“Traitors! I’ll have their heads!”

After one year there are finally some quality photos of my Joffrey Baratheon cosplay comin on my blog. I love that brat so much and also the costume alltogether. Everything is selfmade with the help of my lovely partners in crime.

Photo – inwardscreams <3 Thank you!

Cosplay – itsloki Hey that’s me

Pictures taken at GamesCom Cologne 2014


requested by anon

You gaped, “Repeat that.” You uttered quietly.

“King Joffrey has requested that you and he have a private meeting to discuss terms for accepting his pending betrothal.” The messenger read off again.

You felt sick. Joffrey… He wanted to marry you? But- But Robb. You loved Robb. You remembered Cersei’s words from a visit long ago ‘Love your children and no one else’… Should you accept?