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Name: Yasmin
Age: 19
Country: US

Hi, my name is yasmin. I just finished my first of college, and it was pretty awesome. I like going on walks in nature and even though I’m not much of a sporty person, I like to jog when I’m stressed. I don’t have a favorite show but some of the things I watch include Scandal, Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds. basically anything with intense plot twists or slightly educational. I’m currently getting ready for Ramadan as I’m Muslim.

Writing long letters to each other sounds really cool but I’m also down to do online communication too (we can even send each other memes!). I want a pen pal so I could get a feel for what’s it like to know someone I might’ve never met if it weren’t for the internet. I like to say I’m pretty good at giving advice so I’m okay with someone sharing their life dilemmas with me. I prefer people around my age 18-21.

Preferences: 18-21

long distance love - (danisnotonfire smut)

for my dear @amazingdilhowlter ✨

warnings: daddy!dan, a lil degrading, very bad, a mess like me

You were scrolling mindlessly through your phone when a notification from your boyfriend Dan popped up on the screen, bringing a smile to your face.

Dan: can you Skype call right now?

You: Sure, call me!

Before you could even click of your messages, the familiar Skype jingle alerted you that Dan was calling. “Hello?” You said as you placed your phone to your ear.

“Naomi!” he answered. You could practically hear the smile in his voice, those warm brown eyes lighting up with joy. “I miss you so much”

You sighed loudly, laying on your bed with the phone next to your head. “I miss you too Dan. Every fucking day”. It was hard continuing your relationship with him on tour. Before the tour, the two of you had been very close friends. You’d always had a crush on him, but you thought he wouldn’t feel the same. Two days before he was schedueled to leave, he invited you over for a mini goodbye hangout, just the two of you as Phil was out to his parents place. Long story short, the two of you had confessed your feelings and now wished you had earlier as you had to wait for a while to see Dan again.

“Can you go on videocam? I want to see that pretty face of yours” he asked, the last part making you roll your eyes mockingly.

“Sure, let me just switch to my laptop” you answered. You ended the call and rolled over to reach for your laptop,. Opening the Skype application, you clicked Dan’s name and selected the video option. After asingle ring, you were greeted withDan’s smiling face on your screem, making yousmile back in return.

“Beautiful as usual, Naomi” he said, cocking his head to the side. You tucked a lock of your red hair behind your ear and looked down at your lap.

“Charming as usual, Daniel” you replied, finally looking up at him again. He laughed at this, the sound making you instantly ten times more at ease.

“So, how has your day been?” you asked. You knew that anything he did on his exciting tour would be way more interesting than what you had for lunch. 

“Same as usual, show, meet and greet…” he said, looking a bit distracted. His eyes trailed around the room before looking at you aging. “Actually, | wanted to talk to you about something.”

“What is it?” you questioned, tilting your head curiously.

“Well you see, we didn’t get to do much before I left for tour” he started,scratching the back of his neck nervously/. “I was wondering, would you ever try uh, Skype sex, maybe?“ He finished, not looking you in the eye. Your eyes widened at the suggestion. Skype sex? You’d never tried it before, and the thought of Dan seeing you naked, even via video, made you blush.

But it also excited you. You pictured it in your head for a moment, watching Dan’s reaction as you did dirty things for him. “\Naomi? Are you still there? It’s okay if you don’t want to, it was just an idea…”

“No!” You exclaimed, cutting him off. Quieter this time, you said, “No. I like that idea”

Dan looked surprised, but the expression was quickly replaced with a cheeky smirk, the one that made your guts wrench.  Was it just the  shitty camera quality or were his eyes darkening? “What do I do?” you asked, beginning to feel awkward.

“You could take that shirt of yours off” he answered. The directness of his statement made you raise an eyebrow, before shyly pulling your shirt over your head. Boy were you glad you were wearing a decent pair of matching underwear. It was Dan’s turn o be shocked now. The little smirk had been wiped right off his face as he stared, taking in every detail of your torso. “If I was there right now,” he began.

“Your turn” you interrupted with a grin. You were starting to get the grip of this, starting to enjoy your power over him due to the restraints between you too. He returned the grin before lifting his black shirt over his head, revealing his slightly tan chest. The shirt had ruffled up his hair so he looked even hotter. “You’re beautiful” you whispered, making Dan laugh.

“I think you’re the one who’s beautiful. If you were in this room, you would see just how mc h I’m liking this” he said teasingly.

“Or you could just show me” you replied,  confidently.

“Good idea” he said, before tilting his camera so you could only see his lips and downwards. his hands were hidden down his grey jogging bottoms and he was stroking himself gently, making you practically moan in need. “Fuck, you sound so hot, baby” he breathed out, stroking harder. You watched him pleasure himself, longing filling you up inside.

“Naomi, fuck! Touch yourself for daddy, please” he moaned his breathing still uneven. Hearing him call himself daddy was enough motivation for you. It was one of your biggest kinks. You pulled your skirt down before tilting your camera as well, so he could see what you were about to do. You slipped your underwear down your legs and spread them a little wider so he could get a better view. You heard him whimper at the sight, which only pushed you further. This was all so new and sexy, especially as it was with Dan. Circling your entrance a few times, you slipped a finger inside yourself, moaning out at the feeling.

Dan was an absolute mess by now, eyes fixated on your fingers as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. The sight of him so messy and hot just for you made you add another digit, starting to clench around your own fingers. Dan groaned loudly as his orgasm washed over him, panting heavily. “Are you close princess?”

“Yes daddy” you replied, but it came out more like a whimper.

“Cum for me Naomi. I want to see you cum all over your own fingers like the dirty little slut you are”Dan growled. His dirty talk finally pushed you over the edge in a moment of pure bliss and satisfaction. 

“That was amazing” he said, looking at you with so much care and admiration you felt yourself warm up again.

“I know" you replied, beaming.

“I can’t wait till I get back. I want to explore that “daddy” kink a whole lot further…“


“Yeah step sister, it’s not like you’re my actual brother, blood and all.” Y/N says while leaning into me, her lips lying against my now hot skin that burns under her touch as she ghost her lips along my neck.

Originally posted by luketivist

Words: 3000+

Request: No

Rating: R

Luke’s P.O.V

The strong wind blew through her hair like it was tidal waves brewing through a storm but, that didn’t seem to faze her as she bites down on her ruby red bottom lip before blowing out a thick cloud of air, the boys that sit around her, looking at her with fondness and sensuality don’t even realize that drool is spilling from their bottom lips when she peels her coat together, her breast sending even more blood to the teenage boys pricks as her breasts show more cleavage then her legs.

I watch as a laugh leaves her cherry gloss lips when one of the teenage boy‒ surrounded by her‒with overly jelled hair tells a joke, her small dainty hands slapping down on his skinny shoulder as she clasps her hand over her mouth, trying to contain her soft giggles, the boy with overly jelled hair makes a beaming smile settle on his lips as he takes in the fact that prettiest girl around town is touching him.

But it doesn’t last long when I see her retrieve her hand back and place it in her lap as she plays with the ends of her white and red plaid skirt that hangs dangerously too short. I watch as the boys around her lick their lips when they see her legs fall against each other as she sets up, her chest popping out as her spines curves deliciously.

Just in a matter of time I watch as her eyes beam up when one of the boy’s muster up the courage and speak to her, I watch as her cheeks flare up with a rosy pink sweeping along her cheek bones, before a smile slips on her lips and she stands from the bench, her skirt bunching up higher as she begins to strut her way back into the house. The boys around her all let a look of disappointment and anger set on their face as the boy that asked her out‒I assume‒lets a smile set on his lips as his head full of curls falls before his eyes before he has the strength to brush them out of his eyes and follow her.

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“What the hell,” says Sam. “It was my turn to wear the Steve shirt.”

Bucky, aka Public Menace No. 1, looks down at himself. Steve’s grey jogging t-shirt clings to the solid barrel of muscle that is his chest and torso (now with an extra inch or two of post-breakfast Squish), where its seams appear to be having something of a crisis. “Really?”

Steve may be easy prey for Bucky’s large-eyed lost-boy pout, but Sam sure isn’t. “You had it two days ago. Come on, man, stick to the schedule. It doesn’t even fit you.”

“It doesn’t fit Steve either,” says Bucky.

“Point,” says Sam. All parties can agree on that. “But guess who it does fit? Me. I was looking forward to being really fucking handsome at the VA today, so give it over.”

“No,” says Bucky in his deadest, most toneless voice. “Your level of handsomeness is a flat line. You don’t need the shirt. You don’t need any shirts.”

With that, he shambles out of the kitchen before Sam can decide whether he’s just been complimented, insulted or flirted with. “Well, fuck you too,” he says aloud to empty air. “This means war.”

It’s almost worth forgoing the Steve shirt for the very interesting shade of rose Bucky turns when he sees Sam wearing his red henley instead.


You looked up from you book in surprise when you heard someone knock on the door of your bedroom. Surprised, you untangled your legs and jumped of your bed, putting your book down next to you. It was eleven pm and outside from Stark Tower it was already dark. Quietly you walked towards the door, curious to know whoever would knock on your door at this time in the evening.

You put your hand on the cold doorhandle and pulled the door open. At your surprise, you were met with the sight of no one less than Bucky Barnes, the former Winter Soldier, who had been living in Stark Tower for over two months now. Bucky was a very closed person, you had discovered in those two months. But you didn’t blame him, of course, not after what had happened to him. So to say you were surprised when you saw the dark haired man standing in front of you, would be an understatement.

Bucky looked tired. He was wearing grey joggings and a black T-shirt that hugged his muscled posture very well. His hair was mixed up like he had been rolling around in his sleep. And his blue eyes were looking at you in such a way that you suddenly felt the need to give him a hug, but you resisted.

‘‘Buck,’‘ you spoke softly, leaning against the doorframe. ‘‘What are you doing here? Are you alright?’‘

Bucky sighted, running a hand through his hair.

‘‘I had a nightmare,’‘ he mumbled. ‘‘I can’t sleep anymore and I figured out you might help me. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to bother you.’‘

He looked down and wanted to turn around to walk back into the darkness of the hallway, but before he could do so you put a hand on his arm softly pulling him back.

‘‘Do you want to come in?’‘ You asked, happy that it was dark in your room so he couldn’t see the blush forming on your cheeks. Okay, yes. You might have formed a little crush on the super soldier. In the two months he had been living with the Avengers, you and him had grown quite close. Or at least closer than he was with the other Avengers, Steve being an expection of course.

‘‘If that would be no problem,’‘ Bucky asked, his voice gruff from the lack of sleep.

You shook your head. ‘‘Of course not. Come in.’‘

Bucky slowly walked past you, into your room and you closed the door behind him. When you turned around, you saw Bucky standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, like he didn’t know what to do. You resisted a giggle and pointed to the bed. ‘‘Don’t worry, take a seat.’‘

Bucky nodded as an answer and sat down on your bed. You quickly walked over and sat down next to him, shoving your book out of the way in the process. In silence, you studied the soldier.

‘‘Do you want to talk about it? About the nightmare I mean. They say it helps, even though I think it depends on the situation…’‘

Bucky gave you a questioning look and you grinned. ‘‘I had once a nightmare about my naked grandma. I didn’t really want to tell that to anyone.’‘

Bucky chuckled and you smiled contently. Your try to break the ice had worked.

‘‘It was about HYDRA,’‘ Bucky mumbleded then, causing you to shove your attention back to him again. ‘‘It were just flashed, really. I was back in the chair and they wanted to brainwash me… It was horrific.’‘

You saw him looking down at his metal arm. Softly, you put your hand on his arm, causing him to look up at you as you smiled. ‘‘It is alright now. You are safe here. HYDRA won’t hurt you anymore.’‘

You saw the corners of his mouth turn up a bit. ‘‘I know. Thank you, (Y/n).’‘

Then his eyes shifted to the book you had put away a bit. Curious, he picked it up, examing the front of it. ‘‘Were you reading this?’‘ He asked, an you nodded. Bucky hummed and handed you the book, to which you responded in confusion.

‘‘Do you want to read it, maybe?’‘ Bucky asked, his voice almost shy. You smiled, enthusiastic to read him the story you had grown to love.

‘‘Of course,’‘ you beamed happily. ‘‘Go lay down, I will read it from the beginning.’‘

Bucky did as you asked, folding his arms behind his head as he laid down on one of your cussions. You opened the book and laid down next to him, noticing the blush appearing on his face. Grinning a bit, you started to read:

‘‘Once upon a time, in a place far, far away…’‘

In a soft voice, you started to read him the stories of different fairytales. From snow white, to little red riding hood. After half an hour, you suddenly felt an arm around your shoulders. Your voice happered a bit as you looked up at Bucky in surprise. He had closed his eyes, you saw, but was still awake, a small smile plastered on his face. Slowly, you continued to read.

After an hour, you heard a soft snoring. Turning your head to look at the man next to you, you saw Bucky had fallen asleep with a peaceful look on his face. Feeling tired yourself, you closed the book and turned out the little light next to your bed. Sighting, you cuddled up in Bucky’s chest. When listening to his heartbeat, you also closed your eyes. ‘Maybe,’ you thought. ‘Did fairytales really come true.’

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Joe Sugg imagine || Cheater part: 2 ||

Anonymous said:
Hey babe can you write a part 2 for the cheating? And have Y/N and Joe make up ( I hate sad endings) love your writing 😘😘
Anonymous said:
Part 2 of joe cheating please please please please please??

xiaxiashoes said:
Please do a part two to ‘Cheater’ it was really amazing!


Anonymous said:

suearedi said:

beauismine-love said:
Ooooooh part 2 for cheater

hookedtoherfire said:
Please do a part 2 of your cheater imagine

mrsniamhymurs45 asked:
I loved part two to No Love! It had my heart racing and the ending was so adorable! I also loved the cheater imagine 😍it was so wow I just, I’m going to be so annoying but will there be a part two to it!?😍❤️xxx


Part I:
- - -
Bursting into tears, you tried to contain yourself not really wanting anybody to see you bawling like a baby in the middle of a hallway, you pressed the elevator button quickly several times, hoping at least one of the two were relatively close to the floor you were on.

A hotel door opened and closed; “(Y/N)!” Joe called seeing you, he came rushing up the hallway in still just his grey jogging pants, his hair was all over the place, you could see through your blurry vision his Pyrrha lions head necklace hitting against his bare chest.

“Leave me alone Joe.” You said between deep breaths to keep yourself from sobbing. “No, please… Listen to me…” Joe got to you, you could see the pain and regret in his eyes.

“I don’t want to hear anything from you.” You sharply shot at him, finally the doors to the elevator had dinged and slide open, you went to walk in but instead Jim and Tanya walked out, they stopped mid-step and stared.

“What’s the matter, are you okay?” Tanya asked seeing you and you shook your head, “Oh come here.” She said softly pulling you into a tight hug. She shot a glance to Jim who nodded.

“What’s uhm going on?” He asked.
“Nothing, it doesn’t concern you – I need to speak with my girlfriend in privet.” Joe looked at Jim as you cried into Tanya’s shoulder. “I don’t think that is a good idea right now, why don’t you just go back to your room.” Jim could even tell something was majorly wrong with the situation.

“Come,” Jim opened his arms as if to protectively escort Tanya and yourself back to their room.

“(Y/N)!” Joe called at you again, “(Y/N)!” but the door to the room closed blocking him out.

“Honey, what happened?” Tanya asked you as you tried rubbing your eyes dry again, she took your hand and walked into the washroom with you, you sat down on the edge of the large tub.

“I don’t even know where to begin.” You whispered, catching your reflection in the mirror, you had red and puffy eyes, your eyeliner had run down your face.

“It’ll be okay.” Tanya ran a face cloth under warm water before she started to wash your face.

“I walked in to change and Joe was in bed with another woman.” You started crying again. You didn’t want to tell that he had also hit you across the face, you knew he didn’t mean to do it and you didn’t want your friends to judge him any harsher.

“Oh, God - I’m so sorry.” Tanya had a calming voice, “well,” she paused, watching as Jim left the hotel room.

Before looking back over you. “You’ll stay here tonight - tomorrow we’ll work out the room thing.” She assured.
“I don’t wanna be a bother.” You said, holding back more tears. “You’re one of my best friends, you aren’t a bother and this is serious circumstances:” Tanya patted your face dry.

“I’ll make up the pull out couch, you need a good rest and a clear head before making any decisions.” She pulled you into another tight hug.

“It’ll be okay, I do promise.” She kissed the side of your head.

“Thank you Tan.” You whispered.

Tanya gave you one of her night gowns to wear and made up the pull out couch in her room, as you tried not to think about Joe but that was difficult considering trying not to think about someone caused you to think about them.

“There you go, come on;” Tanya pulled the covers back for you and you crawled into the bed. “Thank you.” You said again.

You watched as Jim opened the door coming back in the room noticing he was holding your backpack. “I got you your computer and some stuff. I figured you’d want.” Jim handed it to you.

“Thank you so much Jim.” You flashed him a small smile, “no problem kiddo.” Jim assured.

“How was… Joe?” You couldn’t help but ask and Tanya looked from you to him quickly. “He was crying.” Jim admitted.

“Good for him, he should be crying.” Tanya admitted under her breath…

You plugged in your phone, laying down it took you forever to fall asleep, you’d check your phone every few minutes to stare at your background - a picture of you on Joes back leaning over his shoulder, sticking your tongue out.

Finally you drifted off you sleep, when you woke up you showered and got changed into the clothes Jim had put in the backpack he brought you last night.

You weren’t much for makeup but today you used a little extra to cover up the red and puffy around your eyes.

Walking out of the washroom you noticed Zoe sitting there. As she seen you she stood up quickly; “oh honey!” She pulled you into a squeeze.

“Hi Zoe.” You said returning her squeeze carefully, “I’m so sorry.” She said sadly. “It’s not you’re fault.” You sighed.

“I spoke to Caspar.” She explained, “he’s going to move rooms so you can stay with Oli.” She tucked a piece of your stray hair behind your ear, “did you want us to get your stuff?” She offered.

You shook your head, “no, thank you - I have to face him eventually, - we have a side by side meet and greet at three o'clock today and we all have that couples panel tomorrow.” You pointed out…

You moved out of your room you had shared with Joe and across the hallway into the room with Oli.

Joe hadn’t been in the room when you packed up for belongings.

You tried going through the next two days being as happy as possible in public, not wanting to disappoint anybody you came across.

You had to use your best fake smile during the side by side meet and greet.

But now you stood behind the stage with a microphone you could feel Joe close by you. You kept trying to ignore him.

You wanted as Caspar introduced you as couples, he was hosting this couples panel.

Introducing Joe and you last, you walked out together waving and smiling at the large room full of people.

Taking your seat you answered questions and listened to your friends.

Hearing the end of the panel, someone asked Joe a question which he answered but completely side tracked.

“I have something to confess,” he admitted looking at you. You felt your heart drop, “I did something really, really, … Really stupid a couple days ago.” He explained.

The room that had been pretty much silent, because even more so as Joe stood up, “and it hurt the person who means the most to me in life.” He looked at you.

Your eyes met for a fraction of a second and you looked away quickly.

“And I could never - ever, apologise enough for that.” He continued, “but (Y/N),” he kept looking at you even as you looked away.

“I was wondering if you could do me the biggest favour and forgive me for being an idiot?” He asked. “Please.” His voice was a whisper and you felt tears welling again.

“And,” he stopped, “do me the greatest honour possible, by becoming my wife?” He pulled a ring from his jean pocket and dropped to one knee.

The silence turned into one giant gasp and your eyes went huge.

“I’ll send the rest of my life making up for what happened. You’re all I need in my life, you’re all I want.” He was speaking directly to you.

You thought about the last few days, how much it hurt - but it hurt more not having Joe as your rock. You nodded slowly as you found the words. “I… Yes, yes.” You said as the crowd and your friends broke into applause and cheers.

Joe got up, he slipped the ring onto your finger and pulled you to stand with him, he placed his hands on the sides of your face and he kissed you deeply…


Summary: Angela always works too late. Genji makes sure she gets some sleep.

Word count: 1027


Even when she was in the midst of a full-one revolution, the paperwork still managed to catch up with her. Stacks upon stacks of requisitions, test results, medical files and plain old bills cluttered her usually immaculate desk. 

Angela was used to going without sleep, though. Her professors had once remarked it was as important a talent for any doctor or physician as having steady hands and neat handwriting. But she was getting a little older, and pulling an all-nighter wasn’t as easy as it had been years before; a coffee-assist was usually not enough to keep her awake until everything was done. The ambience of the safehouse they were staying in only added to her problems.

The soft whirring of the ventillation fans; the pitter-patter of gentle rain outside; the quiet hum of her computer all combined to form a perfect lullaby. In the pool of light cast by her desk lamp, Angela found her eyes struggling to stay open. She kept having to re-read the same sentence. In amongst the soothing sounds, his footsteps made very little impression on the peaceful atmosphere that surrounded her office.

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Joe Sugg imagine || Flu ||

Anonymous said:
Please could you do one where Joe is really sick with the flu (headache and throwing up) and then he’s really cold and whiny but the reader just looks after him and gives him lots of cuddles? Love you imagines btw 😊

“My poor baby.” You said with sympathy as you heard Joe flush the toilet for the third time in ten minutes.
“This sucks so bad!” Joe groaned he came out of the washroom paler than pale, wearing thick grey jogging pants and a heavy sweater, his hair was all over the place with some pieces stuck to his forehead from the forever changing cold sweats and fever sweats.

“Drink this.” You held a blue Starbucks tumbler at him that contained cool water.

“I don’t wanna.” He slowly moved back into bed pulling the covered over himself, the lights were off as he’d had a headache all morning.

“Babe, you need to - you’ll get dehydrated and stay sick for even longer which no one wants.” You sat beside him, you felt horrible seeing him in misery.

Joe sighed taking the covered cup with the straw he took a few short sips, you brushed your hand over his head. “My poor baby-boo.” You admitted, setting the cup on the night stand.

“This sucks!!” Joe whined again, pulling a miserable face. “I know it does, I know.” You put your arms around him and kissed the side of his head.

“Why me? What did I do to deserve this?” His voice sounded like he was on deaths door step.

“Shh, shh.” You hushed him, you cuddled him close against you and used your hand to rub around his stomach.

“Let’s get some rest. You’ll feel better when you wake up.” You assured him and he moaned lowly.

“Can’t sleep. To sick.” He huffed lowly as he rested his head against you’re body.

Slowly you glanced down and noticed he had fallen asleep, he looked peaceful as he slept, you kissed the top of his head, “I love you Joe, even if you’re whiny as hell when you’re sick.” You admitted with a small smile…

Professor Winchester

Did someone say first series? Did I mention Hot Professor Sam? No… well… I should have! Welcome to the start of the Professor Sam series I will be attempting as my first smut series! I’m excited but nervous at the same time o.O please don’t be too mean! And I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Fluff (for now ;P)

Summary: You have just moved to start university and when moving into your apartment your hot neighbour helped, and he told you he was going to your university too. The only thing he didn’t mention was he was your Latin Professor.

[A/N: I want to say a massive thank you to these blogs @abaddonwithyall thanks for inspiring me with your hot as heck Professor Cas. @dreamsfromthebunker thanks for reading over this and helping with grammar and phrasing of certain things (especially changing from UK terms to US terms :P) @aprofoundbondwithdean for encouraging me when I got nervous about posting it. And finally @ruby-loves-supernatural for inspiring me to start this blog and encouraging me :) You’re all the best!]

After your acceptance letter for university arrived you began looking for your dream apartment - that was affordable and still near the school. You had decided that unlike basically everyone you knew you were not going to be living in halls or on campus whatsoever. And this small apartment looked perfect to you - it was a penthouse in a really good neighborhood and looking over the information for the place, it looked like it was in amazing condition. Having saved enough money up you went to the viewing before agreeing to take it. Then came moving day - your parents had helped you pack your car before tearfully watching you leave promising to visit in a few weeks.

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