jog grey

“What the hell,” says Sam. “It was my turn to wear the Steve shirt.”

Bucky, aka Public Menace No. 1, looks down at himself. Steve’s grey jogging t-shirt clings to the solid barrel of muscle that is his chest and torso (now with an extra inch or two of post-breakfast Squish), where its seams appear to be having something of a crisis. “Really?”

Steve may be easy prey for Bucky’s large-eyed lost-boy pout, but Sam sure isn’t. “You had it two days ago. Come on, man, stick to the schedule. It doesn’t even fit you.”

“It doesn’t fit Steve either,” says Bucky.

“Point,” says Sam. All parties can agree on that. “But guess who it does fit? Me. I was looking forward to being really fucking handsome at the VA today, so give it over.”

“No,” says Bucky in his deadest, most toneless voice. “Your level of handsomeness is a flat line. You don’t need the shirt. You don’t need any shirts.”

With that, he shambles out of the kitchen before Sam can decide whether he’s just been complimented, insulted or flirted with. “Well, fuck you too,” he says aloud to empty air. “This means war.”

It’s almost worth forgoing the Steve shirt for the very interesting shade of rose Bucky turns when he sees Sam wearing his red henley instead.


You looked up from you book in surprise when you heard someone knock on the door of your bedroom. Surprised, you untangled your legs and jumped of your bed, putting your book down next to you. It was eleven pm and outside from Stark Tower it was already dark. Quietly you walked towards the door, curious to know whoever would knock on your door at this time in the evening.

You put your hand on the cold doorhandle and pulled the door open. At your surprise, you were met with the sight of no one less than Bucky Barnes, the former Winter Soldier, who had been living in Stark Tower for over two months now. Bucky was a very closed person, you had discovered in those two months. But you didn’t blame him, of course, not after what had happened to him. So to say you were surprised when you saw the dark haired man standing in front of you, would be an understatement.

Bucky looked tired. He was wearing grey joggings and a black T-shirt that hugged his muscled posture very well. His hair was mixed up like he had been rolling around in his sleep. And his blue eyes were looking at you in such a way that you suddenly felt the need to give him a hug, but you resisted.

‘‘Buck,’‘ you spoke softly, leaning against the doorframe. ‘‘What are you doing here? Are you alright?’‘

Bucky sighted, running a hand through his hair.

‘‘I had a nightmare,’‘ he mumbled. ‘‘I can’t sleep anymore and I figured out you might help me. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to bother you.’‘

He looked down and wanted to turn around to walk back into the darkness of the hallway, but before he could do so you put a hand on his arm softly pulling him back.

‘‘Do you want to come in?’‘ You asked, happy that it was dark in your room so he couldn’t see the blush forming on your cheeks. Okay, yes. You might have formed a little crush on the super soldier. In the two months he had been living with the Avengers, you and him had grown quite close. Or at least closer than he was with the other Avengers, Steve being an expection of course.

‘‘If that would be no problem,’‘ Bucky asked, his voice gruff from the lack of sleep.

You shook your head. ‘‘Of course not. Come in.’‘

Bucky slowly walked past you, into your room and you closed the door behind him. When you turned around, you saw Bucky standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, like he didn’t know what to do. You resisted a giggle and pointed to the bed. ‘‘Don’t worry, take a seat.’‘

Bucky nodded as an answer and sat down on your bed. You quickly walked over and sat down next to him, shoving your book out of the way in the process. In silence, you studied the soldier.

‘‘Do you want to talk about it? About the nightmare I mean. They say it helps, even though I think it depends on the situation…’‘

Bucky gave you a questioning look and you grinned. ‘‘I had once a nightmare about my naked grandma. I didn’t really want to tell that to anyone.’‘

Bucky chuckled and you smiled contently. Your try to break the ice had worked.

‘‘It was about HYDRA,’‘ Bucky mumbleded then, causing you to shove your attention back to him again. ‘‘It were just flashed, really. I was back in the chair and they wanted to brainwash me… It was horrific.’‘

You saw him looking down at his metal arm. Softly, you put your hand on his arm, causing him to look up at you as you smiled. ‘‘It is alright now. You are safe here. HYDRA won’t hurt you anymore.’‘

You saw the corners of his mouth turn up a bit. ‘‘I know. Thank you, (Y/n).’‘

Then his eyes shifted to the book you had put away a bit. Curious, he picked it up, examing the front of it. ‘‘Were you reading this?’‘ He asked, an you nodded. Bucky hummed and handed you the book, to which you responded in confusion.

‘‘Do you want to read it, maybe?’‘ Bucky asked, his voice almost shy. You smiled, enthusiastic to read him the story you had grown to love.

‘‘Of course,’‘ you beamed happily. ‘‘Go lay down, I will read it from the beginning.’‘

Bucky did as you asked, folding his arms behind his head as he laid down on one of your cussions. You opened the book and laid down next to him, noticing the blush appearing on his face. Grinning a bit, you started to read:

‘‘Once upon a time, in a place far, far away…’‘

In a soft voice, you started to read him the stories of different fairytales. From snow white, to little red riding hood. After half an hour, you suddenly felt an arm around your shoulders. Your voice happered a bit as you looked up at Bucky in surprise. He had closed his eyes, you saw, but was still awake, a small smile plastered on his face. Slowly, you continued to read.

After an hour, you heard a soft snoring. Turning your head to look at the man next to you, you saw Bucky had fallen asleep with a peaceful look on his face. Feeling tired yourself, you closed the book and turned out the little light next to your bed. Sighting, you cuddled up in Bucky’s chest. When listening to his heartbeat, you also closed your eyes. ‘Maybe,’ you thought. ‘Did fairytales really come true.’

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Joe Sugg imagine || Flu ||

Anonymous said:
Please could you do one where Joe is really sick with the flu (headache and throwing up) and then he’s really cold and whiny but the reader just looks after him and gives him lots of cuddles? Love you imagines btw 😊

“My poor baby.” You said with sympathy as you heard Joe flush the toilet for the third time in ten minutes.
“This sucks so bad!” Joe groaned he came out of the washroom paler than pale, wearing thick grey jogging pants and a heavy sweater, his hair was all over the place with some pieces stuck to his forehead from the forever changing cold sweats and fever sweats.

“Drink this.” You held a blue Starbucks tumbler at him that contained cool water.

“I don’t wanna.” He slowly moved back into bed pulling the covered over himself, the lights were off as he’d had a headache all morning.

“Babe, you need to - you’ll get dehydrated and stay sick for even longer which no one wants.” You sat beside him, you felt horrible seeing him in misery.

Joe sighed taking the covered cup with the straw he took a few short sips, you brushed your hand over his head. “My poor baby-boo.” You admitted, setting the cup on the night stand.

“This sucks!!” Joe whined again, pulling a miserable face. “I know it does, I know.” You put your arms around him and kissed the side of his head.

“Why me? What did I do to deserve this?” His voice sounded like he was on deaths door step.

“Shh, shh.” You hushed him, you cuddled him close against you and used your hand to rub around his stomach.

“Let’s get some rest. You’ll feel better when you wake up.” You assured him and he moaned lowly.

“Can’t sleep. To sick.” He huffed lowly as he rested his head against you’re body.

Slowly you glanced down and noticed he had fallen asleep, he looked peaceful as he slept, you kissed the top of his head, “I love you Joe, even if you’re whiny as hell when you’re sick.” You admitted with a small smile…

Hey you ever get out of your car but then spill some water on your lap but you’re wearing grey jogging pants and when you step out and get into the elevator with other people it looks like you thoroughly peed a month’s worth of pee all over yourself and you can see that they’re looking at you but no matter what you say to explain it they probably won’t believe you so you just look forward and stare at the elevator door like a soldier?

Uhh…yeah me neither…
Louis Tomlinson is met by doting girlfriend Danielle Campbell at LAX
Louis Tomlinson emerged from Los Angeles LAX airport looking rather bleary eyed and fatigued on Thursday, no doubt tired from his flight. But luckily doting girlfriend Danielle Campbell picked him up.

Louis Tomlinson emerged from Los Angeles LAX airport looking rather bleary eyed and fatigued on Thursday, no doubt tired from his flight.

But luckily for the 24-year-old singer, a friendly face was waiting to welcome him at arrivals, with doting girlfriend Danielle Campbell stopping by to pick him up.

Clad in a white shirt and denim hotpants, the Originals actress, 21, cut a striking figure as she waited patiently for her beau, flashing a smile.

Meanwhile, Louis seemed in a rush to get through the airport, keeping his head down and shuffling past in his white and green trainers.

Layering up in a black hoodie and jeans, the Steal My Girl hitmaker rolled up the sleeves to expose the impressive inking on his arms.

Dressed down for the flight, he opted for a pair of grey jogging bottoms as he strolled through the terminal.

The couple have put on an united front after Louis became a dad for the first time in January with ex-fling Briana Jungwirth, 24.

But whilst Louis and his former flame have been loving having baby Freddie Reign the couple have reportedly been embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their newborn son.

Last month, it was reported that the pair had reached a ‘temporary custody settlement,’ but it has since been alleged that a major condition of the agreement is preventing Danielle from having access to the baby boy.

According to TMZ, Briana is concerned about another woman interacting with her child and interfering with the 'critical bonding period’ between mother and son.

While Louis - who lost his grandfather Keith last week - hopes to spend time with Freddie in his Los Angeles home with Danielle present, Briana is said to be determined that the pop star only visit Freddie at her house, alone.

Louis and Danielle have been inseparable since they started dating last year and their romance has intensified since Louis has been based in LA.

the Boys at the gym
  • darth maul: wears abstract print compression tops, has an extremely detailed and precise workout routine and flips out if anything interrupts it
  • count dooku: only jogs, wears grey sweatpants and sweaters with really flashy sneakers
  • general grievous: wears an "i flexed and the sleeves fell off" tank and lifts four weights at once
  • palpatine: hangs around the exercise bikes in a "babyslut" crop top