine about his convictions.

- Katsuya has words written on his skin, and it takes him until he’s suddenly thrust into Hell for someone to speak those words to him. He had almost given up hope trying to find his soulmate, but she ended up being a warmth by his side, and he appreciated having someone who easily understood him

- Maya has two sets of writing, which confused her. She was never romantically interested in others. Instead of considering getting a boyfriend, she threw herself into work. However, she found both of her soulmates to be very important to her - both people she could rely on and who understood her with ease. Katsuya was as “married to the job” as she was, so their relationship was easy-going. Tatsuya, meanwhile, was left questioning why his brother’s girlfriend was also his own soulmate

Two old guys, one 80 and one 87, were sitting on a park bench one morning.

The 87-year-old had just finished his morning jog and wasn’t even short of breath.

The 80-year-old was amazed at the guy’s stamina and asked him what he did to have so much energy.

The 87-year-old said, “Well, I eat rye bread every day. It keeps your energy level high and you’ll have great stamina with the ladies.” So, on the way home the 80-year-old stopped at the bakery. As he was looking around, the saleslady asked if he needed any help.

He said, “Do you have any rye bread?”

She said, “Yes, there’s a whole shelf of it. Would you like some?”

He said, “I want five loaves.”

She said, “My goodness, five loaves! By the time you get to the 3rd loaf, it’ll be hard.”

He replied, “I can’t believe everybody knows about this shit but me.”







Ni Jeremie Bellen

Ang Parkour and FreeRunning Ang Aming Buhay
Gusto Namin ito, Dahil Ito’y BUWIS BUHAY
Walang May Pake, Kahit Kami’y Mamatay!

Si MASTER Nabaliw, Kong Gainer Ginawa
Nauna Ang Batok, Dumugo Ang Mukha
Di Pa Kuntento Nag-FullTwist Pa Sa Bakal
RIP Master, Side Bomb Sa Hospital

Buhos Ng Ulan Kami’y Nataranta
Paasang Ulan Yan, Jam Ay Naantala
Tigil ULAN! Ng Kami’y Makapaglaro
Makapg Kong Lamang At Araw Mabuo

Hoy! Nasaan Na kayo, Tulog Na Ako
Pangakong Usapan Dumating Ng SAKTO
Umasa Sko Sa TalkShit Kong KaGRUPO
Salamas Sa Jam, Purong HANGIN Kayo

Si JAGUAR Andyan At Kami’y Pinaalis
Sabay Tira Ng PALM FLIP Jaguar Ininis
Si Jaguar Nag FreeRunning Kami’y Pinanis
Hinabol Mga Traceur, Diverole Ng Mabilis

Wala Kayong Pake At Wag Magalit
Respeto Samin, Lalo Na Sa Kasuotan

Alright, so in the opening scene of CATWS, it looks like Steve is sprinting, right? Because he’s obviously moving much faster than Sam, and Sam is jogging. 

But let’s consider something for a second-Steve’s top speed is something like 60 miles. So, what looks like a sprint to us normal people is probably a jog to him. If he’d actually been sprinting, he would have lapped Sam way more than three times.

[starter for @sweetcreamrabbit ]

Little Mac had been told time and time again that he had to rest. After many conversations with gym partners and Doc, he had decided to take a day off. However, it wasn’t too much of a day off. Mac had to jog and work to get to his destination. He marched his way though a field, wearing his fully prepared gloves. 

Little Mac had to admit, the field was a nice looking place. Nice enough to make him walk through instead of running. Mac walked while keeping his eyes moving, wanting to take in the surrounding area.

Went to the gym at 7am
Made a bomb breakfast and packed an awesome lunch
Went to class, made a fucking fantastic artwork
Professor bought me a copper etching plate (that shit is more expensive than my soul)
Took a relaxing walk in the sun
Came home, made great dinner
Went jogging with the dog
Did laundry
Got a “we need to talk” from my bestie/ex/roomie and now tl;dr my living situation is unstable and all my old demons and bad coping mechanisms are floating around the house and my ex is upset and I’m upset and I’m afraid I’ll have to rehome my dog baby or live in my car again

Usually a 9/10 is a passing grade but this is weighted. The good things are still important, even if they feel stupid now.

I will lose weight.. I will lose 2 pounds a week.

“Mindset” I lose 2 pounds a week

I will go on walk/jog every morning

I will drink a gallon of water a day

I will eat as healthy as freaking possible

I will not eat past 6 pm

I will sleep 8 hours a day

I will

Rest of 2016 Goals: September -140 October-10= 130 on Halloween 🎃👻 Eyeliner + cute stuff 🔓 unlocked 😄 Lowest weight in forever/military. school best weight! Novmbr -8.= 122 on Thanksgiving🍁🍗 Hair Exetentions!!! & nose piercing Decmbr -5.= 117 on Christmas 🎄🎅🎁 Shopping spree!!!❤ Size 5 or 3 Jeans + s or xs shirts= 😍 CW 140 134 131 127 124 121 ☺ omg120 **** 119 118 116 115- UGW Anything between 115-110 is perfection ❤

It wasn’t often Ike got sick; honestly, when you used to put bugs in your mouth as a child, and then frequently eat food off the ground as an adult, it tends to lend itself to a pretty strong immune system. 

At least, that’s what Ike liked to think. Which also led to him forgetting that he was not invincible to getting sick.

One too many jogs in the rain, not taking off wet clothes when he ought to before hunkering down on the couch or the bed for a nap. Eating more junk than he should simply because he was oftentimes too lazy to go to the store for proper food, or didn’t have the motivation to actually cook a meal instead of rolling through a few drive-thru’s. Staying up later than intended because “whoa, there’s another boss after this one?? BRING IT ON” or “it is too possible to marathon the entirety of Harry Potter in one day just watch me”. 

All of it just ended up colliding together in a nice, big, dreadful mess.

Ike woke up, splayed out on the couch with one leg swung over one of the arms and his head resting on top of an empty Cheetos bag. Yawning, his mouth felt dry – probably because he’d grazed his way through their chip supply last night – and swallowing was surprisingly difficult to do. It hurt, too, his throat feeling sore and raw.

That was odd…Maybe he’d simply gone overboard while playing his game, hollering and whooping whenever he was on the winning end of things.

But his nose felt all stuffed up as well, and not in the “just woke up” sort of way either. 

Telling himself it was nothing big, he probably just needed some fresh air, Ike peeled himself off the couch and slunk off to have a shower before starting the day. Or, what was left of it; blessedly, it was the weekend, and he didn’t have another shift at work until Monday. 

The shower did a bit to clear up the congestion, but his throat was still bugging him when he got out and dressed. And by the time he had gotten the living room all cleaned up, Ike had a throbbing headache and sweat was clinging to the back of his neck. Which was weird, because it hadn’t been that much work, and it certainly wasn’t hot. 

Ike blamed it on the shower. Nothing more than lingering dampness from not toweling off well enough.

By the time Marth stopped by, having comfortably finished whatever he’d been working on for his many extracurricular activities, Ike had ended up back on the couch; curled up into as small a ball as someone his size could manage, face tucked claustrophobically into a corner of the furniture. 

One look and it was clear to the other that Ike was ill, even with whining protests to the opposite from the ball of discomfort on the couch. It took only another moment more, and Ike was covered in several blankets, and Marth was doggedly searching the kitchen for something warm to make for them both to eat.

“Mmm, don’t have any soups…,” Ike mumbled from underneath a layer of cotton fluff, mouth and nose all but buried under the blankets he’d been given. 

He knew soup was a comfort food to a lot of people when they were sick, but Ike really only got that feeling when it was a soup that his mother made back when she was still alive. It was nice and substantial – made with a lot of Gallian ingredients, if he remembered right – but she never wrote any of her recipes down, so Ike didn’t have the foggiest idea of how to replicate it.

“…Can you make mac and cheese?” Ike asked abruptly, seeing Marth give him a look that clearly said ‘that’s not healthy or incredibly good for you right now’. 

A few solid minutes of pleading, sad puppy dog eyes and in the next ten minutes or so, the two were digging into separate bowls of cheesy noodles. Marth ate his slowly, because that was simply how he did things, but Ike was eating staggered because he felt a tad bit nauseous.

“You’re…You’re cheesy, you know that?” Ike spoke up, playing his fork around in the pile of artificial gold. “And warm. And you make me…feel real good. You’re like – like mac and cheese, Marth.”

i have to go “jogging” tomorrow morning which is basically just me speed walking b/c i’m too unfit to properly jog yet but i don’t want to what the hell do i need to jog for i’m gonna die

Gaze upon him, Vibrant, my skeleton (OC) Poth child!

Vibrant is the “responsible older brother” of the 12 (13?) other Poth kids. He seems to get the majority of his personality and fashion sense from Grandpa Geno, though where his height comes from, no one knows (he’s about a head taller than Pastel). He’s a coordination master, somehow making those mismatched pair of shoes… match? Just how does he do it!? (Are those glitch-marks tattoos?!?! Vibrant, no!!)

Vibrant is a calm, chill skeleton, who has patience equal to Death (lol, literally) and is a 12 on a scale of 1–10 on the “Amazing Big Bro Scale.” Vibrant is, despite his somewhat lazy and chill appearance, a very active skeleton who jogs, runs, and practices his techniques daily. He takes pride on his routine, though he’ll say otherwise––he’s been practicing for so long it all comes natural to him, so maybe it is no real big deal. 

He’s a bit of a secretive skeleton, though he’s very open and supportive to his “younger” siblings. He loves to hang out with them and help them in any way he can, no matter how ridiculous. So what if he’s been the evil bunny lord sixteen times within the last two hours? Dammit, he’ll be the super duper evil bunny lord for the next three hours, then, if that makes his siblings happy! 

While nothing can really make him angry, messing with his siblings will set him off––passive aggressive at best, or so–pissed–his–eyes–glow–red–with–magic. Speaking of which, may it be possible for Vibrant to have a Gaster Blaster like his grandparent(s)?

Who knows~? Not his parents, that’s for sure~.

Goth belongs to @nekophy 
Palette belongs to @angexci
Vibrant belongs to © Me

I hope you enjoy!