joffrey you piece of shit

tommen baratheon: needles

ANON REQUEST: Would you be willing to write an imagine were you are Maragery and Loras’ youngest sibling are to marry Tommen, but you find out about your Grandma’s plan and while Joffrey is an ass and you hate him, you know your sister is happy and your beloved is safe so you drink the wine and die in his place? Kinda like siblings and Tom angst… And fluff while you are still alive? Thank you Thank you Thank you!

The wedding ceremony went on, with all these courses coming in and out of the big ovens in the kitchen. Hundred guests of sorts came in to celebrate the wedding of your sister, Margaery. Loras was sitting beside you, happily chatting away to the girl beside him. You didn’t pay that much attention to them, but only to King Joffrey and Margaery.

“Have you tried the ham? It’s got honey on it,” Tommen said as he placed a portion on it on your plate.

You looked at Tommen, and you saw your friend. He was always so happy, so kind and nice, so different from his brother. You have stayed with his family for a month, but it seems like it has been years since you’ve known him.

“Uh,” you started as you flicked your eyes away from him, looking at the table where Margaery sat. “Yes, I have.”

Tommen placed his arm around your chair and patted your shoulder, “Is everything okay? What’s the matter?”

You feigned a smile on your face, showing off your teeth. You pinched Tommen’s cheek softly, and ate and talked with him for a moment. But your attention turned to King Joffrey as he said whatever stupid things he wanted to since he is the King. You looked at your Grandmother and she looked bored and uninterested. She played with her food, occassionally smiling.

Margaery looked so happy and contented as she grinned throughout her wedding. She laughed and smiled and joined the jokes when appropriate. Joffrey would steal glances at your older sister and she would blush, and it would make you angry. Joffrey is a little piece of shit, and Margaery is one of the sweetest things there is, but she likes Joffrey and you wanted her to be happy completely. This is what she wanted, to be the queen, and to be happy.

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When characters we love die, we mourn them. Yes, we are pained by the death of the character, but we equally pained by the departure of the actor/actress. Naturally, most of us didn’t feel sad about Joffrey dying, in fact, most were quite glad about it. Long story short, I don’t feel like Jack Gleeson is getting a well-deserved good-bye, and let’s not forget his wonderful work.

So here’s to the death of Joffrey, good-bye you little piece of shit!

And here’s to the marvelous portrayal of such a horridly despicable character by our darling, Jack Gleeson!