This past week has been hectic with the show going on, but I got back into the gym today.

They call this one the Spartan 150:

150 Jumping Jacks
15 Burpees
5-15 pull ups
15 box jumps
50 sit-ups
50 body weight squats
50 jumping lunges
5 rope climbs or 25’ bear crawls
Run 1.5 miles

I broke the jumping jacks into sets of 50, and they wore me out from the start. I managed to do the 15 burpees only stopping once to catch my breath.

Then came the pull ups.

I can’t do pull ups yet. Did that stop me from trying? No. Should it have? Yes. Should I have done inverted rows instead? Yes! But I didn’t. I got on the Smith machine grabbed the bar and!!!!!!!!! Nothing. I couldn’t do one. But I was doing them overhand. No biggie. I’ll just switch to underhand. BIG MISTAKE. I did one, and then came up for two, and it felt like my biceps tore in half. I pulled both muscles. Bad. I haven’t had a good cry in a while, but I got that lump in my throat, the weight in my chest, and my face turned flush. It was the worst pain. Fortunately I held back the tears and the only embarrassment I suffered was doing 1 and a half pull ups in front of everyone. They knew though. I wasn’t ready. I shouldn’t have done that.

The pain subsided and fortunately I didn’t need my arms for sit-ups. Or in my case, crunches. I can’t do sit-ups. I got four metal rods in my back, it’s just not happening. I did the crunches though and moved on to the squats. Those seemed pretty easy. The jumping lunges were tough, but again, I managed.

The YMCA doesn’t have a rope that hangs from the ceiling, and even if it did, it’s a no. I fall, I die. So no. I awkwardly did bear crawls. Another exercise where you make a spectacle out of yourself. And then I was on to my run.

I did a little over 1.5 miles, because my running plan called for my first full run with no walk breaks. I ran for 20 minutes, with a five minute warm up walk and cool down walk before and after.

I’m getting to the point now where I really want to try the 3:1 run and see how far I can get. Where you run for 3 minutes and walk for 1 minute. It might help me not get so fatigued, and at least give me a break to look forward to every 3 minutes.

I am still feeling awesome! I’m hoping to get back into the 140s soon. I’m at 153, and seem to be stuck there.

But I feel great! That counts, right?

And to top off the night, when I got home I cut the grass…so I’m pretty sure that’s extra credit.

Who knows this? That’s definitely me since some days 😫 Not sleeping well is absolutely horrible. What helps you falling asleep or sleeping through all the night? Luckily I don’t have to get up early these days ~ Wer kennt das noch? So geht es mir seit einigen Tagen und nicht schlafen können ist der absolute Horror. Es macht ihr, um besser einzuschlafen bzw. durchzuschlafen? #sleep #activeliving #gesund #getfit #gethealthy #health #healthy #healthies2014 #jogblog #livelovenourish #movenourishbelieve #picoftheday #photooftheday #bestoftheday

jogblog 01: the beginning

Jog Time: 20 min.

Had an idea while jogging…I could actually use my cooling down time to write a daily blog…catch some thoughts and ideas and put them down before they fly away and disappear forever.

Also, publishing my jog time in public, regularly, would give me some sort of pressure to always maintain it or go higher.

What I heard today on my audio track (Jim Rohn) reaffirmed my desire to teach for life, about life, not just about skills. The lessons we leave and the values we impart can affect hundreds, thousands and even millions. And nothing beats a student who comes back to you after some time and says “thank you” for what you’ve taught them. I’ve already had a few who’ve came back to me, whether personally, through email, or through text, and the feeling is just exhilarating.

It’s really true that what you sow, you reap–and the more you give, the more you receive.

This morning has already been rough, but last night was so fun. My brother stopped by on his drive down to VA and we grabbed dinner at BWW and then went our to my favorite bar Tigins. It was a mellow night but always nice to spend time with my brother. Yes, I missed yoga. Again. But we got to stay up and chat a bit and even though I woke up sick this morning, I wouldn’t trade time with family for anything. I’m even just glad we had eggs and coffee in my apartment this morning bc that is something I never thought I would want to happen… my bro home from Bahrain and in CT! Like, my parents will never seen my apartment and I love it so much, so I am happy at least 2 of my siblings will have seen it.

Now dealing with grumpy coworkers and downing cold medicine. I think I will turn on some uplifting tunes, make some tea, and lose myself in work today and save up my stresses for my run later. Don’t let the bastards getchya down.


Well I didn’t go to yoga last night and I didn’t run this morning. But sine it’s my first week of training, Thurs and Fri were supposed to me easy gym or rest days, so I’ll just substitute and get my runs done then. I am only supposed to do 4 anyway, so I’m not worried about it :) All about that flex bout that flexibility, no worriesss 

Run log 7.25

In case I don’t post enough of my instagram’s on here, I think I’ll start jog blogging a bit.

I am in week 3 of marathon training. I effed up my first week, skipped just my long run on my second week, and this week I hiked Tues-Thurs. I am making up the miles, kinda, but I really need to work on picking up my training pace.

Any whoooo I did 3 miles at 7:15 last night after hiking and was dying. Today I struggggled through 7, but miles 4-7 were actually okay. It was the beginning that was tough. 

Hi new followers!
I don’t know where you all came from :) But welcome!!

Just yoga tonight, had an awesome 8.5 yesterday. Schedule calls for a run tomorrow which I have no problem doing on the treadmill, but my hill work out Weds may have to be improvised or something bc it’s going to be 1 degree. Not about to do hills in that. Merp. 

Happy Monday everyone! It’s the first Monday of the New Year, so take to time to appreciate this new day as it unfolds and likely a new part of your life!

Alrighty so I just mapped out my spring training schedule. I’ll be doing 3 half marathons at least– the first in February, another at the end of March, ending with the Rock N Roll half in April. Plus I have another I want to do in June that I would like to CRUSH. I’ll be doing more speed work than I have done while training since college xc, so hopefully my pace comes down a lot by the 3rd half (one of my New Year’s goals is to break 1:27). 


I think I evaded being sick.. chugged a ton of tea yesterday, still feel a bit meek but made it to the gym last night. Learned a lot about balancing your body’s pH so I ordered some stuff yesterday and trying to avoid bread and dairy til I am recovered, and smoking too cause it seriously makes me so sick when I have any signs of bronchial irritation. Currently chugging tea again so I can go for a long run mid-day since my boss isn’t here :) 

edit: 8 miles done :)


This is a super simple ab workout. A great start for beginners 👆💪😉

1⃣ crunches
2⃣ bicyles
3⃣ leg raises
4⃣ scissors

Or just add it after your normal workout routine to train your abs 😊 Next time we will mix it up with some cardio 😋 stay tuned! 😎✌️😄 #exercise #activeliving #TFLers #igers #iphoneonly #picoftheday #squareadyvideo #fitgirlvideos #fitspiration #fitfam #fitness #jogblog #health #healthy #healthies2014 #livestrong #livelovenourish #lornajane #movenourishbelieve


Being called different or weird feels like being called extraordinary ✨🌺🌞~ Who wants to be ordinary, anyway? It means you’re something people don’t see that often. Be yourself and be proud of it! 💪🌸💕 #yoga #exercise #activeliving #instahealth #livestrong #lornajane #livelovenourish #movenourishbelieve #moveeverywhereyougo #health #healthy #healthyisawayoflife #jogblog #fitfam #fitness #feelstrong #fitspiration #fitgirlvideos

First thing after my #workout is a super delicious #protein #smoothie 💪👏 {No of course not a shower 🙊} ~ spinach • frozen raspberries • currants • protein powder • coconut butter • coconut water {#vitacoco} 🍇🌱🌺 #ilovemymason #makemyshake #nomnom #yummy #eatclean #eattherainbow #livestrong #livelovenourish #movenourishbelieve #jogblog