jogan wedding


I SHOULD FALL ASLEEP LISTENING TO SONGBIRD MORE OFTEN. The wedding. I was there for rehearsal. It was awesome. Jules was all super sweet and happy and so was Logan. We went to see Venice, because you don’t just stay in a hotel when you’re in VENICE, ITALY. And then everyone was there. All the gondoliers were meeting for the first time. ALL OF US. And it was this huge, unorganized thing everbody was just laughing and smiling and screaming cause the twins were pelting people with waterballoons. And then for some odd reason, a guys rowing team appeared and they were all gorgeous and the gondoliers were happy about that too. Because I guess they were our dates or something? Those are parts I remember, oh even better, the morning of the wedding, we were all getting ready and things and it felt like everyone couldn’t possibly be happier. Everyone was running aroud in their dresses and suits, fussing over Jules and Lo and they got pissed but in the I’m-actually-amused-but-I’m-going-to-be-annoyed-at-the-same-time. Then I saw Santana putting her earrings in and grinning. And then my mom woke me up. After I have had three hours of sleep.q