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Avenjuly2017 day 2 & 3 + 1.5mi jog. Got dark. No street lights on the back roads. Should have ran first.

Arms done. Legs done. Back done. Brain done. Lmao… As some of you know, I don’t own dumbbells or barbells or cowbells. And the gym in 30 min away. But I do own 10lb 25lb 50lb resistance belts… And a 60lb concrete pier block… And multiple chainsaw pine tree blocks which I can tie and retie to any weight I choose.. So I did D2 and D3 with them. Just need my legs or a tree and have at it. Lmao… Poor country life.

Gonna protein up. Have some raspberry lemonade kombucha.. and chill 🏃💪✌️😘

  • I hate sneak photos, but also 😍.
  • She said she feels sexiest when she’s strolling down the street in her fashion sweats. Exhibit A.
  • I have that tank in four colors.
  • Those socks win everything.
  • If I was that close to her I would not be taking sneaky pics, I would be talking to her!
  • Does anyone have the original source for this? Where is she? (Bouchon Bakery). What’s in her headphones? So many questions!😆
The Start of Summer Break - Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N: contains smut


I sighed as I walked through the door of Jack’s and my shared flat. “Baby, I’m home!” I yelled and put my backpack on the floor. Jack came out of our bedroom grinning widely and wrapped me in his arms. “You’re all done!” “I know and I am so ready to relax, I’m exhausted,” I said, relived that I was finally on summer break from college. “Go get changed, babe, and we can start your relaxation, ok?” Jack pushed me towards our bedroom so I could change into comfy clothes. My joggers and jacks sweat shirt felt so good against my skin as I pulled them on over my black matching underwear. I walked into the living room to and saw Jack, phone in hand ordering pizza. I grabbed the remote for the tv, sitting down on the couch, and turned on Netflix. Jack stood in front of me on his phone. “Babe,” I whined “you’re a better door than a window.”

Jack looked down at me and smiled, moving to the corner of the couch and pulling me onto him so I was leaned against the couch, sitting on his legs. Jacks lips were on mine in no time, one of his hands roaming under my shirt, the other supporting my back. One of my arms was around his neck, the other in his hair. “God, baby I’ve missed this.” Jack breathed out, moving to kiss my neck, making my head go back and moans escaping past my lips. “Jack,” I was turning into a mess beneath him, giving up completely to whatever he wanted to do.

Jacks hand slipped under my joggers and his fingers pushed against my heat. I gasped, a smile spreading across my face, my hand grabbing his forearm, his head still buried in my neck. “Do you like that baby?” he said, a smile on his voice. “Yes, oh my god, yes jack yes.” I was blubbering, begging for more. Suddenly two of his fingers were inside me, pumping slowly, and curling at just the right point. “Oh my g…yes…jack…please” I was breathless, moaning, my fingers wrapped around Jacks arm squeezing hard. Jack added another finger and worked my pussy whilst licking and nipping my neck. “Gods you’re so wet baby,” he moaned into my neck working me faster and faster. I was moaning his name when Jack pressed me against my sweet spot and I lost it and came all over his fingers. Jack chuckled, “That’s my girl,” he said, helping me through my high. I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him desperately, thanking him.

“Did you like that?” Jack said, as my lips went around his face peppering kisses everywhere I could reach. “So much, baby, so fucking much,” I said my eyes shut. I moved to return the favor but Jack kept hold of me, not allowing me to move. “No, no it’s ok babe, that was for you.” Jack said leaning to sweetly kiss me. “I feel bad, babe, you didn’t get anything out of this,” I said. “Thats where you’re wrong. I had fun watching you,” Jack said winking. I blushed and pushed my face into Jacks chest. He laughed and pulled me closer.

Jack put on a film, and I snuggled into him. He pulled out his fuzzy blanket and laid it over me, tucking it around me so that I was comfortable. “hey, Jack, I love you,” I said sleepily pulling his face down to mine to kiss him. “hey, (Y/N), I love you too,” he said smiling down at me. Soon he was distracted by the show on the tv and I was asleep against his chest.


My phone buzzed with texts from the buttercream group chat, everyone wanting to come to my flat, of all places. I agreed but cautioned them to be quiet due to the sleeping girl in my arms, and they had to pick up the pizza I ordered. They agreed and said they would be over soon. I looked down to see my girl completely out, mouth open, softly snoring. I smiled, knowing that this was her first restful sleep for a really long time due to college. I continued watching my show, lowering the volume, until the boys got there.

They crept in the door trying their best to be quiet, the smell of pizza quickly filling my flat. I shushed them and gathered (Y/N) closer to me, trying to block out the boys noise. They did ok for about three seconds before one of them made a joke that made Conor and Josh giggle, which soon turned into howls of laughter. (Y/N) shifted and her eyes opened, “Fuck it boys look what you’ve done,” I said, groaning and apologizing to (Y/N). “Oh my god you brought pizza,” she said, her face shining. “Hell yeah we did,” Conor said holding up the five boxes. “I didn’t order 5 bloody pizzas,” I said laughing. “Who cares? Someone get me some,” (Y/N) ordered from her place in my lap. Soon four pieces of pizza were given on a plate to (Y/N), which she happily accepted, shoving pizza in her mouth, and closing her eyes at the taste. “Oh my god thank you so much.”

The pizza was soon devoured, and we ended up watching a film, simply enjoying each others company. During the movie, I felt (Y/N)’s eyes on me. I looked down at her, still in my lap. “What?” I whispered. “I like you,” her eyes sparkled as she started kissing my neck. “Babe stop, not with the boys around,” She giggled and stopped but then whispered in my ear, “You’re fucking sexy, and I’m going to enjoy doing you tonight.” Her words sent a shiver through me. I licked my lips, tried not to show my excitement, and attempted to pay attention to the film.  

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Oh 99 and 25 sounds awesome too. But feel free to do whichever you like :) and thank you!

Set vaguely in the same universe as Chapter 15 of Ficlet Cemetery.

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”/ “This is a once in a lifetime thing and you want me to blow it off?”


“This is a once in a lifetime thing and you want me to blow it off?”

“Molly, they have sales every bank holiday.  You can shop online on the train on the way there and you won’t even have to knock over anyone’s Gran or get in a hair-pulling contest with a university student.”

“Yeah, but that’s the best part.”

Sherlock narrowed his eyes at her, unsure if she was joking.  She may look harmless, but sometimes he thought she was actually just a tiny, hard lump of condensed rage in kitten’s clothing.  

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Back to School Masterpost

Going back to school can be a bit stressful, especially that week before where you start wondering what’s it going to be like and if you have everything you need to be ready for the new school year. Whether you’re still in school or going to university, this post will offer a few tips, apps and essentials that would make it a bit easier.


Going back to school makes a lot of us want to buy new clothing items. While other’s might go all out and buy printed or extremely colorful items I usually suggest going for the basic pieces in neutral color. The thing about having “the basics” is that you can mix-n-match them with your new and/or old wardrobe and they’ll always look like you put some effort to get dressed even though you only have five minutes.

The following items are: white blouse, denim top, black jumper, white and/or black tee, tank tops, camisoles, crop top, graphic tee, stripped tee, denim jacket, leather jacket, camel color coat, ripped skinny jeans, white jeans, black jeans, boyfriend jeans, denim shorts, shirt dress, denim skirt, joggers, sweat pants, flip flops, sandals, trainers, ankle boots and sliders. Below you’ll find a guide of some of the items mentioned before. 


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Lazy Sundays

What to wear while your loungin’ at home

With our busy schedules these days, everyone deserves a day to relax - thankfully, we have Sundays. Whether you’re lounging around the house reading a lengthy novel or kicking back watching your favorite games, wearing something comfortable is a must. 

There’s a fine line when it comes to loungewear dressing. You want to wear something that feels like you’re still in your pajamas, but you don’t want to look sloppy. With a little help from our trusty editors, we’ve searched your favorite shops and brands for the best cozy staples. See your soon-to-be new favorite pieces to wear on lazy Sundays below.

What to Wear: 4 Lazy Sunday Staples 

1. Henleys

Keep long-sleeve, cotton henleys on hand to wear under hoodies and lightweight joggers.

Heritage Pocket Henley

Snap Henley - Heather Grey

Heritage Marled Jersey Henley

Jack & Jones Henley Top With Chambray Binding

Trim Fit Heathered Raglan Henley

2. Hoodies

Get rid of the old sweatshirts and replace them with new zip-ups or pullovers by your favorite brands below. 

Chesterman Hoodie - Heather Grey/Ecru

Cotton Twill Knit French Terry Hoodie

Double Layer Hoodie

Cotton Cashmere Hoodie

Arnelle Two-Tone Heathered Hoodie

3. Lounge Pants

Instead of throwing on your baggy go-to sweats, update your collection with a jogger that’s tight at the ankles, but still loose throughout.

Noel Jogger

INC International Concepts Frank Jogger Pants

Marled Knit Zippered Joggers

Jack & Jones Sweatpants

Slim sweatpant

4. Slippers

Slip your feet into shearling-lined slippers for extra warmth and make sure they have a hard bottom, so they last longer and don’t get holes.

‘Scuff’ Slipper (Men)

Men’s Armor-Lux® French wool slippers

Shearling slippers

'Potomac’ Moccasin Slipper (Men)

Lodge Moc Slippers