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Hollywood Undead Albums
  • Swan Songs: We're secretly emos (we added party songs so the album isn't overly depressing)
  • American Tragedy: We got a new singer and he sings pretty. Also, we are a little less emo now and Charlie can sing too bitches
  • Notes From The Underground: Every song is completely different but it works.
  • Day Of The Dead: BEEP BOOP FUCK YEA PARTY ALL DAY- except for a couple songs that will probably make you cry

Okay, so I enjoyed writing this way more than I should have. The kissing scene got a little out of control but what can I say, sometimes the characters take over and there’s nothing I can do. Either way, this prompt from thegirlwiththeimpala​ inspired the following one-shot.

Prompt: I would like to request a oneshot where Steve and the reader are really close friends and are always flirting a little bit. One day she teases him and he warns her that she’ll cross his line and it leads to them kissing.  ❤

“Something More”

“On your left!” You laughed as you surpassed Steve for the second time.
“Not for long.” He huffed as he began to speed up. He was used to being teased like this as was so often the case when you were together and as he ran, he remembered how similar a day it was when you first met. He had been jogging early in the morning having expected nobody else to be awake and outside. Alone with his thoughts, he had been running distractedly until he felt himself collide with another person. You had been jogging with headphones in and were exercising so furiously that you hadn’t noticed Steve coming towards you. Of all the people to run into, it had to have been Captain America.
Ever since that day, Steve had come out early on a Sunday morning in the hope of meeting you again – you, who had initially called him a ‘stone-skulled ass hat’ before realising who you were talking to. Something about the way you didn’t care who he was intrigued Steve and eventually, after ‘running into him’ a few more times, you became great friends. Upon hearing the many tales of the person who could put Steve in his place, you were invited to Stark Tower where you hit it off with all the other Avengers too. 

You waited by the park fountain, leaning over and panting. It had taken all of your effort to overtake Steve. You were definitely not faster than him but you had the advantage of knowing the shortcuts along your jogging route so that you could fool him into thinking you were. Not wanting him to realise that you had the biggest crush on him, you constantly teased and annoyed him. For the most part, he was a good sport about it, presuming it to be playful banter but even you could see when it was too much. Today, thankfully, was not one of those times.

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Rowaelin AU

Aelin was walking her dog, Fleetfoot, when she got distracted by the handsome white haired man jogging past her. But sadly, not having payed attention to her dog, Fleetfoot took Aelin’s stare as if she knew him. A minute later the dog had tackled the man to the ground and was licking his face. While laughing her ass off she picks her puppy up and apologizes to the handsome man she just learned the name of. “Rowan Whitethorn.”

MANGO:   hi there’s been a party at my house for the past 6 hours and i am done dealing with actual real life people at this point

I was riding with my horse through Dragon Bridge, when I met the ghost horse, wandering around on his own.(I had the option to “Steal horse” but it didn’t work)  Later I met with the Headless Horseman who was now the Headless Jogging-Man.

I guess they have to take a break from each others once in a while

Title: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder
AU: Flower shop across the street from a Tattoo shop AU
Summary: Rei loved flowers. Big, small, extravagant, or simple – they were always beautiful. An art form that had no appeal for him, however, were tattoos. So when he came in early one day to open up his family’s flower shop and saw the sign, Samezuka Tattoos, he just about had an aneurysm.
(Part 1 of a gift for the Queen of RinRei. fallen-lucifiel. This is way off from a picnic date but when this came to my mind, I just had to write it. I hope you enjoy the story!)

Rei loved flowers.

Big, small, extravagant, or simple – they were always beautiful. And as a man of finer tastes, Rei always had an appreciation, for what he considered, the finer things in life.

Like pretty dresses.

Foam art on coffee.

And there was also the beauty of sports, like track and swimming.

They were all forms of art in his eyes. But an art form that had no appeal in Rei’s eyes, however, were tattoos. He didn’t get why some people enjoyed riddling their skin with funky, often weird, pictures.

It made no sense.

So when Rei came in early to open his family’s flower shop that day and saw a sign that read, Samezuka Tattoos, across the street, he just about had an aneurysm.

“What is this?!”

Riku Ryugazaki shot his brother a lazy, apathetic look of irritation. It was too early in the morning to hear Rei’s pterodactyl screeching. “I’m looking over inventory again.” He waved the clipboard in his hand before staring back at the plants in the ‘Fridge’, as the two of them often called it.

“Not that.” Rei shot his brother a ‘C’mon be serious’ look before pulling him to the front of the shop, his arms making a grand gesture at the major problem before them. “That!”

Riku blinked, unimpressed. “Rei, I need to see haw many daffodils we still have in stock.” Then with a flick on the tip of the shorter blunette’s nose, the elder made his way back to where he was previously. “It’s not that big a deal.”

Rei gasped in horror. “Having such a mistake near all these flowers, ” He looked back at the looming tattoo parlour with a glare and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “It’s a disgrace to all things beautiful!” In frustration, he clenched his fists.

Rei’s mother, Hiyoko, appeared around the corner with a look of concern. “What’s wrong, Rei?”

“The tattoo shop across the street happened.” Riku answered before Rei had the chance.

With a noise of pleasant surprise, the Ryugazaki matriarch smiled. “Oh, it’s finally open?” She gave a small clap of enjoyment after turning around to look at it. “Well, it’s not ready for business yet, but it probably will be sometime this week or next week. They must have done all the finishing touches last night.”

“Wait you all knew about this?” Rei gaped.

Hiyoko nodded in confirmation, “I thought you already knew, sweetie.”

Her assumption couldn’t have been more wrong. From the shark-like design that served as the shop’s door, Rei thought it was a pet store that specialized in selling fish. The building, er studio, was medium-sized, about the size of the flower shop. It was dark in colouring, Rei figured it was to make any fish tanks on display seem more vibrant at night.

Rei had been excited.

Fish were beautiful. Well, most of them were.

But that excitement had completely deflated with this revelation.

Rei’s father, Yuu, clamped a hand on his shoulder. “Oh cheer up scamp.” The middle-aged man grinned.

The blunette’s violet eyes averted their gaze, “But it’s not beautiful.” Permanent art was different with a living canvas. Every mistake, every screw up, was on that person’s skin forever. The thought of that happening to him nearly made Rei cringe.

“Never mind your personal preferences. You’ll treat the owner with respect, understand?” Hiyoko’s tone left no room for an argument, and reluctantly, Rei nodded. “Good. Now Riku, did you double check-”

“Yes ma’am.” Riku walked over and placed the clipboard in his mother’s hands. “Everything is accounted for and we should be getting that new shipment of carnations next week.” Hiyoko gave a pleased smile.

Life in the Ryugazaki Flower Shop was starting to bloom (pun somewhat intended).

Riku ruffled Rei’s hair, “Come on, little brother. Time to make some arrangements.” That made Rei feel a little better. At least that accursed shop wouldn’t open for a few days from the looks of it, so that meant a few days of beautiful peace.


Tying his butterfly print apron around his body, Rei set off to work. Making arrangements was Rei’s favourite activity in the shop. There was nothing like the thrill of making a fragrant focal point with equally fragrant accents beautiful and turning it into a customer’s dream. His lips spread into a smile as he grabbed a large vase and when he got back to his and Riku’s joint workspace, there were ferns, ivy, baby’s breath, tulips, daisies, lilies, and gladioluses. “Do you want me to get a vase for you too?”

Riku nodded gratefully, “Yeah, thanks. I’ll get the plant food.” 

Despite the questioning, this had become more of routine habit for two of them ever since they were trusted with the floral knives to cut stems. Rei got the vases and filled them with water, Riku got the plants for the day and plant food, Hiyoko usually managed the phone and big orders, and Yuu mainly did the deliveries.

Even if it was just another way Hiyoko got her family to spend time with one another, Rei loved it here.

The smells were pleasant and the atmosphere was warm, even when it got the occasional chill froma  high maintenance customer.

“Aaaand, we’re open!” Rei’s father announced proudly.

“But we might as well be closed, we’ve hardly been getting any customers lately.” Riku complained, trying to decide which colour tulip would go best with the white gladioluses he chose.

Hiyoko chuckled, “Just wait till dance season comes. The time for corsages, bouquets, and whatnot. You’ll wish for more calm days.” Funnily enough, dance season was right around the corner.

Rei smiled ambitiously, “I want to do an arrangement for a wedding one day.” He had yet to do one.

Yuu made a face, “No you don’t son,” he shuddered from a memory. “I’ve dealt with one too many bridezillas in the past, specifically your Aunt Atsuko. Warm child my behind.”

“Dear!” Hiyoko gave Yuu’s arm a light, playful slap. “Not in front of the boys!”

“She’s their least favourite Aunt anyway, ow!”

Rei and Riku laughed at the scene before them. Aunt Atsuko was, for a lack of a better word, a bridezilla in and out of weddings. Everything, from her seasonings to her sticky notes, had to be meticulously organized or there would be a need for funeral arrangements for everyone within a five mile radius.

And finished! Rei placed his hands on his hips proudly. Three stargazer lilies with five accompanying gladiolus flowers in the back, ferns and ivy with a few brunches of baby’s breath filling the holes. The degrees and angles they are all set at don’t clash… Perfect! “This might possibly be my most beautiful piece!”

“You say that about every piece you make, Rei.” Riku teased. He was just finishing up his own arrangement. White gladioluses, pink tulips.

“But it’s feels wrong to not say that about each one.” Rei replied and he placed the arrangement on a display column. It felt like saying one of your friends was better than the other. It didn’t settle with him right.

Their mother gave a huff of amusement, watching her boys. “Rei gets that from me. I used to talk to the flowers here all the time when I was pregnant with him, maybe that’s the reason.”

It probably explained Rei’s sense of beauty as well, but no one was going to say anything.

Rei grabbed another vase and Riku, blinked. “Oh yeah, Dad,” Riku called over his shoulder. “The Konami Delivery is today right?”

After hearing his name being called, the male walked back into the flower shop from the backdoor. “Yup,” he was looking over the map for his routes. He wasn’t much of a believer in the GPS system. “But that’s one pretty close by so I could probably just walk there… But the walk back will clash with my 1:30 and 2:00 deliveries time-wise.”  He looked over at his wife, “Yoko, do you have any plans for today?”

“I still need to finish up the puppy arrangements for today.” Hiyoko answered thoughtfully. “But I’m sure if I get the first ten done, I’ll be able to finish the other ten when I get back in time before Yoshimura-san gets here.” Yoshimura was the neighbourhood dog lover, who worked over at the pound. He was a regular here.

“I can do it.” Rei cut in. 

Yuu and Hiyoko looked in his direction, “Really?”

Rei nodded, “Riku-nii-san, did the last walk-in delivery, so I can do this one.” With a smile of reassurance, Rei pushed up his glasses. “I’ll just need the directions and coordinates–”

“Oookay, dear.” Hiyoko sweatdropped. Where Rei got his need to calculate everything, she had no clue.

“So what time must I leave at?” Rei asked, walking over to his dad.


Then after making several more arrangements with his brother and contemplating whether or not he’d be seeing his childhood friend, Haruka that day, the time for Rei to leave finally arrived.

Rei readjusted his grip on the giant delivery for the third time in a row. It was a ‘birthday cake’ made entirely of orange and yellow daisies. “I’m off!” He called over his shoulder, to his surprise, Riku was already outside of the door.

“Be safe out there, Rei.” Riku said warily. “Don’t talk to strangers, and make sure you look both ways before crossing the streets.”

“What am I a child?” Rei sweatdropped.

Riku fake sniffled and shoved his face into his hands. “My baby is growing up and finally going into the big, cold world!”

Rei rolled his eyes but he couldn’t help but laugh anyway. “I’ll make sure to visit.” He took a step forward, but he stopped. “Oh, and make sure that Mother doesn’t forget about the food in the oven.” Well mini-oven, mircrowave thing.

“Oh, I’m already on it.” With their mother’s clumsy tendencies she usually burnt or straight up ruined meals. But the meals she didn’t mess up were quite good, so the Ryugazaki males of the house made it a tendency to watch over their dinner like hawks when it was her night to cook. “Today’s my night in the kitchen. I’m making stew tonight.”

With a sound of acknowledgement, Rei started his walking again feeling decent for the day, but after unintentionally looking over at Samezuka Tattoos, he felt drained.

At the very least this gave him thirty minutes away from that atrocity.

And, Rei noted, the warm tones of the flowers seemed to be telling him to cheer up. At least he hoped so, he couldn’t remember the specific meanings behind yellow and orange daisies.

It was nice.

Flowers were nicer company in comparison to humans on occasions.

 ‘They don’t talk, but they still have voices’, his mother once told him. He hadn’t really understood that until he experienced teasing from his fellow classmates back in elementary and middle school. 

Rei had got up to the second light when he readjusted his hands again. He was getting closer to his destination at last, he realized with a smile.

A cherry blossom passed through the corner of his eye and Rei looked up, his smile growing. In a few months, the cherry blossoms would be in full bloom. The Hanami Festival was his favourite holiday. He couldn’t wait to see it once more.

“’Scuse me!”

Rei fell out his stupor just in time to see the jogger running towards him, and with a start, clumsily moved one side of the sidewalk. “Woah!” A pair of large hands under the arrangement steadied him from falling and dropping anything. 

The bespeculated boy released a sigh of relief as he saw the daisies made it unscathed. “Thank goodness,” with a small gulp, Rei looked up to see his helper. “Thank you…” Rei was speechless.

This boy was gorgeous!

He had semi-long maroon colored hair and a vibrant pair of red eyes. “It’s no problem.” Rei held his breath as the boy’s moving lips revealed two rows of shark-like teeth. “You think you can hold this on your own now?” He had on a track suit, his sleeves still rolled down despite how warm it must have been gaining all that heat from moving around.

“Oh! Yes!” Rei flushed in embarrassment and fixed his grip once again. “Sorry for disturbing your run.”

The boy just shrugged dismissively. “It’s fine.” He looked down at the floral cake with a whistle. “Is this a delivery or…?”

“Oh, it’s a delivery.” With another start, Rei remembered he was running on a limited time. “Er, I still need to deliver it actually.”

Jog Man, as Rei was now going to label him, was nonchalant. “Alright, you don’t mind the company do you? I don’t get to see flower boys too often.” He was grinning teasingly.

At first, Rei thought he was being made fun of, but after seeing the lack of ill will in those red eyes he nodded and made their way to the other sidewalk. “Thank you again for helping me.”

“I don’t mind.” The maroon-haired individual replied. “Hey, I think I’ve seen you before.” Rei looked at him in surprise. “Do you work at that flower shop across from Samezukas?” He leaned in closer, well as close as it could be exceptionally allowed between strangers.

“Er, yes. Ryugazaki Flowers.” He mentioned the tattoo shop. Does that mean everyone else is only going to recognize us because we’re right by it? He felt more disdain for the parlour.

Jog Man brought Rei out of his thoughts. “Something wrong?”

Rei shook his hands, “No, I’m,” he averted his gaze. “Just not that fond of tattoos.”


Thankfully, the jogging stranger didn’t ask anymore questions on the subject. The only people that usually agreed with Rei’s opinion of tattoos were close-minded elderly people, not young adults radically changing the world. Especially not beautiful strangers with red eyes and shark-like teeth.

“So…” Jog Man started up again awkwardly, “You can make flower arrangements into cakes, huh?”

“Yes, and just about anything if you have the time and creativity for it.” Rei said excitedly. “Like puppies, pin wheels, a portrait.”

Jog Man chuckled, “Well I guess I’ll have to stop by and look at your shop then.”

Rei smiled, “Please do.” 

They chatted off-and-on the entire time, and when Rei finally reached his destination the near permanent smile on his face sank. Sure he made the delivery in time, but that meant that his time with this beautiful man was over. “Well, it was very nice talking to you.” He bowed as politely as he could with a large cake shape flower arrangement in his hands.

“Yeah, to you too.” Jog Man gave a smile of his own. “I’ll see you around then.” And with a two-fingered wave, the maroon-haired boy left and Rei looked on at his back for as long as he could before tapping on the door with his foot in a makeshift knocking motion.

He doubted he’d actually ever see Jog Man again.

That would be too coincidental, and even if they were to cross paths again it would be months from now for a special occasion, like flowers for his girlfriend. Sure there was no guarantee on Jog Man’s preference on potential partner’s, but with his luck, Rei figured he’d be taken nonetheless. 

Rei sighed, but perked up when he heard the locks turning on the other side of the door. “I’m here with your floral cake delivery, ma’am!”

But the moment was nice while it lasted.


“Rei, Mom wants you.”

Rei turned off the water hose and pulled a handkerchief out his pockets to dry them. “Coming.”

It had been a week since his clumsy encounter with the maroon-haired boy he called Jog Man and, as Rei expected, he hadn’t seen hair of him since. Funny enough, Rei still felt disappointed. Then to add on to his list of issues, Samezuka Tattoos had officially opened the previous day.

Now he had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing pictures in its windows, one of people wearing tattoos for advertisement. 


“Is something wrong, Mom?”

Hiyoko shook her head, “No, I just want you to do me a favour. I’m a little behind on this bouquet and Riku’s already helping me so I was wondering if you could do it.”

Rei didn’t see anything wrong with that, “Is it another delivery?” But once again, Hiyoko shook her head and she entered the pantry in the back of the shop. When she came out, she had a small box in her hand.

“Well, it sort of is,” She gave a warm smile. “Do you think you could give this to the fellows at that new tattoo shop? I wanted to give them some Ryugazaki hospitality.”

“Eh?” Rei felt his jaw drop. “Eeeeh?!”

The Ryugazaki woman held up Rei’s hands and placed the purple box in them. “Since you promised to be well-mannered with who ever opened up that shop, I figured that you could start by giving the owners these cookies.” From behind them, Rei swore he heard an amused sound of prevented laughter coming from Riku.

“B-but, what about Dad?”

“Now, now, you promised.” Hiyoko reminded sternly. “And your father isn’t here right now, he had an errand. So please be a dear and do this for your mother, I meant to do it earlier but, this is a really important bouquet.” Actually, every bouquet was important in Hiyoko’s eyes but Rei figured now wasn’t the best time to point that out.

With his head hungover in defeat, Rei sighed. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Make new friends little brother.”  Riku snickered and Rei glared over at him briefly before taking a slow sum of steps out the door.

He really didn’t want to do this.

The neon red ‘OPEN’ felt like it was mocking him. Daring him even. Or it might have been the shark-head design of the door.

Rei wasn’t sure how, but he felt like he was somewhere in the right direction with it. But having a stare down with the door seemed like the most illogical thing to do, from his and everyone else’s perspectives.

So with a deep breath, Rei opened the door. “Er, hello?” He called out to the empty parlour. It would probably take a while for the customers to come flocking in he supposed. “Hello!” Were they on break and just forgot to turn off the sign? He really wanted them to be on break.

“Yeah, I’m coming!” Came a voice from the back, it was muffled.

Another sigh escaped Rei’s lips, his discomfort getting to him. That was when he noticed the other figure in the room and jumped in surprise. “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were here um…” The other person was a male, and he was very tall, with droopy teal eyes and dark brown hair. He was very intimidating.

“Are you the owner?” Rei asked at last.

The man gave a slight head movement, a nod(?), “Co-owner.” He gave Rei an up-down look over. “You want a tattoo or something?” 

“Hey, hey, Sousuke!” Came the voice from the backroom now sounding much more clearer now that it was out in the open. And much more familiar. “You aren’t scaring the customers are you?”

It couldn’t be. Rei’s eyes widened and he turned around.

It was; and without a track suit, revealing long tan arms decorated with long, bold tattoos. “Jog Man-san?”

‘Jog Man’ blinked in surprise, but he broke out into a grin. “Flower Boy!”

Rei wasn’t one to believe in things that were hard to prove, but he was quite sure this is what one would call God’s horrible idea of a joke.


I can’t - (Pietro Maximoff x reader)

Being the daughter of Tony Stark brings many worries. Of course you loved your father, you had a very strong bond with him. You encouraged him in all his projects in everything he did, to your peril. You currently paying for a mistake he had committed himself with the help of Bruce Banner, Ultron. He wanted to kill your father, who had sincerely believed in goodness of his creation, but in the end he wanted to get rid of the Avengers but especially your father. The truth is that Ultron despite its goodwill was struggling to get rid of his Tony enemy. He had decided to change tactics, attacking the thing, the most precious person in the eyes of Stark, his little girl. One afternoon while you were doing your daily jog, a man you had captured an ally of Ultron. Pietro Maximoff. With his sister Wanda he hated your father maybe more that Ultron himself.Since that time you were stuck, chained in a small quite dark cell. You didn’t used to be low, but you couldn’t stop you from crying, what arrive to you if your father didn’t find you? Were you going to die?

“You’ll stop crying one day?” A male voice sounded, you could perceive a slight accent. Pietro, the man who had taken prisoner you, he stood before your cell his muscular arms crossed over his chest.

“Leave me alone”

“No way, I’m in charge of watching you”

“Well why you don’t watch me away as possible from me?”

“You have character, I love even from a Stark”

“You know my father?”

“Not personally, but he took me something valuable .. That’s why you are here”

A white settled, neither of you didn’t take the floor. The atmosphere was heavy, Pietro left without another word. Finally, he has deserted his post. The days passed, and Pietro tied contact with you a little more every day. If he wasn’t the reason why you were here you would have perhaps even appreciated. He was considerate with you, a little more every day, he saw to it that you miss nothing, contrary to the orders he had received from Ultron.But he didn’t care, he didn’t want your disease. He begin to like you even if he hated you one father from the depths of his soul. Despite a slight nearby he never wanted to tell you what your father had taken him to Wanda and himself. Never. Then everything changed, be locked in a cell was already not a pleasant prospect of life, but Ultron had decided to take your life. You came to regret in your complaints about your cell. He ordered Pietro to executed you, to kill you with his own hands. 

He stood before you, you cried, you implored to spare you.

“Please Pietro, I know you don’t want to do this”

“I don’t want to, but I have to”

You don’t say anything, you don’t want to complicate his task. After all, he must have his reasons. Your father had taken of him something valuable so that he would come to kill another human being. You already complained him enough for that, you were not going to add guilt. Resigned to die you you gently approached him, head down.He quietly passed a hand on your cheek, caressed it with his thumb. You shuddered at his touch. Suddenly he laid a gentle kiss on your lips. At first you were surprised you didn’t  answer. And then the kiss intensified, his tongue was dancing on your lips and in your mouth. He wiped a few tears who running down your cheeks.

“I can’t do that, I can’t kill you”

Suddenly everything becomes blurred through, Pietro hugged you and you end in the Stark Tower. In your father’s arm, more than relieved to see you. He clutched you so much as if he would never let you go, as if he could lose you at every moment.

While the Avengers asked you how you could have you out of your prison, you don’t answer them. You were the only one who knows that Pietro instead of using his powers to kill you, he had used to save your life. He wasn’t an ennemy, he’s an hero. He is your hero. 

Besides, you’d have a little talk with your father about Pietro and Wanda..

I hope you like it, I’m sorry for my english but I’m french so it’s more difficult for me :) 

Cover (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky comes to your work and asks you to help hide him from someone and you do.

Words: 1,300 ish

A/N: this is the first long piece of writing I’ve ever done so excuse any mistakes or just my writing in general

It was a normal day at your bookshop when you were working your shift on Tuesday. As per usual, the shop wasn’t very busy, you’d spent the majority of your shift reorganising the crime section because people are incapable of putting books back in the correct spot.

You were now sitting behind the check out desk watching an old woman looking over various cooking books.

You were watching this woman so intently that you didn’t notice a man jog into the shop. You were snapped out of your trance when he stood in front of your desk and said your name.

“Uhm… (Y/N)?”

“How do you know my name? Do I know you?”

“Oh-um-it-it’s-you have a name tag…” He stuttered.

“Oh god yeah, what can I help you with?” You said with a small smile.

“Umm.. This is gonna sound really strange but can I quickly hide behind your desk thing… It’s just-I saw… Umm, my ex outside and I’m really not in the mood to see her.” He said in a very panicked manner.

“Oh okay, yeah sure, you’re pretty big I’m not sure if you’ll fit back here- oh god I’m sorry if that came across rude, I just meant you’re very muscular and you have quite a few layers and your backpack and everything”

“No no it’s fine, thank you for letting me do this.”

“No worries, she must be a pretty big pain in the ass if you have to hide from her”

“Yeah I guess you could say that.”

About a minute later a few men in tactical gear burst into the shop and did a sweep of the two floors. They came back down and one asked “Did a man in a cap with long brown hair pass by here?” You were quite flustered because the man had a gun and he didn’t look very happy about losing the man currently sitting by your feet.

“Nobody’s been in here for a while now except the lady over there, but I did see a guy bolt past the shop about five minutes ago. I can’t be sure if he had long hair and a hat though but he was running pretty fast. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.” You said with a small forced smile.

“Alright, thank you anyway.” He said sternly before sprinting out of the shop with his two men behind him.

You made the mystery man stay on the floor for a few minutes to be safe. In the meantime, you served the old lady.

As soon as she left, you closed up the shop and sat the man down on the sofa in the back corner.

“Girlfriend huh?” You inquired.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I lied. But if I told you ‘hey there’s 3 armed men chasing me, lemme hide here?’ I think I know how you would have reacted.”

“That’s true but I would have good reason to.”

You made him a cup of coffee since he looked pretty flustered and tired.

“You look really familiar to me but I can’t place it.” You said quietly.

“I can guess why but you’re not gonna like the answer…”

You looked at him, waiting for him to continue, but not pressing or rushing him.

“… I’m the Winter Soldier.” He stated through gritted teeth.


“Oh? No screams? No demands for me to leave?” He asked bitterly.

“No, I know you didn’t really do all those things they say you did. Well, you did but not of your own free will. You’re James Barnes, I took my nieces to the Smithsonian a while back to see the Captain America exhibit and there was a whole wall dedicated to you…

“When Hydra’s files were dumped on the Internet, a lot of people were out for your blood. But I could tell that you had no control over what you were doing, it was all their ideas planted into your head.”

The two of you sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes before you spoke up.

“You know, i-if you want, you’re welcome to crash in my apartment upstairs for the night, you look pretty tired and you might wanna get some rest before you go back on the run.” You said quietly.

“Oh no, I don’t want to impose. And anyway, I doubt you’d feel safe with me and this *he gestured to his metal arm* sleeping in a room next door to you.”

“It’d be my genuine pleasure to have Sergeant James Barnes in my apartment. You’re a decorated war hero James. There’s no way I’d be scared of you.”

“You can call me Bucky if you want.”

“Well Bucky, what do you say? I’ve got some old clothes from an ex somewhere that you’re welcome to wear.”

“Only if you’re 100% sure you’re okay with this.”

“I’m very sure.”

You found the old clothes and gave him a towel and let him shower and in the meantime you ordered (your favourite takeaway food). Bucky emerged in the shirt and joggers with his hair tied back and sat down on the other side of your sofa where you’d placed his food.

“I-is this for me?”

“Do you see anyone else sitting here?” You sniggered.

“Oh, um thank you. You didn’t have to do this, you know. You’ve been so kind to me, considering what I am, this is all too much.”

“Honestly, you don’t have to keep thanking me. Anyone who’s friends with Captain America has gotta be worth something, and you’re too sweet to turn away.”

"Well I’m not sure if we’re friends but… Thanks.” He blushed at your comment and ate his food.

It was pretty late so when you put the plates in the kitchen, Bucky laid down on the sofa.

You returned and promptly told him to go to your bedroom to which he refused.

“You’ve been on the run for god knows how long, probably without a proper nights sleep, you need to sleep in a bed. And besides, I like to watch TV until I fall asleep so I’ll just disturb you if you sleep on the sofa. Now go, no buts!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! Now go!”

“Thank you so much (Y/N).” He said quietly as he retired to your room for the night.

You woke up to the sound of something smashing and then a long string of swear words. You quietly padded over to your bedroom to see bucky hunched over on the far side of your bed with his head in his hands, breathing raggedly.

“You okay?” You whispered.

He jumped “Oh god, did I wake you up? I’m so sorry (Y/N), and I’m sorry about this too.”

As you walked closer to the far side of the bed, you saw your lamp on the floor, smashed.

“Oh don’t worry about that. Did you have a nightmare?” You spoke softly as you sat on the floor in front of him, being mindful of the shattered ceramic lamp.

After a long pause he said “Yeah, I just-I remember everything…” and started to break down.

“Oh Bucky…” You say as you get up and sit next to him and put an arm round him. He instantly turns to you and wraps his arms around you. You stroke his hair and whisper calming things in his ear until his breathing evens out.

“Let me get you a glass of water”

You jog to your kitchen and pour a glass and bring it back to Bucky, who was now laying down on your bed.

“Here you go” you say as you placed the glass of the cabinet next to your bed. You tell him to give you a shout if you need anything else.

As you walk out you hear “(Y/N)… Would you mind staying in here for a while until I fall asleep?”

“Of course Bucky.”

You get into bed next to Bucky and rest your arm above his head on his pillow and play with his hair. You both fall asleep quickly and contently.

And that was the beginning of a slow but beautiful relationship that blossomed between you and Bucky.

allegro-designs  asked:

!!!!!!!!! Illegally awesome aged-up character!!!!!

Took the opurrtunity to draw somebody I don’t draw often enough

Nepeta: *terminally fucks up somebody’s day*

Warm on a Cold Night

Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1245

Summary: Its late at night and your boyfriend, Kim Taehyung, somehow convinced you to get food with him. Highly inspired by Honne’s “Warm on a Cold Night”. I know I suck at descriptions okay

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Regret immediately filled your senses once you entered the dark night illuminated by florescent signs and flickering lamp post. The chilled air hugged your body as the midnight sky of Seoul exposed itself above your head. He had called you just moments ago, insisting that he was in dire need of some ramen and he would, in his words, die of starvation if he didn’t get his fix. How did he convince you to leave the warm sanctions of your apartment at one in the morning? You had no clue, but he always had a way to convince you to do the craziest of things with him.

After walking a good ten minutes, turning the corner you finally arrived at the small restaurant. In front of the building was a tall man lightly jogging in a circle in an attempt to warm up. That man was the one and only Kim Taehyung.

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“Flash!” Jason called after the other man, jogging up to him to catch up. “What’re you doing here?” There seemed to be quite a few speedsters around Gotham, now. It almost makes Jason curious as to whether or not there’s a running convention, or something. 

Are there even running conventions?  
Or is Wally here for Bruce? Maybe Batman called in reinforcements, but even that made Jason doubtful. 

“It’s been a while,” last time he saw Wally- well, he thinks that was before he died. He hasn’t particularly been social since he came back as an undead not-zombie. 

“You look like you’re doing good.” He hoped Dick or someone did spread any rumors about Jason’s murder-crazy phase. It’d make everything a bit more awkward if that was the case. 
Or did he even recognize Jason? It’d be a bit awkward if he didn’t…

Aš pamirštu, kad kiti žmonės neturi tokios pačios širdies kaip aš. Pamirštu, kad ne visi moka rūpintis, o jei ir moka, parodo tai skirtingai. Pamirštu, kad vien dėl to, jog rūpi man, reiškia, kad rūpi ir kitiems. Aš pamirštu, kad kiti nėra tokie patys kaip aš.
—  V., Bet tai nėra blogai. (265/365)