The outer parapet came up to her chin, but along the inner edge of the walk was nothing, nothing but a long plunge to the bailey seventy or eighty feet below. All it would take was a shove, she told herself. He was standing right there, right there, smirking at her with those fat wormlips. You could do it, she told herself. You could. Do it right now.


What I love about Jack’s performance as Joffrey is, at the very end when he dies, you suddenly see that this is a really scared kid—because he is a scared kid—and you see a mother, Cersei, who’s just terrified. One of the things I love about the show is that it always go back to the fact that these characters are human beings. They’re defined by their rank or job title, but still human beings caught up in a really complicated, violent, dark world. – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

i wasn’t going to respond to this, i really wasn’t.  but now i am:

“Why would he?  Robert ignored him.  He would have beat him if I’d allowed it.  That brute you made me marry once hit the boy so hard he knocked out two of his baby teeth, over some mischief with a cat…”

you begin losing your baby teeth when you are six years old.  does this mean that joffrey was younger than that when robert hit him?  yes the situation with the cat was bullshit, and really terrifying.  does that mean that joffrey deserved to be beaten by his father?

not paying attention to a child, is, in fact, a very potent form of emotional abuse.  it’s called neglect.  and it is profoundly dangerous, both on an emotional developmental level and on a psychological level.  

gif credit to the op, i’m reposting them because they are relevant:

#no it’s not because cersei spoiled him kids #it’s because every father figure he had #robert #jaime #tyrion #all fucking abused the shit out of him #cersei certainly didn’t help matters #but for fuck’s sake please look at joffrey’s abuse wholistically #it explains so much of his own later abuse #this is not a moment to be happy about or to laugh at or to be thrilled with #this is not joffrey being punished for being a li'l shit #this is joffrey being reminded that his father thinks he’s trash and that no matter what he does his father isn’t out to keep him safe #and doesn’t love him #and never will #does this justify what he does later? #fuck no #does it help explain it? #yes #child abuse is never ok #never ever ever ok 

lastly, joffrey died when he was thirteen years old, he died responsible for death, destruction, chaos, mayhem, and physical and sexual abuse of his own.  but pinning that solely on inbreeding as opposed to the vicious cycles of abuse that so many characters in this series are trapped in…please read the above and reconsider.


so we found out zakki voices joffrey in the GoT japanese dub… after going out to rent it just to hear it and almost die laughing, here are some shitty shakey hand cam videos of nobunaga shimazaki voicing the most hated guy on TV in a long time mixed in with clips of haruka nanase

so anyway yeah