Arya Appreciation Post

You know another reason I love Arya? She doesn’t want to kill Joffrey because he’s a bastard and has no right to the throne. She just wants to kill him out of pure hate because he’s a little snotty nosed pos who killed her father. A figurative bastard. She never focuses on whether he’s true born or not. That doesn’t matter to her. It’s what he’s done. Ergo –> GENDRYA
Just kidding but also hopefully gahhhh  


The outer parapet came up to her chin, but along the inner edge of the walk was nothing, nothing but a long plunge to the bailey seventy or eighty feet below. All it would take was a shove, she told herself. He was standing right there, right there, smirking at her with those fat wormlips. You could do it, she told herself. You could. Do it right now.


What I love about Jack’s performance as Joffrey is, at the very end when he dies, you suddenly see that this is a really scared kid—because he is a scared kid—and you see a mother, Cersei, who’s just terrified. One of the things I love about the show is that it always go back to the fact that these characters are human beings. They’re defined by their rank or job title, but still human beings caught up in a really complicated, violent, dark world. – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau