joffrey getting hit


‘  Dean walked into the room, just to see you sitting on one of the armchairs, pouting your night away.


  Y/N: Hi…

  Dean: My Spidey senses are tingling… Saying that you are sad.

  You smiled slightly then turned back to stare at the ragged wallpaper.

  Y/N: We could’ve saved that child. 

  This didn't go unnoticed by Dean. He walked to you and crouched to your eye level.

  Dean: There was nothing we could’ve done. He was already dead by the time we reached the scene.

  You stayed silent.

  Dean: We can watch that police box thingy you like so much… or we can watch Joffrey getting hit with poop again. That always cheers you up. I would even watch that Sherlock Holmes BBC airs. Anything to make you smile.

  Y/N: It’s only Sherlock.  

  You murmured a small smile tugging at your lips. Dean’s eyes shifted from your eyes to your lips and then he leaned down. When you broke apart you had a surprised look on your face.

  Dean: What, you didn't see that coming?     ‘